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Publishing Houses

The Publishers Are As Bad As Amazon

Thomas Hauser | Posted 09.14.2014 | Books
Thomas Hauser

Publishing today is characterized by powerful corporate entities acting in concert to the detriment of essentially powerless authors. Something must be done to remedy the situation because it's driving a lot of good writers out of publishing.

Why Publishers Have the Blandest Brands in All the Land

Michael Levin | Posted 05.08.2013 | Books
Michael Levin

Publishers love to publish books on branding, because it's such a hot topic in the business world today. The question you have to ask is why publishers don't bother reading the books they publish.

Why Book Publishers Hate Authors

Michael Levin | Posted 01.13.2013 | Books
Michael Levin

Publishers have begun to hate authors. But seeking to squeeze out the individuality and admittedly the eccentricity of authors is just one more reason why book publishing as we know it is going over the cliff.

Publishers, Weakly: What the Penguin/Random House Merger Really Means

Michael Levin | Posted 12.29.2012 | Books
Michael Levin

The publishers will blame everyone in sight for their predicament, but this is a self-inflicted wound; what the Brits would call an "own goal."

Ornate Books: The Last Gasp of Print Publishing

Dan Agin | Posted 02.03.2012 | Books
Dan Agin

The book as an object: never mind the words, never mind the content, never mind the ideas -- it's an object, buster. No one needs to actually read anything anymore. Just sell the damn cover!

Understanding How the Traditional Publishing Model Works

Penny C. Sansevieri | Posted 07.05.2011 | Books
Penny C. Sansevieri

In order to succeed in publishing, you must have a working knowledge of all facets of the market. Understanding traditional publishing is one of them.

The Indie Book Collective: A Great Resource for Both eAuthors and eReaders

2morrowknight | Posted 06.06.2011 | Books

The publishing industry is at a crossroads. It's trying to figure out what it means to do business in the Digital Age, which has transformed the lands...

Do You Really Need an Editor at a Publishing House?

Carole Baron | Posted 05.25.2011 | Books
Carole Baron

Before, you, as a writer, decide to bypass the publisher and the editor, remember it is the role of the editor to be the author's advocate in the arduous publishing process so that the book will get the readership it deserves.

Books, Books and More Books, or Tote That Bookbag

David Finkle | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
David Finkle

I plucked and pillaged a number of books but I consumed the Hershey kisses, apples and candy canes on the spot.