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Richard Daley

10 Ways the George Lucas Museum Will Re-Write Chicago History

The Second City | Posted 08.25.2014 | Comedy
The Second City

The George Lucas museum will open in Chicago come 2018. Who better to explain how an entire society can go from a sparkling clean hi-tech vision of the future -- to a dirty broken-down totalitarian regime in the time it takes a baby to grow into Mark Hamill?

Jon Burge Pension Scandal Continues to Simmer

G. Flint Taylor | Posted 04.13.2014 | Chicago
G. Flint Taylor

Burge has been said to have friends in high places. In an era where the Illinois Supreme Court and the legislature are potentially scaling back the hard-earned pensions of law-abiding public workers and their families, it will be telling to see, once again, just how high Burge's clout reaches in this scandal-within-a-scandal.

Former Chicago Mayor Leaves Hospital

Reuters | Posted 04.10.2014 | Politics

(Recasts with Daley's discharge) Feb 8 (Reuters) - Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago from 1989 to 2011, was discharged from a Chicago...

Daley Donating $540,000 In Campaign Funds To Charity

Posted 04.24.2013 | Chicago

Richard M. Daley plans to donate more than $500,000 worth of leftover campaign funds to charity, a spokeswoman for the former Chicago mayor said Tuesd...

Your Start-Up Life: Take It All in Stride - the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Rana Florida | Posted 10.09.2012 | Business
Rana Florida

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley helped transform Chicago from a place that had been beset by scandal and racial divisiveness to one of America's best-run cities. Here, Mayor Daley talks about the importance of building trust, maintaining relationships, and inspiring teams; all with an eye on moving the core agenda forward.

Richard M. Daley: A Central Figure in the Chicago Police Torture Scandal

G. Flint Taylor | Posted 10.02.2012 | Chicago
G. Flint Taylor

These are the disturbing "highlights" of Richard M. Daley's 30 years of involvement in the police torture scandal. At every turn, he refused to use his unparalleled power to stop the torture, end the cover-up, and bring the torturers to justice.

While the Meter Runs on the City's Legal Tab, Children Lack Protection

David Protess | Posted 10.01.2012 | Chicago
David Protess

$82 million for public safety. That's how much Mayor Rahm Emmanuel slashed from the city's budget to reduce the deficit. In times of tapped out taxpayers, it's hard to quarrel with the mayor's goal. But what about the impact on concerned residents?

Mayor Emanuel Stands Mum As the Chicago City Council Approves Tillman Torture Settlement

G. Flint Taylor | Posted 09.25.2012 | Chicago
G. Flint Taylor

While yesterday's settlements are a step in the right direction, Chicago and its mayor must deal with outstanding issues before it can truthfully say that it no longer is on the wrong side of the Chicago police torture scandal.

What Bill Daley's Resignation May Signal for 2012

Keith Koeneman | Posted 03.11.2012 | Chicago
Keith Koeneman

Daley is a pro-business Democrat who struggled to fit in at a White House which had become increasingly populist. The philosophies of the two men, Daley and Obama, had grown too far apart to reconcile.

'The City Won't Be The Same'

Posted 11.28.2011 | Chicago

First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Chicago Monday morning to say goodbye to the city's longtime first lady Maggie Daley, who lost a long battle with...

Maggie Daley Memorial Sunday: Chicago's 'Heart' Through The Years (PHOTOS)

Posted 11.27.2011 | Chicago

Updated story As the city of Chicago continues to mourn the Thursday death of the city's former first lady Maggie Daley, a public memorial will be ...

Bill Daley and the Next Race for Governor of Illinois

Keith Koeneman | Posted 01.01.2012 | Chicago
Keith Koeneman

It seems as if Bill Daley has perfected an important basketball skill: the head fake, a misdirection technique designed to keep your opponent off balance.

Obama Staff Profiles: Rahm Emanuel

The Relentless Conservative | Posted 12.12.2011 | Politics
The Relentless Conservative

While Rahm Emanuel is listed as a "politician" in his Wikipedia entry, he's not. Emanuel is a Democratic operative at the highest levels; he bleeds Dem blue. He wasn't a politician until well after quelling all the Clinton scandals.

Major White House Official Says He Won't Stay Past 2012

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 12.11.2011 | Politics

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley told NBC Chicago Monday that he will not stay past President Barack Obama's re-election. "I made a commitment to...

Chicago Police May Close Stations To Save Money

Posted 11.19.2011 | Chicago

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has been tasked with cutting $190 million from the department's $1.3 billion annual budget, and as he has...

Rahm Drastically Reins In City Agency Credit Card Usage

Posted 09.10.2011 | Chicago

After his administration reviewed how government-issued credit cards are used in the city, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to drastically c...

CHA Head Resigns Following Credit Card Scandal

Posted 08.14.2011 | Chicago

Last week, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel took away his access to city credit cards, cars and the police officers assigned to drive them. On Tuesday, Chic...

Report: Daleys Selling House Due To Maggie's Health Issues

Posted 07.20.2011 | Chicago

In 1993, Mayor Richard M. Daley made a move that stunned the city. He sold his family's home on South Emerald Avenue in Bridgeport -- the neighborhood...

Changing of the Guard

Hermene Hartman | Posted 07.16.2011 | Chicago
Hermene Hartman

This week, Chicago experiences a new political era as the Daley years have ended. Enter Rahm Emanuel, who takes over from a legend and inherits serious debt.

Man on Five: The Chicago Mayoral Race

Sugar Rautbord | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Sugar Rautbord

To understand how Chicago politics works one need only do a doctoral thesis on the Daley I mayoral years, the Daley II mayoral years or watch a West Wing-like television series that I may have to co-write, Man on Five.

Richard Daley, Jeffrey Immelt - A Rhyming Rant

Jim Parry | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Jim Parry

Richard Daley, Jeffrey Immelt,/ Businessmen who know their stuff,/ Now have clout to help Obama/ Tell the workingstiffs, "Hey, tough."

Running for Mayor of Chicago? Your Web Presence Probably Stinks

Daniel Sinker | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Daniel Sinker

You're going to need a website. Many of you have them, but there are a few surprises in the pool that don't. Danny Davis and Roland Burris, I'm talking to you when I say the web is really important.

Mayor Daley Feasts on Another Budget Victory; Leaves Next Mayor With the Tab

Joe Moore | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Joe Moore

This year's city budget called for no tax increases and no significant further cuts in services. It's a perfect election year budget. So what's not to like?

Amanda Terkel

Chicago Cubs Owners Rail Against Gov't Spending While Asking Taxpayers For $300 Million To Renovate Wrigley Field | Amanda Terkel | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Wealthy businessman Joe Ricketts's mission to rid the country of earmarks and government waste has run into a hurdle: the request by his...

Kicking the Can Down the Road -- Mayor Daley's Final Budget Proposal

Joe Moore | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Joe Moore

The Mayor delivered his budget address October 13, and he kicked the can to his successor. Once again the parking meter lease proceeds served as a convenient piggy bank.