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President of the United States

Missouri Man Charged With Threatening To Shoot Obama

Reuters | Posted 03.18.2015 | Politics

March 17 (Reuters) - A Missouri man was charged on Tuesday with threatening several times to shoot U.S. President Barack Obama in meetings with an in...

President Obama Reading Mean Tweets Is Your American Dream Come True

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 03.17.2015 | Entertainment

Hail to the tweets. President Barack Obama kicked off his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday by reading his very own mean tweets. Kimme...

On the Anniversary of FDR's Birth, Read His 15 Greatest Quotes

Jeryl Brunner | Posted 01.30.2015 | Impact
Jeryl Brunner

On January 30, 1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born at his parents' home in Hyde Park, New York. James and Sara's only child would ultimately gradu...

What Is It Like to Fly on Air Force One... With a Famous Astronaut?

Quora | Posted 03.24.2015 | Travel

It's awesome. I only got to fly on her once. The staff is amazing and after flying on AF1 you will NEVER want to fly commercial again.

Hillary President? The Elephant in the Room...Bill

Georges Ugeux | Posted 02.23.2015 | Politics
Georges Ugeux

Sorry, Mr. President, for calling you an elephant, although it is a very intelligent animal, as you well know.

A Unique Way to Celebrate the Arts and Support a Good Cause

Barbara Ernst Prey | Posted 01.21.2015 | Arts
Barbara Ernst Prey

The magazine has a history of supporting the arts, and for many years it featured artwork of respected American Artists as their covers.

Hillary Clinton's Vision for America a Sharp Contrast to Tea Party Congress

Peter D. Rosenstein | Posted 01.06.2015 | Politics
Peter D. Rosenstein

As recriminations continue over whose fault it is that Democrats lost the Senate, one potential positive is Hillary Rodham Clinton will be able to run full-out against the ultra-conservative Congress.

Is Barack Obama the Worst President in American History?

Ivan Eland | Posted 12.28.2014 | Politics
Ivan Eland

Naturally, people -- especially in America -- live in the moment and, given the "crisis" orientation of cable news, think that this is the worst period the country has ever gone through. Not really.

Obama Disrupts Quiet Chelsea Block for $25,000-per-seat Fundraiser

Blake Fleetwood | Posted 12.07.2014 | New York
Blake Fleetwood

President Obama is visiting the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City today and is expected to descend upon a $16 million historic brownstone.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like...

William B. Bradshaw | Posted 05.22.2014 | Religion
William B. Bradshaw

The Parable of the Wedding Feast (Matthew 22:1-14) starts out by these intriguing words: "The kingdom of heaven is like..." In the Gospels there are ...

Chris Christie: The Decline and Fall of 'Corporate America's Candidate' for President

Karl Grossman | Posted 04.05.2014 | Politics
Karl Grossman

I have wondered why much of the U.S. mainstream media had been promoting Chris Christie.

Obama Offers Special Message To LGBT Community At College Graduation

The Huffington Post | Glennisha Morgan | Posted 05.21.2013 | Gay Voices

President Barack Obama made sure that his speech during the spring 2013 commencement ceremony at Georgia's Morehouse College was inclusive. The At...

Leadership and Vision to End Breast Cancer, Turning Impossible Into Possible

Fran Visco | Posted 11.10.2012 | Women
Fran Visco

It is time we disrupt the business and system of breast cancer. It's time we disrupt the status quo. We must create an innovative environment for breast cancer research that will lead us toward the eradication of the disease.

Why I'm Running for President of the United States!

Michealene Cristini Risley | Posted 07.16.2012 | Politics
Michealene Cristini Risley

Internationally, women have a long history of subjugation. America was always supposed to be the beacon for women's freedom. What has happened to our country?

How Do You Hire a Good President?

BJ Gallagher | Posted 07.15.2012 | Politics
BJ Gallagher

When a candidate isn't well-liked by members of his own party, that tells us he has a Character problem (not to mention a significant lack of interpersonal skills). In hiring a president, you want both Competence and Character -- as well as great people skills.

Building a "Civil Society" in the Young American Republic

Zachary K. Pearce | Posted 05.27.2012 | Books
Zachary K. Pearce

Looking at the roots of American civil society is incredibly revealing. While today's political climate may lead one to worry about the future effectiveness of our government, especially the Congress, I choose to remain optimistic.

National Medal Awards at the White House

Barbara Ernst Prey | Posted 05.01.2012 | Arts
Barbara Ernst Prey

Every visit to the White House is special, but there is something very exciting about witnessing this event. Perhaps it is because I am a painter and I understand the years of work that went into what they have achieved and I can rejoice with them in their successes.

Breast Cancer: A Women's Issue all Presidential Candidates Should Agree On

Fran Visco | Posted 04.21.2012 | Women
Fran Visco

We demand a commitment and a plan of action to end breast cancer. We demand leadership that will bring the world of public policy together to save lives.

Why America Needs a One-Term President

Donald Craig Mitchell | Posted 01.17.2012 | Politics
Donald Craig Mitchell

Is a six-year presidential term the solution to every problem that vexes the nation? Of course not. But is it a constitutional reform that merits serious public discussion? Absolutely.

The 'Buck Stops Here' Bag: The New 'It' Bag

Abe Gurko | Posted 10.18.2011 | Comedy
Abe Gurko

Politicians are like an "IT" bag, and each season, there is a new "must-have." This Presidential season is going to be the Chanel of wind bags. You fi...

Obama's Kindergarten Paintings Found!

Katie Halper | Posted 07.05.2011 | Comedy
Katie Halper

2011-05-05-elephant.jpgHow could Obama make such a realistic looking elephant you ask? It's easy when you're raised surrounded by them... in Kenya.

Jon Meacham: Allow U.S. Citizens Not Born In America To Run For President

PBS | Jon Meacham | Posted 06.15.2011 | Politics

Donald Trump made me do it. Those are not words I ever expected to say, but, as Margaret Thatcher once observed, it’s a funny old world. For severa...

How Hollywood Helped Reagan Change Washington (PHOTOS)

Carl Sferrazza Anthony | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Carl Sferrazza Anthony

2011-02-28-reagangrainypic.gif While covering a post-election meeting, I put down my pencil to instead take snapshots with my clunky old Pentex.

When Karl Rove Squeals, You're Doing Something Right

John Wellington Ennis | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
John Wellington Ennis

Americans surrendered their privacy at Karl Rove's behest. Karl Rove ought to be able to confirm he has nothing to hide, like the rest of Americans have had to in the public interest.

Fatherhood: The Best Job in the World

Jim Wallis | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Jim Wallis

My son and I got up early Monday morning to go hear President Obama's fatherhood speech at a Boys and Girls Club in Southeast Washington. W