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Robert Greenwald

The Koch Brothers Are At It Again in Public Schools [VIDEO]

Robert Greenwald and Max Stanley | Posted 11.28.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald and Max Stanley

The student resegregation plan favored by industrialists Charles and David Koch has been a divisive flashpoint between school board members in Wake Co...

Will President Obama Side With the Koch Brothers or American Families?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 11.07.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

Charles Koch, one of our country's most prolific conservative donors, was recorded praising his oil, energy and Wall Street friends who contributed millions of dollars to his political causes.

Do the Koch Brothers Want a Toxic Disaster?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.24.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

The Koch brothers have billions at their disposal, but by educating others and taking action, we can stop the sale of our government. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

The Kochs Are Scared, And They've Bought the Web Domains to Prove It

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.24.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

Charles and David Koch, and their related businesses, have poured money into politicking across the country. In Wisconsin alone, they were Gov. Scott ...

Are the Koch Brothers Afraid of the Facts?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.19.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

Charles and David Koch responded to our video, "Why do the Koch Brothers want to end public education?" Friday night. They didn't like our video it se...

Why Didn't Americans for Prosperity Love Our Video?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.16.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

The Koch brothers -- founders of the Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity -- were the subject of our latest investigative video, "Why Do the Koch ...

Want to See How the Kochs Are Ending Public Education?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.15.2011 | Education
Robert Greenwald

The Koch brothers have more than $42 billion to make public policy out of their anti-government ideology, and their assault against public education epitomizes their tactics to remake our nation.

Katherine Fung

Anti-Fox News Doc Director Reflects On Network's Current Role | Katherine Fung | Posted 10.08.2011 | Media

Director Robert Greenwald and Fox News do not like each other very much. In 2004, Greenwald released the documentary "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War O...

Outfoxed vs. Rupert Murdoch: Seven Years On

Robert Greenwald | Posted 10.03.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

Seven years ago, Outfoxed exposed Rupert Murdoch's top down journalism at FOX News, and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

Koch Economics and their Debt Default Advantage

Robert Greenwald | Posted 09.28.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

We are seeing the result of Koch Economics and what happens when a few tycoons accrue the billions necessary to invest in politicians, nonprofit found...

Sarah Palin for Best Actress

Robert Greenwald | Posted 09.17.2011 | Comedy
Robert Greenwald

Sarah Palin is not funny, and her influence on our democracy is even less so. But we can use humor to undercut her faux populism and appeal.

Ryan Grim

Koch Industries Putting Millions Behind Social Security Assault | Ryan Grim | Posted 08.22.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Bipartisan negotiators representing the House, Senate and White House continue to haggle over what spending cuts will be demanded in exc...

PalinGate, Too much Sarah Palin, Not Enough Substance

Robert Greenwald | Posted 08.14.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

It feels like every time Sarah Palin blinks she's written up in the news, and we don't intend to give her more media attention. We can't stop the presses from covering her every move, but we can help focus, undercut and change the Palin narrative.

Senator Bernie Sanders Belongs on the Sunday Shows

Robert Greenwald | Posted 08.02.2011 | Media
Robert Greenwald

The Sunday news shows often set the tone for the upcoming political week. As the same voices drone on, Bernie Sanders' repeated absence means the political and media elites are overlooking the forces squeezing working and middle class Americans.

Koch Brothers Under Attack By Leftwing Film-Maker

The Observer | Paul Harris in New York | Posted 07.15.2011 | Politics

Even for the Lincoln Centre it was an unusual show, and an unscheduled one. Several hundred protesters turned up outside the arts complex on Manhattan...

People of NYC vs. Koch

Robert Greenwald | Posted 07.13.2011 | New York
Robert Greenwald

We're on offense again, this time putting the spotlight on David Koch and denying him a chance to spend his millions on credibility and social status.

David Koch Won't Answer How Many Homes He Owns

Robert Greenwald | Posted 07.10.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

David Koch wasn't pleased when Koch Brothers Exposed asked him about his personal life. With his security detail and posse in tow, David demurred and power-walked away.

With $42 Billion and 7 Homes, Why Are the Kochs Buying our Democracy?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 07.04.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

The billionaire brothers who brought you Tea Party groups like Americans for Prosperity and anti-worker governors like Scott Walker and John Kasich are now attacking some of the most vulnerable Americans.

How Much Are You Paying in Taxes for War This Year?

Robert Greenwald | Posted 06.05.2011 | Home
Robert Greenwald

As we are about to write checks to the IRS, at a time when, frankly, we don't have a lot of money to spare, it's important that we take a good, hard look at where our dollars are going.

Petraeus "Understands the Frustration" With Spending "Enormous Amounts of Money," But He'll Keep Spending It If You Let Him

Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe

News flash: if you can't turn the war effort around with 30,000 more troops at a cost of $1 million per troop, per year, maybe the military solutions aren't solutions after all.

Fire Lt. General Caldwell

Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe

The latest general to find himself excoriated in the pages of Rolling Stone, Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, should resign immediately for using psychological operations, commonly known as "psy-ops" against U.S. lawmakers visiting Afghanistan.

Americans: If You're Going to Cut, Cut Military Spending, Not Safety Nets

Robert Greenwald | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

If our policymakers were really serious about cutting wasteful government spending, they'd start with the war that's not making us safer and not worth the costs.

Obama's War, One Year Later: 195 Million Say No to War

Robert Greenwald | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Robert Greenwald

Next month will mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of President Obama's escalated military campaign in Afghanistan. One year later, violence is still getting worse and costs are skyrocketing.

The Kennedys

Nigel Hamilton | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Nigel Hamilton

If you admire JFK's idealism and the spirit of civility and hope that he inspired in our nation, you will be appalled by Stephen Kronish's endlessly salacious entertainment at JFK's posthumous expense.

Tell Joe Klein It's Stupid NOT to Get Out of Afghanistan

Robert Greenwald | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Robert Greenwald

While 68 percent of Americans worry that the war's costs affect our ability to fix problems here at home, we're wasting $2 billion a week on a war that's not making us safer. That sounds pretty stupid to me.