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One Way to Keep Relationships Happy: 'Performance Reviews'

Carol Morgan | Posted 10.22.2016 | Women
Carol Morgan

If both people don't put forth their best efforts in relationships, then what happens? The relationship suffers, and the people suffer. So, wouldn't it be a good idea to put in some effort to avert disaster? In the long run, it's a small price to pay.


Spottoon | Posted 10.21.2016 | Entertainment

Eun-Gyung, a 29 year old female who never had a single relationship in her life, meets Cupid, the greatest player and a womanizer who ends up being exiled from the world of gods. Out of goodness of Eunkyung's heart, Cupid stays at her house and even with endless quarrel, they both help each other find the true meaning of love.

How to Love Yourself: Max Stirner's Relationship Philosophy

Skye Cleary | Posted 10.21.2016 | Women
Skye Cleary

Although Max Stirner was more famous for extreme individualism and inspiring radical feminists than for relationship advice, Stirner loved loving and argues that we can't have really rewarding relationships unless we love ourselves first.

Talking Taboo With Erotica Author Lilah Pace

Mara White | Posted 10.21.2016 | Home
Mara White

Lilah Pace is a pseudonym for a New York Times-bestselling author, who has lived everywhere from Italy to the United Kingdom before putting down roots in the American South. She recently ventured into the erotica market with her debut novel, Asking For It and the follow up, Begging For It.

California's 15 Most Romantic Resorts

Oyster | Posted 10.20.2016 | Travel

California is filled with cities and towns perfect for an amorous getaway -- and uber-romantic hotels seal the deal by providing amenities such as stunning spas, sexy suites, and top-notch restaurants

Be Yourself -- Relationship Advice From a Spiritual Perspective

Diana Lang | Posted 10.19.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Diana Lang

The most powerful elixir for real love is YOU. To find, keep, and build a lasting love, you just need to be you -- your authentic, unadulterated self....


Spottoon | Posted 10.18.2016 | Entertainment

Young-Woo, an innocent girl who dreams of a fairytale is bound to have an arranged marriage with Seul-Woo, who, unlike her has an abrasive personality. A bittersweet love story about a young couple who are exactly the opposites; a cat and a dog.

A Conversation With Jan Stites: Sweet Oak and Sweet Books

Brandi Megan Granett | Posted 10.15.2016 | Home
Brandi Megan Granett

Schools everywhere use books to teach students all kinds of subjects. Ruby, the 70-year-old grandmother in the novel by Jan Stites, Reading the Sweet Oak, starts a romance book club to try an teach her granddaughter, Tulsa, about love. Stites spoke to me about the Ozarks, making a great book club, and lessons we can learn about love.

The Good Neighbor: A Conversation With Author Amy Sue Nathan

Brandi Megan Granett | Posted 10.12.2016 | Home
Brandi Megan Granett

Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Good Neighbor, brings us the story of Elizabeth aka Izzy Lane and her introduction to the worlds of Internet celebrity and dating after divorce.

Watch The Extra Gum Ad That Is Bringing Everyone To Tears

The Huffington Post | Kimberley Richards | Posted 10.13.2015 | Weddings

It's not often that a gum commercial can bring you to tears. But Extra Gum's "The Story of Sarah & Juan" is a serious tear-jerker, in line with its 2...

Why Did My Ex-Wife Hate Romance?

Samantha Rodman PhD | Posted 10.12.2016 | Divorce
Samantha Rodman PhD

I hear guys say this kind of stuff in counseling a lot, and yeah, okay, I empathize that they feel that way. I know it would suck to want to be romantic and have no outlet. But here is the other side of that coin, from what I have seen; all or none of these may apply, but it's my hunch that at least one is the case....

When Your Love Is Not Enough

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. | Posted 10.12.2016 | Healthy Living
Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

We can never love someone enough for them to feel loved within if they are not loving themselves.

