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3 Ways Bill Maher Is a Hard-Core Femmevangelical

Jennifer Danielle Crumpton | Posted 08.26.2015 | Religion
Jennifer Danielle Crumpton

You might be thinking, Bill Maher is a an atheist, lady. But honestly, as a Christian minister, I have to say he's a model Christian, too.

Jeremy Who? The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon at Home and Abroad

David Coates | Posted 08.26.2015 | World
David Coates

Jeremy Corbyn is having that impact because, as with Bernie Sanders, his radicalism is galvanizing a new generation of potential voters. These are potential voters who are tired of "politics as usual." But for them, the tiredness rests not in the stupidity or incompetence of those who govern us, but because for far too long, those politics have been too right-wing, and too lacking in both progressive impulses and equalitarian outcomes.

Dear President Carter

Angela Garcia Combs | Posted 08.24.2015 | Politics
Angela Garcia Combs

When I had no safety at home, when food was scarce and my life seemed impossibly violent and out of control, you became President. You instilled a belief in me that moral leadership will win.

Have the Times Finally Caught Up With Bernie Sanders?

Philip David Morton | Posted 08.18.2015 | Politics
Philip David Morton

Sanders continual message is one of inclusion, a platform that doesn't preach hate. He talks of strengthening and not rolling back existing abortion laws, voting laws, and financial laws. He demands all those listening to become part of the process or there can be no real change.

The Clinton Campaign Didn't Learn from History: Underestimating Barack, Underestimating Bernie

Michael Shammas | Posted 08.14.2015 | Politics
Michael Shammas

Bernie seems to be an alternative to the politics of Clinton. That makes him a threat to the "billionaire" class he is wont to criticize, to Super PACs fueled by Citizens United, and to establishment politicians like Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton ignores Bernie Sanders at her own peril.

Obama Administration Must Confront Monopoly Practices in the Health Insurance Industry

Lawrence J. Hanley | Posted 08.13.2015 | Politics
Lawrence J. Hanley

Should these latest anti-competitive takeover moves go unchallenged by the Obama Justice Department when there is little doubt that the trend of double digit premium increases will accelerate?

A Progressive Take: Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders

Walker Bragman | Posted 08.11.2015 | Politics
Walker Bragman

The Black Lives Matter movement promised to be the medicine to our ailment: to take racism head on and crush it.

Maryland Democratic Senate Primary Erupts Over Citizens United

The Huffington Post | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 07.29.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Maryland's U.S. Senate Democratic primary between Reps. Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards, both strong proponents of campaign finance r...

Ready to Rumble with the Tea Party

Living Room Conversations | Posted 07.23.2016 | Politics
Living Room Conversations

For me, polite conversation gets real when you dance on people's issues. But in this conversation, I was called out for being insensitive to the life experiences of my conservative interlocutors. Although there wasn't much common ground politically, there was some surprising rapprochement personally.

Where Was Hillary?

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.20.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

For the Netroots Nation convention, the most notable thing was that two Democratic candidates for president showed up, and three did not. Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley were both on hand to court Lefties, but I had to wonder where Hillary Clinton was.

Why Liberals Have To Be Radicals

Robert Kuttner | Posted 07.19.2016 | Politics
Robert Kuttner

This is one of those moments when there is broad popular frustration, a moment when liberal goals require measures that seem radical by today's standards. If progressives don't articulate those frustrations and propose real solutions, rightwing populists will propose crackpot ones. Token gestures won't fool anybody.

The Brave New World of Gender Pioneers

Mac Scotty McGregor | Posted 07.16.2015 | Queer Voices
Mac Scotty McGregor

I think it's so important in this time of rapid change and fast social media that we remember how new all of this is to most people.

The Republican Party Is in Shambles

Walker Bragman | Posted 07.17.2016 | Politics
Walker Bragman

With 2016 fast approaching, things look bleak for the GOP. Pandering to a non-white voting block could very well end up costing it the South, as it did to the Democrats in the 1960s. At the same time, pandering to base will alienate too many groups to win in a general election--not the least of which are Latinos.

I Am A White Christian And Black Lives Matter

Rev. Peter Goodwin Heltzel, Ph.D. | Posted 07.15.2016 | Religion
Rev. Peter Goodwin Heltzel, Ph.D.

While some claim that Dylann Roof is mentally ill, the truly frightening possibility is that he is sane and sober -- that he was raised under a white supremacist culture and is acting out his racism in the most violent of ways.

5 Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders' Policy

Alex Law | Posted 07.09.2016 | Politics
Alex Law

Many people write Bernie Sanders off because of his portrayal in the media. However, he is talking about common sense things that MOST Americans would agree with. Read this short list of issues he cares about that way next time he inevitably gets brought up at dinner or at a party, you have something to say.

Burning Churches: African American Christian Leaders and Activists Declare WORR (Week of Righteous Resistance)

Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon | Posted 07.06.2016 | Religion
Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon

Join in action against the trend of burning black churches. Even one intentional arson is one too many and is a threat to racial peace in America.

Bernie Sanders' Old-Time Religion

Charles J. Reid, Jr. | Posted 07.06.2016 | Politics
Charles J. Reid, Jr.

Why such success, and why so soon? I will suggest that Bernie Sanders has tapped into something very deep in the American psyche: the realization that America is at its greatest, and at its best, when it is standing for progressive values.

How Progressives Should Celebrate This July 4th

Peter Dreier | Posted 07.04.2016 | Politics
Peter Dreier

Despite the conventional wisdom that patriotism means "my country -- right or wrong" and is best displayed by blind flag-waving, to many Americans patriotism means loyalty to a set of principles, and thus requires dissent and criticism when those in power violate those standards.

Happy Independence Day -- We're Not Done Yet

Lawrence J. Hanley | Posted 07.02.2016 | Politics
Lawrence J. Hanley

Americans will only truly be free when they have equal access to transportation; to a good job; to a living wage; to education; to voting; to time they can spend with their families, and more.

GenderAvenger Pledge and Not Waiting a Moment to Improve the World

Steve Rosenthal | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics
Steve Rosenthal

If you believe that America will never be as vibrant and strong as it can possibly be without gender equality, then don't wait a single moment. Join in taking the GenderAvenger Pledge.

Dear Candidate Clinton: Pardon Edward Snowden

Bill Blum | Posted 06.17.2016 | Politics
Bill Blum

The progressive left may not pack a great deal of power in our two-party, war-oriented and Wall Street-dominated political culture. But progressives do have the wherewithal to make a Snowden pardon an issue in the upcoming election.

Islam 2.0

Sudhir Gadh | Posted 06.12.2016 | Religion
Sudhir Gadh

At a time of conflict and division it is more important than ever to combine our competence, courage and compassion to address global shortages of each.

Daniel Marans

In Wake Of Jobs Numbers, Economists Warn Against Fed Rate Hike | Daniel Marans | Posted 06.08.2015 | Politics

The May jobs numbers are being hailed by many analysts as evidence that the job market is growing at a healthy pace and the Federal Reserve should soo...

What Nate Silver's Analysis Misses About 2016

Greg Speed | Posted 06.05.2016 | Politics
Greg Speed

Psychology matters in elections. Throughout my career I've seen how having confidence from start to finish impacts campaigns. Understanding your strengths puts the wind at your back. It emboldens candidates and allies, and energizes volunteers, donors and supporters. And it can set the stage for sweeping victories.

Daniel Marans

Connecticut Passes Progressive Budget Over Corporate Objections | Daniel Marans | Posted 06.04.2015 | Politics

Connecticut passed a two-year, $40 billion budget on Thursday that will raise taxes and increase infrastructure spending despite the objections of maj...