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Public Schools

Dawn and Claire Have an Idea

Alan Singer | Posted 07.23.2011 | Education
Alan Singer

Dawn and Claire find that their eighth-grade students remember little about American government from the previous year. They decided there had to be a better way to promote civic knowledge.

Why I'm Marching

Sabrina Stevens | Posted 07.23.2011 | Education
Sabrina Stevens

If America needs to reform its public schools, why aren't public school teachers, students and families leading the education reform movement?

Shrinking Budgets Demand Smarter Schools

Martin J. Blank | Posted 07.21.2011 | Education
Martin J. Blank

In the midst of Duncan's "New Normal," community schools make more sense than ever.

Are High-Poverty Schools Educating Students To Stay Poor?

Mike Green | Posted 07.19.2011 | Education
Mike Green

If "education" is the key to success, then thousands of public schools are not educating students.

The Irrationality of Regressive Budget Cuts

James K. Galbraith | Posted 07.19.2011 | Politics
James K. Galbraith

Where is the goal of improving our economy? Or the living standards of our people? It is nowhere to be seen in the rush to achieve things which are driven by some metaphysical notions that have become attached to accounting concepts.

Should Schools Be Nut-Free?

Susan Weissman | Posted 07.19.2011 | Healthy Living
Susan Weissman

Should US schools be "Nut Free?" I wonder how much the label of "Nut-Free" school can secure the safety of any nut-allergic allergic child.

The Problem of the Disappearing Teacher and How to Solve It

Pam Allyn | Posted 07.17.2011 | Education
Pam Allyn

Katy Faber discusses her views on reforming our education system so that we can retain our outstanding teachers and nurture a new generation of lifelong leaders and master educators.

Classroom Grading is an Attack on Students

Bob Bowdon | Posted 07.13.2011 | Education
Bob Bowdon

Until someone devises a grading system that can compensate for which students have advantages and which don't, the only fair course is to avoid grading completely.

Public School Teachers: Are We an Endangered Species?

Randy Turner | Posted 07.13.2011 | Education
Randy Turner

Why are people who claim they are representing the best interests of our children doing so much to damage those who provide the foundation for this country?

Parents: This Fall, Beware Tea Partiers Dressed Up as James Madison

Doug Kendall | Posted 07.13.2011 | Education
Doug Kendall

It is undoubtedly the case that all our kids could use a good civics lesson, but the modern day James Madisons from the Tea Party who are vying for access to our schools are peddling ideological snake oil, not real history.

The Missing Link in School Reform

Diann Woodard | Posted 07.12.2011 | Education
Diann Woodard

It's time to open up the debate about school reform to the people who will be responsible for the delivery of the promised results

'Stealing Education' Case Round II: Petition to Drop Case, Mom Still Homeless

Mary Ann West | Posted 07.12.2011 | Education
Mary Ann West

Homeless mother, Tanya McDowell, returned to the Norwalk, Conn. State Superior Court for her pretrial hearing regarding her "stealing education" case.

Middle School 'Graduation' Is No Time for Excessive Celebration

Robert Schwartz | Posted 07.11.2011 | Education
Robert Schwartz

Downplaying the pomp of eighth grade graduation may do little for students living in poverty; however, the expectations that adults have for students can help change such circumstances.

Lucas Kavner

Confronting Women's Rights From All Angles | Lucas Kavner | Posted 07.10.2011 | Impact

Malika Saada Saar has spent her entire life around strong women. When she was 12, her mother went back to college. By the time Malika was 15, her m...

Do Parents' Rights End at the Schoolhouse Gate?

John W. Whitehead | Posted 07.10.2011 | Education
John W. Whitehead

Helping America's teens make positive, healthy and responsible lifestyle choices is a worthy goal, but it must start with parents within the home.

Joy Resmovits

In Leading Newark's Schools, Cami Anderson Steps Into the Spotlight | Joy Resmovits | Posted 07.09.2011 | Education

NEW YORK -- Cami Anderson has a big challenge. In her first press conference since being named the new superintendent of Newark, N.J.'s largely faili...

Lucas Kavner

How To Stop Bullying From The Inside Out | Lucas Kavner | Posted 07.09.2011 | Impact

When he was 10 years old, Rick Phillips moved from Montreal, Canada to a motel room in Los Angeles, Calif., along with his brother and newly single mo...

Lost Generations: The Importance of School Administrators

Dan Ross | Posted 07.09.2011 | Education
Dan Ross

It's hard to win a war if you don't have good officers. It's even harder to build an excellent school if you don't have good administrators. Has there ever been a great school without a great principal?

Two Silicon Valley Moms Pursue a 'Level Playing Field' in STEM Education

Mike Green | Posted 07.09.2011 | Education
Mike Green

Freada and Christina opened their hearts, homes and bank accounts to ensure hundreds of deserving students of color could receive the education that opens doors to success in the new Innovation Economy.

Help Needed: Workforce Development and What the Ordinary Citizen Can Do

Michael Haberman | Posted 07.06.2011 | Education
Michael Haberman

Internships provide a solid foundation on which a career can be built. In addition to gaining workplace skills, students are more likely to see the connection between school, work and their career goals.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Charter Schools

Larry Strauss | Posted 07.04.2011 | Education
Larry Strauss

Although charter schools are unencumbered by the district rules and red-tape that often restricts their public counterparts, the sad truth is that at least some charters squander their advantage.

Swapping Your Books For Public Schools

Huffington Post | Lucas Kavner | Posted 06.29.2011 | Impact

Jeff Bennett has been involved in startups since the mid-90s, but he's hoping that his newest venture can do something a little extra for the world. ...

Joy Resmovits

A Growing Population Lags Behind In Education | Joy Resmovits | Posted 06.28.2011 | Education

The largest and fastest-growing minority group in the United States is also chronically underserved by the nation's public schools. A report releas...

10 Funny Public Service Ads About Serious Issues (VIDEOS)

Posted 06.27.2011 | Comedy

Anyone who's ever had to raise a sensitive or difficult subject knows there's nothing like humor to break the ice. Armed with this approach, the non-p...

New Vaccination Law May Prevent Most Calif. Students From Attending School

Posted 06.26.2011 | Education

In the midst of one of the worst whooping cough epidemics our country has seen in half a century, the majority of California's schoolchildren may not ...