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Real Estate Tips

Renter Nation -- Are We Headed That Way?

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.21.2015 | HuffPost Home
Ryan Poelman

Reasons are logical, but the question is whether we're really headed toward becoming a nation of renters, or if home ownership will again become the goal of the masses. There seems to be a lot of information showing many years of renting still in the future.

Rent vs Buy - Lifestyle May Trump Cost

Dean Graziosi | Posted 05.21.2015 | HuffPost Home
Dean Graziosi

Consumers these days are bombarded with information through the Internet. They can read reviews of any product they may be considering to buy. There are consumer reporting and review sites with the stated objective of advising consumers about what is a good deal and what is not. There are consumer product safety sites with loads of product safety information.

The Smart Phone for Market Research

Scott Yancey | Posted 05.21.2015 | Business
Scott Yancey

Successful real estate investors don't just drive through a neighborhood and buy homes for flipping or rental units. Sure, driving a market area is part of the research you need to do.

Linear and Cyclical Markets and Rising Home Prices

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.14.2015 | Education
Ryan Poelman

Home prices nationally have been rising, and they seem to be picking up the momentum a bit. According to the latest S&P Case-Shiller Home Price 20-City Composite Index, there was a 5% year over year rise in February following a 4.5% gain in January over the previous year.

Homeownership Still Falling

Scott Yancey | Posted 05.20.2015 | HuffPost Home
Scott Yancey

Can you remember what 1989 was like? The inflation rate that year was 4.89 percent. An average new home cost $120,000, the average income was $27,450, and the average rent came to $420/month. This really isn't an article about inflation though. It's about homeownership.

Higher Mortgage Rates, REITS and Investors

Dean Graziosi | Posted 05.15.2015 | Money
Dean Graziosi

Don't you wish you could lock in a mortgage rate for the next year while you decide when and where you want to buy, or until you get that down payment together?

Foreclosures Up and Down -- Zombies Up

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.07.2015 | Education
Ryan Poelman

RealtyTrac is a leading resource for foreclosure information and statistics. According to RealtyTrac, foreclosures decreased again in February, dropping to their lowest level since July 2006. As of February, the rate represented one out of every 1,295 housing units.

Use National Real Estate Sites for Info -- Get Local for Deep Research

Scott Yancey | Posted 05.07.2015 | Education
Scott Yancey

Looking for a home to buy? If so, you can't find a better place to start, and likely end, your search than the Internet. Almost everything you need to know to zero in on a few top-of-the-list homes for consideration is on one or more websites.

What's UP With Home Prices?

Dean Graziosi | Posted 05.07.2015 | Business
Dean Graziosi

Markets, whether real estate or groceries, all respond to supply and demand pressures. And there are a three supply factors and one demand item that are putting upward pressure on prices.

Transitioning From the Wholesale to Retail Flip

Dean Graziosi | Posted 04.29.2015 | Education
Dean Graziosi

I LOVE real estate and every facet of real estate investment. From wholesaling and flipping houses to rental property ownership, there's opportunity for profit in every market, whether rising, falling, or sitting still.

Flat Rate Real Estate Services - Right for Consumers or Investors?

Scott Yancey | Posted 04.29.2015 | Education
Scott Yancey

If you've sold a home in the past, you know about real estate commissions, and you likely paid between 5% and 6%. There aren't fixed commission rates, as that's illegal. However, that range is popular with full service firms.

Responding to Changes in the Rental Market

Ryan Poelman | Posted 04.29.2015 | Education
Ryan Poelman

Owning rental property has been a path to riches for a great many investors. Rental property is funding awesome retirement lifestyles as well. We've also been enjoying a surge in rental demand and rents since the recovery began after the crash in 2007.

On the Fence About Home Purchase? Look at Rent-To-Own

Dean Graziosi | Posted 04.24.2015 | Education
Dean Graziosi

There are a great many people sitting on the sidelines when it comes to a home purchase. There are plenty of valid reasons for their hesitation.

Working With a Real Estate Agent Consultant

Ryan Poelman | Posted 04.22.2015 | Business
Ryan Poelman

When real estate is booming, new agents get their licenses in record numbers. When a bust like the one that began in 2006 comes along, hundreds of thousands of those agents quit and go back to other jobs.

Existing Home Purchase -- How Low Is Too Low for an Offer?

Scott Yancey | Posted 04.23.2015 | HuffPost Home
Scott Yancey

There are a great many people who would love to own a home still hesitating and staying on the sidelines. Some don't have the down payment, or they may have credit problems. However, credit is loosening up; down payment requirements are coming down as well. Many are more able to buy than they think.

Fix & Flip for the Retail Buyer

Dean Graziosi | Posted 04.14.2015 | Education
Dean Graziosi

If your market is beginning to see more retail buying activity, and if prices are rising, it could be time to move away from the wholesale mentality toward the consumer buyer.

Opposing Forces Make a Housing Recovery a Tossup

Scott Yancey | Posted 04.14.2015 | Business
Scott Yancey

It's great news ... no, wait, there's a problem. But, home prices are rising, isn't that great news? It is for homeowners who have been underwater or wanting to sell but couldn't get the price they need to get out from under.

Real Estate Investors Using More Online Financing

Ryan Poelman | Posted 04.14.2015 | Education
Ryan Poelman

Online loans aren't new to most people. We go online all the time and apply for credit cards or fill out loan applications to credit unions, banks, department stores and more.

Transactional Funding Is Alive and Well

Dean Graziosi | Posted 04.10.2015 | Money
Dean Graziosi

Transactional funding is very short term lending to facilitate a real estate deal. Fix and flip investors and real estate wholesalers both need this type of funding unless they happen to be cash rich.

Apartment Boom Bodes Well for Real Estate Investors

Dean Graziosi | Posted 03.31.2015 | Business
Dean Graziosi

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA) commissioned research to look into dollars and jobs generated by apartment construction, operations and resident spending.

Have the Big Players Changed the Rental Real Estate Investment Market?

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.20.2015 | HuffPost Home
Ryan Poelman

Residential rental property investing has always been a stable long term investment strategy for investors who want steady cash flow and appreciation in asset value as well. It's also a great way for the small investor to get started.

Location as Only One Factor in Home Prices

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.20.2015 | HuffPost Home
Ryan Poelman

We've all heard the real estate mantra, "It's all about location, location, location." It hangs around because it's true, at least within the confines of human behavior. But, it's not the only factor in home prices, though arguably the most important. Let's take a look at the three factors I believe have the greatest influence on home prices.

What Is Absorption Rate in Real Estate and Why Is It Important?

Ryan Poelman | Posted 05.23.2015 | HuffPost Home
Ryan Poelman

Absorption rate is the number of months it would take to sell the currently listed homes in the market. That sounds simple, and the math is for the most part. However, it's an important concept, and it's used by a great many real estate related businesses to attempt to predict home prices and sales activity going forward.

The Rental Property Crock Pot

Scott Yancey | Posted 05.23.2015 | Hawaii
Scott Yancey

It's no longer a hot market, but investors shouldn't give up on rental property. There is plenty of opportunity, though it's not front-burner activity. It's that intense type of market that heated up so much and resulted in the housing crash.

Foreclosures -- From a Flood to a Dribble

Dean Graziosi | Posted 05.19.2015 | Business
Dean Graziosi

It's been an exciting seven or eight years for real estate investors. The flood of foreclosures that began in late 2006 raged for a couple to three years, then began to subside.