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Should You Reconcile With Your Ex?

M. Gary Neuman | Posted 04.29.2012 | Divorce
M. Gary Neuman

Question: I've been married for only a year to a wonderful woman and I'm in a ridiculous bind that I brought on myself. I've fallen in love with another woman.

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me I Was Marrying A Jerk?

Marianne Curan | Posted 04.20.2012 | Divorce
Marianne Curan

I am the only woman in the history of divorce who didn't keep the house. Instead, I took my equity and hired a therapist. She bought a house.

Elderly Couple Transcends Language Barrier To Find Love

Posted 02.14.2012 | Good News

Love is often referred to as a universal language, and no truer was that sentiment than today, when sources reported two retirement home sweethearts f...

How My First Divorce Helped My Second Marriage

Emma Wilhelm | Posted 04.09.2012 | Divorce
Emma Wilhelm

While starting a new life as a 29-year-old divorcee was far from a picnic, my first marriage wasn't a complete waste of time. Frankly, being divorced has been good for my second marriage.

What I Learned From Being My Husband's Second Wife

Macey Leigh Thompson | Posted 03.28.2012 | Weddings
Macey Leigh Thompson

If you are one of the many women who realize their first marriage will be to a divorced man, I feel sorry for you. No, really, I do... as we all will have many more challenges.

Would You Remarry Your Ex?

Ed Housewright | Posted 03.27.2012 | Divorce
Ed Housewright

Wasn't one bad marriage to a person enough? What makes a man or woman think if they remarry, the result will be any different?

10 Things New Divorcees Should Expect

Judy Silk | Posted 03.10.2012 | Divorce
Judy Silk

When I was younger, divorce was something you whispered about, like cancer. It came with a certain stigma and a mysterious other-worldliness.

Remarriage In Midlife: Why Bother?

Deborah Gaines | Posted 05.16.2012 | Fifty
Deborah Gaines

Don't get me wrong: I'd love to meet Mr. Right. I am hard-wired for a long-term, live-in relationship. In many ways, I am happier with a partner than without one. I just don't see why I should remarry.

What I Want In My Next Husband

Ann Brenoff | Posted 02.20.2012 | Fifty
Ann Brenoff

When my multiple-times-married Aunt Sophie was in her 80s, I remember her once lecturing me on what she was looking for in her next husband. At the time, I just smiled in amusement as she ticked off the list of attributes he would need to possess.

The Essential Skills That Children Of Divorce NEVER Learn

Judith Wallerstein | Posted 02.06.2012 | Divorce
Judith Wallerstein

For the child of divorce, the road to emotional adulthood can be an obstacle course.

Getting Remarried? How To Tell The Kids (And Your Ex!)

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 02.05.2012 | Divorce
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

Getting married later in life is fun, romantic, sexy and exciting, but we know it can be a bit, well, complicated.

After the Wedding, What is Marriage For?

Elizabeth Marquardt | Posted 12.24.2011 | Weddings
Elizabeth Marquardt

Congratulations! You've married your best friend. You had a gorgeous ceremony, an awesome reception, and that dress to which you said yes knocked everybody's socks off. Now what? After the wedding, what is marriage for?

Heal First, Marry Later: Why Second Marriages Don't Always Work

Ken Solin | Posted 12.19.2011 | Fifty
Ken Solin

Why don't more men work through their anger and pain after divorce? Most don't know how to, where to, or even what it means to work through it.

The Secret Lives Of Divorced Moms

Robert Hughes, Jr. | Posted 12.17.2011 | Divorce
Robert Hughes, Jr.

Mothers have two potentially competing needs: the mother's desire for adult companionship and the child's desire for parental attention and affection.

Why Are Men Quicker To Move On?

Vicki Larson | Posted 11.26.2011 | Divorce
Vicki Larson

Why do people rush into a relationship so soon after leaving one? And while both men and women are guilty of that, more men say "I do" again after divorce, and they're quicker to say it, too.

What's In A Name?

Kristin Tennant | Posted 11.22.2011 | Divorce
Kristin Tennant

In my little nuclear family, there are five people and three last names.

A Decade I'll Never Forget

Jennifer Cullen | Posted 11.12.2011 | Divorce
Jennifer Cullen

We never went back there together and neither one of us ever saw the World Trade Center again. The towers fell less than a month later, taking one of his best friends with them, and my marriage, which had already slowly begun crumbling, collapsed not too soon after.

Me, Rocky Balboa

Monica Medina | Posted 10.22.2011 | Divorce
Monica Medina

I will prove him wrong, I kept telling myself. I will prove him wrong, and in my own way, I did.

In Praise of Stepfamilies

Janice Van Dyck | Posted 10.11.2011 | Parents
Janice Van Dyck

Stepparents have bad reputations. Just ask Cinderella and Snow White. But from my arguably unenviable position of stepmother, I'd like to talk about the better side of stepfamilies.

Do Men Who Pay Child Support Have A Hard Time Remarrying?

Robert Hughes, Jr. | Posted 10.04.2011 | Divorce
Robert Hughes, Jr.

Kermyt Anderson presents an interesting evolutionary perspective on child support that suggests some interesting findings in a study recently publishe...

Do You Promise to Love and to Cherish... Until the Contract Runs Out?

Phyllis Berger | Posted 09.10.2011 | Los Angeles
Phyllis Berger

When I look at the photograph on our piano of our closest friends who were at our wedding, we are the only ones still married out of eight couples. 'So what's that all about?' I wondered.

Surprise! Mike Tyson Says 'I Do' Again With Ex-Wife | 17 Minutes Ago by TMZ Staff   | Posted 08.27.2011 | Divorce

For the second time in two years, Mike Tyson said "I do" to the same woman ... in Las Vegas ... but this time, the "wedding" was MUCH more of a surpri...

Why Do Divorced Couples Remarry? | Laura T. Coffey | Posted 08.27.2011 | Divorce

British novelist Iris Murdoch once said, "Falling out of love is chiefly a matter of forgetting how charming someone is." Could those words help to...

Would You Remarry Your Ex?

Vicki Larson | Posted 07.12.2011 | Divorce
Vicki Larson

You were in love. It didn't work out. You split. Then one day something happens -- maybe your parent dies or you get sick or you realize you're tired ...

How Did LeAnn Rimes Stop Singing The Blues?

Dr. Jane Greer | Posted 07.11.2011 | Divorce
Dr. Jane Greer

There is no excuse for infidelity -- let me get that out of the way immediately. But it does occur, and as a marriage therapist I can tell you it flourishes...