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Will the First Generation of Robot Laborers Be Ridiculed By Those Opposing Outsourcing?

Richie Etwaru | Posted 03.24.2014 | Technology
Richie Etwaru

The single truth is that robots will enter to workforce.

WATCH: Squishy Bots May Soon Explore Distant Worlds

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | Posted 12.30.2013 | Science

Could this jumble of poles one day bounce around on Saturn's moon Titan? Called the Super Ball Bot, this collapsible rover prototype is being devel...

Proof Google Just Triggered The Robot Apocalypse

The Huffington Post | Drew Guarini | Posted 12.17.2013 | Technology

On Friday, Google confirmed to The New York Times that it had acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has previously designed robots for...

Google Is the New Bell Labs

David Litwak | Posted 02.15.2014 | Technology
David Litwak

Google just acquired its 8th robotics company in the past few years with the acquisition of Boston Dynamics and it got me thinking, is anyone else truly investing in deep technological research? What about Apple, or Microsoft, what are they doing?

Google Just Can't Stop Adding Robot -Makers

The Huffington Post | Drew Guarini | Posted 12.14.2013 | Technology

The rich get richer. And they also get more robots. Google confirmed Friday to The New York Times that it had completed the acquisition of Boston D...

Not Just About Numbers: A Young Woman's Perspective on Computer Science Education

Kendra Farrell | Posted 02.09.2014 | Impact
Kendra Farrell

Limiting computer science to just technical things would be limiting it to people who are interested solely in those topics, which is dominated by the male population.

See Robots Labor, Breathe Robot Smog

Illah Nourbakhsh | Posted 02.08.2014 | Technology
Illah Nourbakhsh

Simply put, we cannot count on humans always being better than robots at any particular task.

You Won't Believe What NASA Is Planning To Do On The Moon In 2015

Tarun Wadhwa | Posted 01.25.2014 | Technology
Tarun Wadhwa

A small team at NASA's Ames Research Center has set out to "boldly grow where no man has grown before" - and they're doing it with the help of thousan...

First-Ever 'Robot Suicide' Reported Overseas

The Huffington Post | Posted 01.23.2014 | Science

A rogue Roomba has made robot history. After hoovering up stray cereal on the kitchen counter one too many times, the fed-up bot committed suicide. ...

The Digital Life

Terry Tamminen | Posted 01.23.2014 | Green
Terry Tamminen

Discoveries of how technology and humans really interact are being made every day, leading one to the conclusion that it's not an unimaginable future -- and it may be the key to sustainable living on an increasingly overcrowded planet.

The One Type Of Robot You Should Fear

The Huffington Post | Sarah Barness | Posted 11.01.2013 | Technology

Ken Goldberg, professor of robotics at UC Berkeley, thinks your fear of robots is unfounded. In the latest episode of "The Future Starts Here," Ti...

How to Reverse the Increasing Reliance of Low-Wage Workers On Billions in Aid and Restore Economic Growth

Gary Reber | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Gary Reber

The low wages paid to fast-food workers are costing taxpayers $7 billion a year in public assistance, according to a study released October 15, 2013 b...


Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 01.23.2014 | Technology
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

I want to share a vision of where we are heading, as a world. When I say "vision," I don't mean to say that I literally saw something. I just mean to say that I want to share some thoughts on where we might be heading as a world.

Tiny Cyborg Sparks Big Debate

| Emily Underwood | Posted 10.08.2013 | Science

At the TEDx conference in Detroit last week, RoboRoach #12 scuttled across the exhibition floor, pursued not by an exterminator but by a gaggle of fas...

WATCH: Shape-Shifting Robots Are Here!

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 10.07.2013 | Science

Self-assembling robots are science fiction no longer. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are building little bots that assemb...

From Beam to Jetman at Bloomberg Link Next Big Thing Summit

James Grundvig | Posted 11.26.2013 | Technology
James Grundvig

Sitting in the press area at the Apella Theater on the east side of Manhattan, I looked up and saw this tall, slender, mobile robot zoom over to me, very Jetson-like. But it was a robot without arms or legs.

Citizen Science

Peter Neill | Posted 11.04.2013 | Green
Peter Neill

The new and ever increasing interest in robotics among students young and old suggests real potential for future ocean science.

5 Ways to Chase Your Passions in High School

Shoham Geva | Posted 11.03.2013 | College
Shoham Geva

When it comes to applying to college, it's no longer just about the 4.0. Now it's about what you've done outside the classroom. Here's a sampler of some popular organizations that give students the chance to follow their passions in a big way.

DARPA Challenge to Give Robot Brains: IBM, SoftLayer, and Open Source Robotics Foundation

James Grundvig | Posted 10.30.2013 | Technology
James Grundvig

The U.S. has the hardware. But what about the software? Legacy? Developed before the mobile app era? And what about the brains to make robots do the things that would be required of first responders, do the dirty work of containment and cleanup, while not tire or sacrifice human lives in the process?

10 Coping Tips for New Empty Nesters

J.D. Rothman | Posted 10.23.2013 | Fifty
J.D. Rothman

How to survive the unbearable separation anxiety when the kids leave for college? Many parents, suddenly feeling obsolete and arthritic, move to farms in Oregon or attend yoga retreats in India. Here are some other suggestions in all budget ranges.

WATCH: Incredible Wheelchair Makes One Boy's Lifelong Dream Come True

Sarah Barness | Posted 08.22.2013 | Good News

California resident Daniel Cope suffers from cerebral palsy, but that never stopped him from dreaming of hiking with his family. With the help of som...

Hacking in the Trans-Robot Age

Illah Nourbakhsh | Posted 10.14.2013 | Technology
Illah Nourbakhsh

Very smart hackers can use increasingly well-connected computing pathways into cars, planes, homes, washing machines -- just about anything

Killer Robots and the Rule of Law

A View from the United Nations | Posted 09.14.2013 | Home
A View from the United Nations

By Angela Kane United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs A new type of arms race is underway and its outcome will shape the future o...

Attention Must Be Paid, Even By Fiat

Jane Adams Ph.D. | Posted 09.07.2013 | Fifty
Jane Adams Ph.D.

While trying (or not) to let go of our grown kids and enjoy the responsibiity-free years between now and that distant country of the "old old," we're not ready to cut all the ties that bind us. Will it take a decree from the government to nudge them into paying attention to us when we get there?

WATCH: Freaky 'Robo-Ape' Takes Tilt-Table Challenge

The Huffington Post | Melissa Cronin | Posted 06.27.2013 | Science

We've seen all types of robotic animals lately -- from the super-fast "cheetah" that reaches speeds of 29 mph to a dog drone that can carry 400 pounds...