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Richard Heinberg

Our Renewable Future

Craig K. Comstock | Posted 06.30.2016 | Green
Craig K. Comstock

Are we greens resigned to repeating a sad litany of the Arctic melting, wildfires raging, weather getting weird, of tipping points, new expressions of...

William R. Catton, Jr. (1926-2015)

Rev. Michael Dowd | Posted 04.11.2015 | Green
Rev. Michael Dowd

William R. Catton, Jr. -- one of the most significant and influential ecological thinkers of the past century -- died last month, just shy of his 89th birthday. Catton was an inspiration to a host of climate change, peak oil, and sustainability-oriented leaders.

Waste Without Borders: Fracking's Dirty Dilemma

Kyle Rabin | Posted 08.23.2013 | Green
Kyle Rabin

I have a love-hate relationship with hydraulic fracturing, but my affection for the drilling method has nothing to do with its so-called benefits.

The Quest for Connection

Craig K. Comstock | Posted 12.06.2011 | Green
Craig K. Comstock

Daniel Yergin has succeeded as a historian of energy, but failed as envisioner of a tolerable future. On the jacket of his new book, a parade of es...

Who Killed Economic Growth? (And Why the Planet Is Listening)

Asher Miller | Posted 10.04.2011 | Green
Asher Miller


Models for a Movement

Craig K. Comstock | Posted 10.03.2011 | Green
Craig K. Comstock

The new book GWR: The Global Warming Reader leaves a reader wondering why, given the evidence, there's not a robust movement to replace the causes of ...

Weekly Mulch: The Sticky Truth about Oil Spills and Tar Sands

The Media Consortium | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
The Media Consortium

by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium Blogger The National Oil Spill Commission released its report on last year's BP oil spill this week. The report la...

The Big Shake: Is Chicago Earthquake a Wake Up Call for Clean Coal?

Jeff Biggers | Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago
Jeff Biggers

Some experts openly question whether injecting carbon dioxide back into underground storage areas might actually trigger earthquakes.

Blackout: Dwindling Coal Reserves and the Siren Song of "Clean Coal"

David Roberts | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
David Roberts

If we don't begin massive investment in renewable power sources, civilization could be at risk before the end of the century. Such is the stark conclusion of Blackout, one of the scariest books I've ever read.