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Qalandiya International

An Interview With Vivian Ziherl, Curator of the 8th Jerusalem Show "Before and After Origins," a part of the Qalandiya International (The Palestinian Biennial), 2016

James Scarborough | Posted 03.18.2016 | Arts
James Scarborough

By their very nature, Biennials present a lot of moving pieces. Usually, they're of the logistical sort. This year's Qalandiya International (QI), also known as the Palestinian Biennial, doesn't just have a lot of moving pieces, it's also fraught by social and political turmoil.

A Conversation With Jack Persekian, Director and Head Curator of the Palestinian Museum/Artistic Director of Qalandiya International

James Scarborough | Posted 12.15.2014 | Arts
James Scarborough

Everything about the Qi is significant. The "Qalandiya" of the title refers to a notorious West Bank checkpoint. It also refers to life in pre-Occupation Palestine. A collaborative project that focuses more on collectives than individuals, it serves as an act of defiance.

Mapping Palestinian Contemporary Art

Ruthie Abel | Posted 03.30.2013 | Arts
Ruthie Abel

I had travelled to the West Bank to photograph two stories, both put on hold as persistent rocket fire and airstrikes erupted between Gaza and Israel. With time on my hands, I set out to explore new developments in Palestinian contemporary art.