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Dogs Look Sooooo Adorably Guilty After Pillow Rampage

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.16.2015 | Weird News

Feathers everywhere. Dog shame, too. A pillow has been destroyed and what are we to do with these two pooches? Well, let's just watch their pr...

Take It From a Model: Travel With Your Own Pillow

George Hobica | Posted 11.18.2015 | Travel
George Hobica

Flying with your pillow comes with two downsides: First, even the softest 100 percent down pillow (the kind I prefer) takes up room in your suitcase; second, there's always the risk that you'll leave it behind, either on the plane or in the hotel room.

15 Ways To Get The Bed Of Your Dreams

The Huffington Post | Lexi Tollefsen | Posted 11.10.2015 | HuffPost Home

There's nothing like climbing into a big, fluffy bed. Soft sheets, plush pillows, a gigantic furry throw -- these are the things that make all of the ...

How To Layer Throw Pillows Like An Interior Decorator

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 11.03.2015 | HuffPost Home

Throw pillows are one of the cheapest and chicest ways to makeover a space in your home. But there is absolutely an art to layering them so that you a...

How To Fix That Butt Dent You've Molded Into Your Couch

The Huffington Post | Lexi Tollefsen | Posted 10.19.2015 | HuffPost Home

While we refuse to believe that there's such thing as too much Netflix and chill, your sagging sofa may show otherwise. Lots of lounging can take...

6 Ways To Make The Most of Your Tiny Balcony Before It's Too Late

MakeSpace | Posted 09.15.2015 | HuffPost Home

The bad news: You only have a few weeks left of cozy 70-degree and 80-degree temperatures left. The good news: You still have a few weeks left to enj...

7 Simple DIYs to Elevate Your Home Now

Rachel Hollis | Posted 08.03.2015 | HuffPost Home
Rachel Hollis

My home is my nest and by far my favorite place on earth to be. That's why it's so important for me to keep it feeling fresh and welcoming. Here are seven of my simple DIYs to help you add a little something extra to your home this summer.

10 Steps To Your Coziest Bed Ever

PureWow | Posted 02.07.2015 | HuffPost Home

Social calendar be damned: When it's cold outside and we're dog-tired, nothing holds a candle to crawling into the little slice of heaven that is our bed.

5 Genius Inventions That Make It Possible To Nap Pretty Much Anywhere

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein | Posted 10.15.2014 | Healthy Living

There's nothing quite like a good nap -- but for most of us, an afternoon snooze is hard to come by. There are obvious barriers to napping, like ha...

The Gross Truth About How Often You Should Clean Your Pillow

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein & Suzy Strutner | Posted 01.26.2016 | Healthy Living

The question: How often should I clean my pillow? The answer: Every three weeks for the outer cover, and every three months for the pillow itself...

Totally Absurd (or Completely Awesome?) Travel Pillows You Need to See

The Active Times | Posted 07.22.2014 | Travel
The Active Times

Embarrassingly enough, we all gave these little cushions a shot. After approximately two minutes of shifting and squirming, we realized it wasn't a miracle -- just another illusion of coziness that's virtually unattainable when you're surrounded by strangers in a cramped cabin.

How to Build the Perfect Bed

TueNight | Posted 07.16.2014 | HuffPost Home

Sleep, that elusive and temperamental beast. I've spent my adulthood seeking it like Godzilla hunts Mothra, or the way that perimenopausal women look for sleep. Start with foundation: A stellar mattress begets a perfect bed.

The Carrot Body Pillow Soothes Your Lonely, Hungry Heart

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 04.21.2014 | Taste

Slightly creepy, but an all-star cuddler.

Bomb Squad Responds To School, Determines: 'It Was Pillows'

The Huffington Post | Sebastian Murdock | Posted 02.07.2014 | Weird News

Hey, it's better than sleeping six feet under. A pile of pillows prompted a school lockdown in Miramar, Fla. Tuesday morning after reports that a w...

LOOK: WTF Is A Forever Pillow?

Posted 11.14.2013 | HuffPost Home

Anything that promises to help us get more sleep is a no-brainer in our book of must-have home goods, but one recent find called the "Forever Pillow" ...

Girlfriend Body Pillow Called 'Sad,' Sells Out On Website

Posted 10.25.2012 | Small Business

The Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend Body Pillow has been described as the "saddest, most inexplicable human being substitute you can buy." Yet, as Gizmodo ...

WHAT?!: Head Pillow 'Helps You Nap' (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | Drew Guarini | Posted 10.04.2012 | Small Business

Power napping is refreshing and good for you, too. But laying your hard head down on your equally hard desk is so uncomfortable. If only there was...

This Head Pillow 'Helps You Nap'

The Huffington Post | Drew Guarini | Posted 11.25.2012 | HuffPost Home

Power napping is refreshing and good for you, too. But laying your hard head down on your equally hard desk is so uncomfortable. If only there was...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Often Do You Buy New Bedding?

Posted 07.12.2012 | Healthy Living

While we continue to learn more and more about the troublesome consequences of not getting enough sleep, when it comes to shuteye, it isn't all bad ne...

What We Bought This Weekend

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

On the weekends, we Stylelist editors and Blogger Network members practice what we preach, which entails scouring flea markets, shopping online and oc...

WATCH: Impromptu Pillow Fight!

Posted 10.24.2011 | Comedy

If there's one thing viral videos are teaching us every day, it's that strangers are capable of some really unexpected things. Take the guy in this...

An Easy Trick For Better Sleep

Dr. Michael J. Breus | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Michael J. Breus

Your bedroom is more than just the room that happens to house your bed -- it is your personal environment for sleeping.

Cachet Style File: Orange Crush

Courtney Cachet | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Courtney Cachet

Sunsets. Mimosas. Creamsicles. Hermes. Autumn leaves. Mangos. Ahh, the color orange is the quintessential hue. Happy in summer, warm in the fall and always elegant when done right.

Pillows: A Dirty Little Secret that Affects Your Health

Robin Wilson | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Robin Wilson

Pillows, Sheets...usually there are secrets that should be kept only in the bedroom. But its time to ask you what is "in" your pillow. Did you know th...

Whatever Gets You Through the Night, or, Six Ways to Get to Sleep and Stay That Way!

Ellen Whitehurst | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Ellen Whitehurst

First, clean up the clutter in your bedroom. All the clutter in your bedroom. Period. No ifs, ands or boxers that recently came off your butt about it.