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'Company Town': A Film About How Tech Steamrolled San Francisco

Steven Hill | Posted 10.13.2016 | San Francisco
Steven Hill

Many hipsters and "new tech" enthusiasts are enraptured by the so-called "sharing economy" and its leading companies, such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft. If you really believe that these companies have anything to do with "sharing," then you really need to see Company Town.

Renters Insurance Fine Print Everyone Needs To Read

Robert Harrow | Posted 08.08.2016 | HuffPost Home
Robert Harrow

The devil is said to be in the details but the fine print of renters insurance policies has some good, too. Any tenant with renters insurance should make sure their policy adequately covers them and that they fully understand the coverage they might find useful in the future.

Adding Others To Your Renters Insurance Is An Overlooked Risk

Robert Harrow | Posted 08.01.2016 | HuffPost Home
Robert Harrow

Renters insurance does not cover a roommate, unless they are specifically added to a policy. But listing a roommate on a policy is widely ill-advised. Every roommate should have their own renters insurance policy so the policyholder isn't taking on risk outside their own.

Insurance Companies For A Shopper Glued To Their iPhone

Robert Harrow | Posted 07.27.2016 | Technology
Robert Harrow

When it comes to property insurance, like homeowners or renters insurance, comparing policies between carriers can feel like comparing apples to apple...

If You Own A Lot Of Bling, Pay Close Attention To Your Renters Insurance

Robert Harrow | Posted 07.22.2016 | HuffPost Home
Robert Harrow

Most renters own jewelry and need to take a close look at their renters insurance policy to make sure it is fully covered.

College Students Need This Insurance, Hands Down

Robert Harrow | Posted 07.13.2016 | College
Robert Harrow

About 20.2 million students attended a U.S. college or university in the fall of 2015 and some were without the insurance they needed.

Airbnb Offers Insurance But Coverage Is Far From Comprehensive

Robert Harrow | Posted 07.01.2016 | New York
Robert Harrow

Airbnb hosts are covered by an insurance policy provided by the home-sharing service, but not everything is covered. The policy is hardly comprehensive and renters need to be aware of what is excluded if something were to happen that would warrant a claim.

The Renters Insurance Perk Few People Know About

Robert Harrow | Posted 06.08.2016 | HuffPost Home
Robert Harrow

Most tenants don't see the value in having renters insurance, in part because they are unaware of a coverage it provides: loss of use.

How One Woman Paid Off $67,000 In 20 Months

Trulia | Posted 03.28.2016 | HuffPost Home

Paying off debt can feel impossible when you're already tens of thousands of dollars in the red. Here's the good news: It can be done. Take Kristen Se...

5 Ways To Convince Your Landlord To Lower Your Rent | Posted 03.17.2016 | HuffPost Home

Rental housing prices are now sky high and rental payments easily take the biggest chunk out of workers' paychecks. And in certain areas, like Oakland...

8 Ways To Deal With A Bad Landlord

Trulia | Posted 02.11.2017 | HuffPost Home

The tenant/landlord relationship can be a tricky one. Whether it's dealing with a landlord who doesn't return your calls or arguing over what qualifie...

Top 10 Most and Least Expensive Illinois Cities for Renters

Reboot Illinois | Posted 10.14.2016 | Chicago
Reboot Illinois

Considering cost-of-living, it's no surprise renters are paying the most in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. In Chicago, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,980, nearly $900 more than the statewide median.

6 Ways To Personalize Your Rental (Without Losing Your Deposit)

Trulia | Posted 09.03.2016 | HuffPost Home

A little decor won't hurt your security deposit, as long as you play your cards right. Rentals have their virtues: The maintenance isn't your problem, and you can move out without having to find a buyer. Yet a temporary living space can often feel a bit... soulless.

How To Decorate Without Losing Your Security Deposit

Glamour | Posted 09.03.2016 | HuffPost Home

Just because it's not your house doesn't mean you don't want to make it a home. But apartment rentals have their own set of rules when it comes to what you can and cannot, and should or should not do.

September 3 Deadline: Historical Landmark or Demolition

Arlene Schindler | Posted 09.02.2016 | Los Angeles
Arlene Schindler

This tear-down plague is crippling apartment residents in Los Angeles, where property owners evicted tenants from more than 725 units in 2014, more than doubling the 308 units in 2013.

A Plan B For Millennials Who Aren't or Won't Be Homeowners

Bob Lotich | Posted 06.08.2016 | Business
Bob Lotich

The topic of Millennials opting out of homeownership has become a major phenomenon in recent years. There is plenty of research, as well as various theories, as to why this is happening. Wage stagnation, job instability, high debt levels, lack of ability to save for a down payment, and the need for employment mobility are commonly cited causes.

The 8 Best Weekend Projects For Your Apartment

Elizabeth Pullman | Posted 05.20.2016 | HuffPost Home
Elizabeth Pullman

There are several fun (and often affordable) ways to have your space looking like new again. Want to know how to get started? Here are some excellent weekend projects that are tailor made for your apartment.

Another San Francisco Art Commune Battles Eviction, Guess Who They're Up Against?

Dieter Holger | Posted 05.26.2015 | San Francisco
Dieter Holger

The press conference held on March 26 made it clear the artists weren't giving up anytime soon.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Elizabeth Pullman | Posted 05.10.2015 | HuffPost Home
Elizabeth Pullman

It may seem like a mysterious beast, but this coverage can make the difference between losing everything you own and getting back on your feet in a jiffy when things go wrong. Learn more about the different types of renters insurance and the general coverage they provide.

In 2015, Will It Be More Renters or a Buyer Binge?

Dean Graziosi | Posted 03.11.2015 | Education
Dean Graziosi

If you don't anticipate a buying binge, investing in rental property or wholesaling to those investors who do may continue to be profitable strategies in the coming year.

The Renter's Guide to DIY Mini Makeovers

Hometalk | Posted 02.03.2015 | HuffPost Home

Your home is temporary and there are restrictions on how much you can change it...until now! With these 13 genius renter upgrade ideas, you too, fellow renter, can totally remake your space, without breaking the bank or your walls!

The Most Important Money Milestones For New Grads | Posted 12.27.2014 | College

If you happen to be a recent or upcoming grad, the odds are you have three things on your mind: jobs, housing and finances.

Renovate Your Rental: 9 Kitchen Upgrades You Can Make | Posted 12.14.2014 | HuffPost Home

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it's a good use of time to get the space looking and working at its best. That means adding storage and lighting, but also changing out counters or cabinets... without jeopardizing your security deposit.

How to Choose a Property Management Group: Part 1

Elizabeth Pullman | Posted 09.13.2014 | Business
Elizabeth Pullman

Whether you have a single rental property or you're rapidly expanding your investment portfolio, you might consider hiring a property management group to manage your rental units.

Renter Hotspots: Where Are There More Renters Than Homeowners?

Courtney Craig | Posted 08.25.2014 | HuffPost Home
Courtney Craig

In the United States, it's a fact that most people own their homes. But there are few areas in which renting is king.