Paradise Revisited: Staying in Lasting Long-Term Love

Sheri Meyers | Posted 10.08.2016 | Weddings
Sheri Meyers

It is such a lovely phase of relationship; a phase we'd all like to capture in a bottle and return to frequently, right? However, for many of us, we drift away from this level of bliss and rapture, never to return. But, that doesn't have to be your destiny.

The 15 Best Adults-Only Resorts in the Caribbean

Oyster | Posted 10.07.2016 | Travel

There are times when getting away with the kids is great, and times when getting away from them sounds even better. For those latter moments, here are this year's 15 best adult-only resorts in the Caribbean.

You've Heard This Sex Advice Before -- But Here's Why You Should Pay Attention

OWN | Lisa Capretto | Posted 10.08.2015 | OWN

Couples looking to spice up their sex lives often assume the effort involves some grand overhaul of intimacy and a venture into uncharted territory to...

'Lesbian Danielle Steel' K'Anne Meinel on Breaking the Rules

Sarah Toce | Posted 10.07.2016 | Queer Voices
Sarah Toce

If there are any rules in storytelling, Meinel breaks them all. "Rules? What are rules? I break 'em every chance I get," she acknowledges.

Making Love on a Whim

Oliver Leung | Posted 10.07.2016 | Technology
Oliver Leung

There are plenty of opportunities to find prospects online, but according to Eve Peters, <5 percent of matches on today's dating apps actually culminate in a date, and it takes an average of two weeks of back-and-forth texting to build up to a single real-life encounter.

Scandalously Sexy Romance Novels You Should Be Reading

Mara White | Posted 09.29.2016 | Home
Mara White

Not everyone likes to read romance. In fact, a lot of people like to poke fun at the genre and those who enjoy it. Then there are others who pretend they don't read it, or those who actually do read it, but only to talk about how much they didn't like it.

If These Hotels Did Not Exist, Neither Would These 9 Things You Love

Oyster | Posted 09.28.2016 | Travel

The Bloody Mary? First concocted in a hotel. The heart-shaped tub? Well, some of us love them -- and they, too, were first introduced in a hotel.

14 Ways Fall Makes Us Feel Like Falling In Love

Sonya Matejko | Posted 09.25.2016 | Women
Sonya Matejko

Somewhere between the thicker threads and longer fabrics we find a rekindled joy. We fall in love with the season with our first sip of hot cocoa; as it hits your tongue, warm and quick, you can't help but smile.

How to Know If You're Settling

Wes Janisen | Posted 09.24.2016 | Women
Wes Janisen

I want a creatively inclined dog-lover with nice teeth. These are things I want in a partner, but not one of them is a thing I deserve. What I deserve is someone loyal, someone who will be there for me when I really need the support.

10 Best Hotel Suites for Honeymooners

Jane Anderson | Posted 09.20.2016 | Weddings
Jane Anderson

The moment has arrived. You've said 'I do', been showered in confetti, cut the cake, danced your first dance, and jetted off on honeymoon. You've arrived at your hotel and are walking hand in hand to your suite. Expectation is soaring...

The Most Romantic Weekend Getaway in Every State

Thrillist | Posted 09.22.2016 | Healthy Living

By: Kristin Hunt Credit: Shutterstock At a certain point in every relationship, dollar pizza date nights just don't cut it anymore. You've got to s...

Viva la Smut! That's What She Said

Mara White | Posted 09.18.2016 | Women
Mara White

While our fictional female characters may lean toward submissive, the real, hard-working women behind them are anything but. We are a powerful community of women who are supportive and closely knit.

Your Heartache Does Not Make You Interesting (It's a Drag)

Terri Trespicio | Posted 09.18.2016 | Women
Terri Trespicio

I know it's hard to hear this, but I'll say it anyway: The world does not owe you love, affection, intimacy, or a perfect partner. This is Earth, not a fine dining establishment, and you cannot just order up a dish and then be all bent out of shape when it doesn't just show up as you sit there, starving. We're all brown bagging it.