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9 Stats That Will Make You Want To Hug A Republican (Or Maybe A Democrat)

Because Of This Republican, Congressional GOP Won't Be Entirely Christian

CNN's S.E. Cupp, Fox News Media Consultant Reportedly Provided Training To GOP Candidates

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Here Come The Hawks: Foreign Policy Under A GOP Senate

This Map Shows Just How Out Of Touch Congress Is On The Minimum Wage

McConnell And Obama Are Already Planning To Undercut Liberal Democrats In Congress

Obama Pledges Immigration Executive Order By End Of Year

5 Things The Exit Polls Tell Us About Tuesday's Elections

The 5 Most Ridiculous Nuggets In The Post's Dissection Of The Race

White Evangelicals Showed Up En Masse For The Midterm Elections, Helping To Tip The Scales For The GOP

GOP Likely To Take Total Control Of Government Before Dems Ever Do

HUFFPOLLSTER: Republican Wins Outpace Predictions

Republicans Make Gains In Some State Legislatures, Too

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