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When Palestine Becomes an Issue in Philadelphia Politics

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 03.04.2015 | Politics
Daoud Kuttab

The case of the citation to the Ramallah governor and the attempts to backtrack due to political pressure are not new in the US. But pro-Israel groups are more and more frustrated as their powers to silent Palestinian voices are slowly weakening even though the battle for telling the Palestinian narrative is a long way from becoming mainstream in the US.

A Jewish Voice on Arabic Radio

Joseph Braude | Posted 05.06.2014 | Religion
Joseph Braude

More than three years after the broadcast debuted, my Muslim audience now finds it ordinary, rather than aberrant, to hear a Jewish voice opine on Arab affairs in their mother tongue. In numerous Arab countries, such a situation would be revolutionary--but in Morocco, it's merely one step forward among many.

Poems and Prayers

Mohammed Fairouz | Posted 02.16.2014 | Arts
Mohammed Fairouz

Arabs and Jews have lived together for thousands of years. Our languages have cross-pollinated and we have developed a united mythology and set of traditions.This was all on display with the West-Coast premiere of Poems and Prayers, my third symphony.

DIY Diplomacy? IKEA Considering West Bank Location

The Huffington Post | Kavitha A. Davidson | Posted 07.18.2013 | World

Swedish retail giant IKEA is reportedly in talks to open a store in the West Bank, which would make it one of only a handful of global businesses with...

Ramallah, Palestine's De Facto Capital

Rick Steves | Posted 07.21.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Ramallah is the boom town of the West Bank. As, bit by bit (under the settlement policy of Israel), the likelihood of East Jerusalem being the capital...

How You Doin: Mapping The World Through Pick up Lines

Katie Beck | Posted 07.17.2013 | Travel
Katie Beck

I have heard some absolute doozies in cities all over the world and even if the surroundings are pretty, the words are not.

Pamela Olson on Life Inside the Palestinian Territories

Danielle Tumminio | Posted 05.25.2013 | Books
Danielle Tumminio

"When I tried to describe the things I had seen in Israel and Palestine, people in the U.S. tended to assume I was exaggerating, because it didn't match at all with what they were used to hearing on the news. I decided to write something that started from zero and told an engaging story, so that people would 'hear me out.'"

Obama In Ramallah For Talks With Palestinians

AP | JULIE PACE and MATTHEW LEE | Posted 05.21.2013 | World

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- U.S. President Barack Obama is meeting Palestinian officials on the second day of his Mideast tour to emphasize the importance ...

The Obama Factor in the Middle East Conflict

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 05.20.2013 | World
Daoud Kuttab

The visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the Middle East is a potentially good thing for peace. The problem is how to make this factor last -- how to create mechanisms that will continue to work even when a U.S. president or his secretary of state are not around.

Mapping Palestinian Contemporary Art

Ruthie Abel | Posted 03.30.2013 | Arts
Ruthie Abel

I had travelled to the West Bank to photograph two stories, both put on hold as persistent rocket fire and airstrikes erupted between Gaza and Israel. With time on my hands, I set out to explore new developments in Palestinian contemporary art.

Palestinian Protests Turn Violent

AP | NASSER SHIYOUKHI and DIAA HADID | Posted 11.10.2012 | World

HEBRON, West Bank — Palestinian demonstrators fed up with high prices and unpaid salaries shuttered shops, halted traffic with burning tires and...

'Jesus Is A Monkey' Written On West Bank Monastery As Possible Settler Retaliation

Reuters | Posted 11.04.2012 | Religion

* Possible retaliation for settler eviction on Sunday * Vandals daub name of settlement, profane graffiti * Israel, Pale...

Reports: Palestinian Taxi Firebombed

AP | Posted 08.17.2012 | World

JERUSALEM -- Six Palestinians have been wounded in a suspected firebomb attack by Jewish extremists in the West Bank, The Israeli military said. The ...

Trust Broken in Ramallah

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 09.04.2012 | World
Daoud Kuttab

The Arab Spring might have taken some time to reach Palestine, but as one Arab leader said, spring is a season that comes back every year.

Palestine Beyond The Protests

Victoria Fine | Posted 08.18.2012 | World
Victoria Fine

What I've continued to think about since returning to Los Angeles is how the acts of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians were so predictable, and what that means to finding any ultimate resolutions.

What "It Takes A Village to Raise a Child" Really Means

Donna Stefano | Posted 04.28.2012 | Impact
Donna Stefano

My job is fulfilling, which makes the daily commute for me across checkpoints well worth it. But it also means that a seamless approach to child care has been a necessity. Enter my global village.

KFC Opens In Palestinian Territories | Posted 02.06.2012 | Home

People lined up on a chilly Saturday outside the new KFC outlet in Ramallah, the first of the U.S. fast-food chains to open in the Palestinian territo...

Six Questions for Dr. Hanan Ashrawi

Jonathan Guyer | Posted 03.11.2012 | World
Jonathan Guyer

I sat down with Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, member of the The Palestine Liberation Organization's Executive Committee and discussed the PLO's strategies for 2012.

Will Jerusalem Cause a Third Intifada?

Daoud Kuttab | Posted 02.20.2012 | World
Daoud Kuttab

This may be a journalistic hunch, but I have a feeling that we are about to witness an explosion in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this time again over Jerusalem.

Ex Cathedra in Ramallah

Dr. Charles G. Cogan | Posted 02.06.2012 | World
Dr. Charles G. Cogan

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is not without throwing some strong language around. "Get to the damn table," he intoned before the centrist Sa...

Pardon My French: Our Heroine Gets a Warm Palestinian Welcome

Katie Beck | Posted 01.28.2012 | Travel
Katie Beck

People often talk about how friendly and hospitable Americans are, but I think Palestinians, at least the ones I've met, are miles ahead in this category.

Pardon My French: Our Heroine Gets Comfortable In The West Bank

Katie Beck | Posted 01.11.2012 | Travel
Katie Beck

I am in the West Bank, a place fraught with political tension and controversy, oceans away from my friends and family and I feel more at home than I have in a long time.

Mr. Abbas Should Awe the UN, Not Just Shock It

Sarwar Kashmeri | Posted 11.23.2011 | World
Sarwar Kashmeri

All eyes are focused on the high drama that Mr. Abbas has created. He owes it to his people and to the people of Israel to not just create shock at the UN without an equal dose of awe.

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad: "We Can No Longer be Dismissed as Unworthy"

Elisabeth Braw | Posted 11.16.2011 | World
Elisabeth Braw

They've been talking about it. They've been negotiating about it. Some have used violence to achieve it. Now, say Palestinians, they'll finally become a state. Metro met Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad for an exclusive interview.

Ramadan In Ramallah

Kazim Ali | Posted 10.02.2011 | Religion
Kazim Ali

Fasting is a turning away from "received" knowledge and an embracing of the knowledge of the body itself. Each passing day it becomes harder to believe that the conflict in this part of the world has anything to do with religion.