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Regenerative Medicine

Needles, Not Knives, to Treat Sports Injuries and Degeneration

Nancy Deville | Posted 08.26.2015 | Healthy Living
Nancy Deville

My first pair of running shoes were men's shoes because they didn't make them for women in 1974. That's how many years I've been pounding away at my j...

Regrow Your Knee: How a Meniscus Implant Can Encourage Self-Healing

Kevin R. Stone, M.D. | Posted 06.24.2016 | Healthy Living
Kevin R. Stone, M.D.

The availability of the CMI is good news for people who badly tear their meniscus cartilage. Ideally, meniscus cartilage tears must be repaired and reconstructed when they are freshly diagnosed

The Degradative Soup of Injury and Arthritis

Kevin R. Stone, M.D. | Posted 05.22.2016 | Healthy Living
Kevin R. Stone, M.D.

The biologic era of joint repair is evolving so rapidly that removing injured tissues may soon be a surgical procedure of the past. Repairing, regenerating, and replacing tissues with natural tissues as opposed to artificial materials, is the path keeping biologics firmly ahead of bionics in orthopedics.

Eleni Antoniadou Wants To Change Medicine Forever -- And She's Only 27

HuffPost Greece | Posted 05.13.2015 | World

Eleni Antoniadou, 27, is an extraordinary young scientist who hopes to change the face of medicine. Named one of Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30 in heal...

How 3D Printing Could End The Deadly Shortage Of Donor Organs

The Huffington Post | Macrina Cooper-White | Posted 03.02.2015 | Science

Three-dimensional printing has been used to make everything from pizza to prostheses, and now researchers are working on using the emerging technology...

The Regeneration Generation: A Conversation With Bob Hariri, Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder of Human Longevity Inc.

Robin L. Smith | Posted 01.26.2015 | Science
Robin L. Smith

Utilizing technological advancements in genomics, bioinformatics, computing and cell therapy, HLI plans to develop therapeutic solutions to some of the most complex yet actionable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and dementia. Bob recently sat down with me to discuss his current work on the frontiers of aging and cellular science.

Scientists Overseas Create Working Organ From Scratch For First Time Ever

The Huffington Post | David Freeman | Posted 08.27.2014 | Science

In what's being hailed as a scientific first, researchers in Scotland have created a fully functional organ from scratch inside the body of a living a...

Stem Cells Can Help Rebuild Joints

Kevin R. Stone, M.D. | Posted 10.19.2014 | Healthy Living
Kevin R. Stone, M.D.

There is still much to be explored in the area of stem cells and regenerative orthopedics, and we are excited to be a part of it. Harnessing stem cells to speed healing and cure disease is a crucial part of injury and arthritis treatment today.

A Talk With C. Randal Mills, New Head of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Robin L. Smith | Posted 09.20.2014 | Science
Robin L. Smith

In April 2014, C. Randal Mills was named President and CEO of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a San Francisco-based agency created in 2004 to allocate over $3 billion in funding for stem cell research for California. I recently caught up with Randy to discuss his new role at CIRM and the road ahead.

The Best Gift My Grandson Ever Gave Me

Ray Flynn | Posted 09.07.2014 | Fifty
Ray Flynn

When one of my 17 grandchildren was born with a rare undiagnosed neurological disease, my priorities changed. My passion was not politics, but helping my handicapped grandson Braeden, now 7-years-old... Like all grandparents would say, all their grandchildren are the light of their lives, but a handicapped child is a pure delight.

Regeneration Stories in Scarred Times: My Son, Our Planet

Jeff Biggers | Posted 01.23.2014 | Green
Jeff Biggers

Ever since my son was diagnosed with a rare ocular syndrome and retinal scarring last winter, I have found myself returning to the promise of regeneration -- in our stories, our health and our ecosystems.

Stem Cell Researchers Report Major Breakthrough

Reuters | Kate Kelland | Posted 11.12.2013 | Science

By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have succeeded in generating new stem cells in living mice and say their success opens up...

The Future of Regenerative Medicine

André Choulika | Posted 09.14.2013 | Impact
André Choulika

Just like the simple act of backing-up your computer has become routine, so too could the act of backing-up your stem cells now, before you regret not doing so in the future.

Time to Teach Our Doctors How to Be Stem Cell Specialists

Paul Knoepfler | Posted 06.09.2013 | Healthy Living
Paul Knoepfler

Would you let a radiologist do your brain surgery? Would you pick a dermatologist to do your open-heart surgery? So why then do so many patients who get stem cell treatments have such low expectations for the doctors that do their stem cell treatments?

Nanomedicine: Big Potential for Small Products

Julielynn Wong, M.D. | Posted 04.06.2013 | Technology
Julielynn Wong, M.D.

While more nanomedicine products are becoming available to consumers, big questions remain about their long-term impact on the environment and human health, experts say.

President Obama and the Embryonic Backfire

Robin L. Smith | Posted 01.07.2013 | Politics
Robin L. Smith

As Barack Obama begins his second administration, now is the time to examine the impact his re-election will have on stem cell research and the broader regenerative medicine industry.

Corpse Study Yields Big Surprise About Life-Saving Cells

Posted 06.14.2012 | Science

By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 06/12/2012 11:08 AM EDT on LiveScience Stem cells can remain alive in human corpses for at...

Best of TEDTalks 2011, #5: Printing a Human Kidney

Anthony Atala | Posted 01.07.2012 | Technology
Anthony Atala

2011-12-20-anthonytetedteddd.jpgTo many people, the idea of growing replacement body parts in the lab sounds like modern-day science fiction. In truth, it's quickly becoming science fact.

Anthony Atala On Printing Organs

Posted 12.20.2011 | Technology

In this special year-end collaboration, TED and The Huffington Post are excited to count down 18 great ideas of 2011, featuring the full TEDTalk with ...

Cord Blood Banking: Not a Clear-Cut Answer

Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D. | Posted 01.14.2012 | Los Angeles
Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D.

No sooner do the blue lines show up on a pregnancy test than expectant parents find themselves bombarded with brochures from companies extolling the benefits of umbilical-cord blood banking.

"Dr. Frankenstein," Professor Alexander Seifalian, Grows New Organs

Rehema Trimiew | Posted 12.28.2011 | Science

In a laboratory filled with bubbling tanks float body parts in viscous liquids. Beakers ooze, testubes bubble, and amidst them all broods Dr. Frankens...

Is It Possible To Live To 1,000?

Vicky Collins | Posted 07.19.2011 | Healthy Living
Vicky Collins

Want to live to be a thousand years old? It's not far-fetched at all if you ask theoretician and geneticist Aubrey de Grey.

Growing Body Parts From Human Cells: '60 Minutes' Examines Idea (VIDEO)

Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Advances in regenerative medicine means it's possible for damaged body parts to be regrown from human cells, and 60 Minutes featured the growing area ...

Bigger than Anything Else in 2010: The Age of Regenerative Medicine Begins

Paul Abrams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology
Paul Abrams

Breakthroughs in stem cell research and regenerative medicine will make health care reform even more important than it is now. The human suffering relieved will be incalculable.

Horses and Stem Cells

Barbara Dehn | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Barbara Dehn

Researchers are now recommending that owners and breeders of thoroughbreds consider banking the umbilical cord stem cells from prize race horses.