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Religious Fundamentalism

2001: A Hate Odyssey

John C. Wathey | Posted 09.10.2016 | World
John C. Wathey

Plume of smoke from the burning World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as seen from the International Space Station. Image Credit: NASA Something ...

Terrorists Among Us

Ryan Phipps | Posted 06.26.2016 | Religion
Ryan Phipps

THE DAILY OFFICE Our staff gather to walk through The Daily Office every Wednesday morning before we get into the rudiments of ministerial work. Thi...

Religious Freedom Shouldn't Trump Other Civil Rights

Allen Frances | Posted 06.02.2016 | Politics
Allen Frances

Your religious rights end when you intrude disproportionately on mine.

There's Nothing Sexier Than A Political Moderate

Galanty Miller | Posted 12.11.2016 | Comedy
Galanty Miller

You never hear about the rise of politically middle-of-the-road talk radio. Nobody has ever been called a "bleeding heart moderate." There's the religious right; but nobody speaks of the religious nonpartisan.

The Gateway Fundamentalism of Kim Davis and Her Supporters

Sezin Koehler | Posted 10.13.2016 | Politics
Sezin Koehler

Fundamentalism is a problem regardless of the religion to which it pertains, since it brings with it a highly conservative mentality that only benefits a few. Gateway fundamentalism is the slow and steady encroachment of religion through once-secular government and democratic processes.

Obama on the Right Faith

Stan Chu Ilo | Posted 04.09.2015 | Chicago
Stan Chu Ilo

There is a hunger for connections. We want to live in communities and societies where we feel safe, accepted, and affirmed, and where the structures promote the highest aspirations of the human being for love and fulfillment.

Will God Condemn Brittany Maynard for Ending Her Life?

Rabbi Evan Moffic | Posted 01.03.2015 | Religion
Rabbi Evan Moffic

Jewish tradition has a nuanced approach to this challenge. Thoughtful rabbis and scholars disagree. What is clear, however, is the various factors that matter in making the decision.

Women in Secularism Tell Their Ex-Fundamentalist Stories

Christine A. Scheller | Posted 07.27.2014 | Religion
Christine A. Scheller

Candace Gorham, a licensed counselor and member of The Clergy Project, said she was ordained as a prophetess and evangelist at 18 years old in a store-front Pentecostal church that she described as extreme.

My Fantasy Summer Bible Camp

Clay Farris Naff | Posted 10.18.2013 | Comedy
Clay Farris Naff

At my fantasy Bible camp, here's what children would learn (when they weren't having fun, which would be most of the time).

U.S. Should Support Egypt's Transition and Oppose All Fundamentalist Regimes

Wayne Besen | Posted 09.04.2013 | World
Wayne Besen

Such zealots believe they are taking commands directly from God, which makes it impossible to compromise. After all, if God is on your side and then you strike a deal, aren't you betraying the Lord? Such attitudes have made governing at home nearly impossible.

A Country Called Canada

T. Sher Singh | Posted 08.31.2013 | Religion
T. Sher Singh

Having been refugees once already, my parents dreaded the possibilities and began to scratch their heads, wondering if it was time to head north to the part of the Punjabi hinterland which was still left in India... They chose Canada.

What's Really Going On In Uganda?

Logan Nakyanzi Pollard | Posted 08.10.2013 | Religion
Logan Nakyanzi Pollard

The culture war in Uganda over LGBT rights is a double-binded problem: a struggle over the hegemony of fundamentalism and a fog behind which a power grab for the nation's oil reserves and natural wealth can take place.

Tony Blair Is Right About Islam

Khurram Dara | Posted 08.02.2013 | Religion
Khurram Dara

For the better part of the last 10 years, many Muslims in America have been searching for ways to change the image of Islam. But every time there is a terrorist attack committed by a Muslim, it sets back years of work by activists and decades of Muslim integration into American society.

Religious Fundamentalism Treated As A Curable Mental Illness?

The Huffington Post | Meredith Bennett-Smith | Posted 06.06.2013 | Religion

An Oxford University researcher and author specializing in neuroscience has suggested that one day religious fundamentalism may be treated as a curabl...

The Secret Meaning Of Easter

Steve McSwain | Posted 06.01.2013 | Religion
Steve McSwain

Easter is all about the miracle of being raised, even set free, from a tomb of conditioned thinking, fixed believing and limited living.

Coming Out To My Homophobic Mother As A Straight Ally

Mia Norton | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Mia Norton

Aside from remarks here and there, I had never directly taken up this issue with my mother. I had never had the provocation to do so until just last month, when a gay relative contacted my sibling to share that my mother had written him with a heavy-handed dose of spiritual advice.

Singing On 'Idol,' And Facing Wrath Of Religious Traditionalists

Religion News Service | Lauren Markoe | Posted 02.25.2013 | Religion

(RNS) The biggest worry for most "American Idol" contestants is whether the judges will let them continue to the next round. Some singers on Idol-l...

Religion, Science And The Attack Of The Angry Atheists

Max Tegmark | Posted 04.21.2013 | Religion
Max Tegmark

I'd been warned if we posted our MIT Survey on Science, Religion and Origins, I'd get inundated with hate-mail from religious fundamentalists.But most of them didn't come from religious people, but from angry atheists!

Abortion as a Blessing, Grace, or Gift -- Changing the Conversation About Moral Values

Valerie Tarico | Posted 03.12.2013 | Politics
Valerie Tarico

How can we reclaim the moral high ground in the debate about abortion as a part of thoughtful, wise loving and living? Most Americans think of child...

Fundamentalists Gripe Me

Steve McSwain | Posted 12.18.2012 | Religion
Steve McSwain

The thing I find most troubling about fundamentalism, whether in politics or in religion, is the war fundamentalists declare and then wage on almost anyone whose opinion or understanding of truth is different from theirs.

EXPLAINED: Why Anti-Creationism Arguments Often Fail

| Posted 10.02.2012 | Science

By Kyle Hill The Earth is flat. A full moon leads to more crime. Humans were created less than 10,000 years ago.If you made your way through even t...

Timbuktu and the Politics of Fundamentalism

Paul Stoller | Posted 09.15.2012 | Politics
Paul Stoller

As the American presidential campaign swings into high gear, recent events in the fabled city of Timbuktu remind us of the very real social and cultural costs of religious and political fundamentalism.

How Can Religious Cultures Become Less Fundamentalist?

Christopher Lane | Posted 08.21.2012 | Religion
Christopher Lane

Religious moderation is an antidote to fundamentalism: it encourages faith and inquiry to coexist without assuming that one of them must subordinate or try to eliminate the other.

When The Atheists Are Right

Mark Osler | Posted 08.06.2012 | Religion
Mark Osler

If religion, my religion, can twist the truth, the Gospel of love, to the point where a man expresses such hate to his own dying child, I despair of that religion.

Americans Should Protest Nigerian Witch-Hunter's Visit

Michael Mungai | Posted 03.12.2012 | Impact
Michael Mungai

My appeal to rational Americans is to ensure that Nigerian evangelist Helen Ukpabio, with her hateful campaign against defenseless children, knows that she is not welcome in their country.