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Quit Your Job

How To Successfully Quit Your Job And Move Abroad

Sienna Brown | Posted 09.15.2015 | Travel
Sienna Brown

Before making a major life change, of course there will be a few hesitations but I encourage you to push the fear aside. You don't have to be "young" to make the move, "well-off" or any other stigma that society pushes us to believe. If this is something you're passionate about, it's worth it.

8 Simple Hacks to Overcome a Fear of Quitting Your Job for Entrepreneurship

Sarah Peterson | Posted 08.05.2015 | Business
Sarah Peterson

This post was originally posted on I don't know when the shift happened. I went from thinking I could never quit my job to sitting ...

I Quit My Job To Follow My Dream. Now What?

Kevin Kleitches | Posted 04.22.2015 | Healthy Living
Kevin Kleitches

That being said, there are three principles I've discovered that help keep my fire going. These principles are the reasons I'm able to keep pushing past the doubts and insecurities that try to hold me down.

How Is Being a Good Boss Just Like Being a Good Parent?

Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. | Posted 07.05.2014 | Business
Ben Michaelis, Ph.D.

This is the most important one. Your boss, like your parent, should be aiming for your success. If you don't feel like your boss is looking for ways to help further your career, or worse, is trying to sabotage you, then you don't have a boss -- you have a problem.

10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014

James Altucher | Posted 06.08.2014 | Business
James Altucher

I'm going to tell you why you have to quit your job. Why you need to get the ideas moving. Why you need to build a foundation for your life or soon you will have no roof.

A Letter of Hope for Those Who Dread Their Jobs

Allison Vesterfelt | Posted 05.15.2014 | Business
Allison Vesterfelt

You hate your job. You try to pretend like you don't but you do. You get in the car every morning, with your coffee in hand, and take a deep breath.

Ricky Williams: I Left The NFL To Change My Definition Of Success

HuffPost Live | Posted 12.17.2013 | HuffPost Live 321

When Ricky Williams realized the traditional definition of success wasn't working for him, he took action. The former NFL running back told HuffPos...

Here's Why They Quit Their Jobs To Travel The World

Posted 11.15.2013 | Travel

Quit your job and travel the world. So much easier said than done. Sure, there are signs that clue you in, but how do you know when you’re ready...

WATCH: This May Be The Coolest Way Ever To Quit Your Job

The Huffington Post | Posted 09.30.2013 | Business

Now this is exactly what it looks like to go out with a bang. On Saturday, writer Marina Shifrin uploaded an epic video onto YouTube with one simp...

Walt Whitman Said to Quit My Job

Ryon Harms | Posted 10.30.2013 | GPS for the Soul
Ryon Harms

Thirteen years later, I sat in my office working a rewarding job, earning a decent income for my daughter and our future. But after reading that poem I glanced back at the performance report on my desk and then stared blankly out my window.

Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Their Radical Solution To The 'We Never See Each Other' Problem | Margaret Wheeler Johnson | Posted 08.16.2013 | Weddings

This story is the second of four profiles of couples taking a third metric approach to matrimony, prioritizing wellbeing and fun ahead of wealth, stat...

The Moment I Knew I Never Wanted to Work for Anyone Ever Again

Jim Kukral | Posted 06.12.2013 | Small Business
Jim Kukral

This is a shorty story about becoming an entrepreneur. Read this if you ever thought about quitting your job and owning your own business.

10 Reasons To Quit Your Job This Year

James Altucher | Posted 06.05.2013 | Small Business
James Altucher

I was a slave trying to escape but I didn't know how. I wanted to start a business but I didn't know what. I wanted to create something but I would play games all day, burning up the fuel in my brain.

How To (Finally) Quit Your Job

Daniel Gulati | Posted 09.14.2012 | Healthy Living
Daniel Gulati

As you wait for the elevator to arrive after another mediocre day at the office, you give yourself an all-too-familiar pep talk. "I'm better than this, and I've completely had it with this job," you tell yourself. "I'm outta here for good."

I Quit!

Harvard Business Review | Posted 09.11.2012 | Money

As you wait for the elevator to arrive after another mediocre day at the office, you give yourself an all-too-familiar pep talk. "I'm better than this...

How To Know When It’s Time To Quit

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. | Posted 04.10.2012 | Healthy Living
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.

As a psychologist who studies motivation, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why people give up too soon when trying to reach a goal. But the truth is, a lot of us suffer from the opposite problem: not knowing when, or how, to quit.