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Rand Paul Hits Ted Cruz Over Foreign Policy, Ronald Reagan Comparison

Rand Paul: If I Were President...

Rand Paul Says U.S. Should Drill In 'Every Possible, Conceivable Place' To Address Ukraine Situation

Rand Paul Says He's Contemplating 2016 Presidential Run

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Vie For Clout With Their Conservative Base

'Not A Bromance,' But Two Top GOP Senators Have A Shotgun Marriage Built To Last

Rand Paul May Be Running For 2 Offices In 2016, And This Bill Would Let Him

CPAC, Once Again An Obstacle To GOP Attempts To Soften Message, Shows Signs Of Moderation

Latest Rand Paul Move Stokes More 2016 Speculation

Relax Everybody, Nobody Is A '2016 Frontrunner' Yet

Tea Party Vows To Move U.S. Congress Further To The Right

Here's Why The NSA Surveillance Debate Goes Beyond Democrats And Republicans

Rand Paul: GOP Needs 'Transformation' To Become 'A New Republican Party'

Chuck Schumer Reveals How He's 'To The Right Of Rand Paul'

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