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Romney Taxes

Sam Stein

Mitt Romney Is Glad Harry Reid Is Retiring | Sam Stein | Posted 04.12.2015 | Politics

In yet another chapter in the ongoing feud between the two men, Mitt Romney lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Sunday for ref...

Book Reveals Reid's Republican Source On Romney's Taxes

The Huffington Post | Mollie Reilly | Posted 11.01.2013 | Politics

The source behind Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) bold claim that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had paid "basically" no t...

Tax Expert: 'Good Reason To Be Skeptical' Of Romney's Tax Return

Zach Carter | Posted 10.29.2012 | Politics

A respected tax attorney and deficit hawk wrote a letter to the editor of Tax Notes on Monday saying that, "There is good reason to be skeptical" of M...

Another Romney Tax Avoidance Scheme Revealed

Bloomberg | Posted 10.29.2012 | Politics

In 1997, Congress cracked down on a popular tax shelter that allowed rich people to take advantage of the exempt status of charities without actually ...

The Wisdom of Mama Gump

Richard C. Leone | Posted 12.28.2012 | Media
Richard C. Leone

We have a pretty good idea of how Barack Obama would function as president, but Mitt Romney, even in the closing stage of a very long campaign remains a mystery, and so too do many of his key policy positions.

Mitt Romney and Off-Shore Citizenship

Andrew Offenburger | Posted 12.18.2012 | Business
Andrew Offenburger

Mitt Romney appears to benefit from his own brand of off-shore citizenship. We need the full decade of documents, because a person's tax record with the government reveals much about his or her commitment to the state.

Jason Linkins

Mitt Romney Tax Plan Math Doesn't Add Up | Jason Linkins | Posted 10.16.2012 | Politics

In Tuesday night's presidential debate, Mitt Romney thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. We're talking tax policy...

Arthur Delaney

Paul Ryan Pressed For Details On Tax Plan During Debate | Arthur Delaney | Posted 10.12.2012 | Politics

During Thursday evening's debate, vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) did not offer new details on the Romney campaign's promise to sl...

IMF Agrees: Austerity Bites

Robert L. Borosage | Posted 12.11.2012 | Politics
Robert L. Borosage

The bastion of high finance, the IMF, has come out against austerity. Can Mitt be far behind? Look forward to the next debate, when Romney's new "etching" will no doubt have him denouncing the president for his jobs program, while suddenly offering up his own version to get the economy going.

Saki Knafo

Is The Widely Cited Study That Defends Romney's Tax Plan Truly 'Nonpartisan'? | Saki Knafo | Posted 10.09.2012 | Politics

Republicans have been defending Mitt Romney's tax plan using an analysis from the American Enterprise Institute that was described in a recent Romney ...

IRS Looking Into Tax Schemes That Reportedly Boosted Romney's IRA

The Huffington Post | Mark Gongloff | Posted 10.05.2012 | Business

If Mitt Romney is looking for a loophole to close to help pay for his tax plan, he might want to look at one that helped him build his own retirement ...

Obama Campaign: You Can't Trust Romney

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 10.04.2012 | Politics

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney both released ads Thursday on taxes. The Romney campaign stru...

Did Mitt Romney Commit a Federal Felony?

Anthony Badami | Posted 12.03.2012 | Politics
Anthony Badami

It looks highly suspicious to disclose returns from 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011, but not 2009. The American public would ask in an instant: What are you hiding?

Romney's New Tax Details Don't Add Up

David Callahan | Posted 12.03.2012 | Politics
David Callahan

Romney's idea of limiting tax deductions should be taken seriously. Romney is on the right track here. The only problem -- and it's a big one -- is that the math on his tax plan overall still doesn't add up.

Sam Stein

Paul Ryan On Mitt Romney's Tax Plan: 'We Have Shown How That Works' | Sam Stein | Posted 10.02.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan asserted on multiple occasions Tuesday morning that the numbers behind the Romney campaign's tax p...

Behind Romney & Bain's Offshore Strategy To Boost Profits

The New York Times | Posted 12.02.2012 | Politics

Buried deep in the tax returns released by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign are references to dozens of offshore holdings with names like Ursa Fund...

Romney Ad Promises To 'Close Loopholes For Millionaires'

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 10.02.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's presidential campaign on Tuesday morning launched a new TV ad that criticizes President Barack Obama for raising taxes and...


Shan Wells | Posted 09.26.2012 | Denver
Shan Wells

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Why Hasn't Romney Fired His Campaign Staff? Is It About the Tax Returns?

John Blumenthal | Posted 11.26.2012 | Politics
John Blumenthal

Romney himself has said that he likes to fire people. So why hasn't he fired his campaign staff?

Sam Stein

Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me | Sam Stein | Posted 09.26.2012 | Politics

WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- In a line that event attendees found a bit puzzling, Mitt Romney warned a crowd of mostly middle-class onlookers on Wednesday not...

What Romney's 'Trust Me' Campaign Doesn't Want You to See

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm | Posted 11.24.2012 | Politics
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

This is America, not ancient Troy. We're not just going to let in a giant horse because it has nice hair. We deserve a look inside, even if you don't want us to. And we're not going to like what we see.

What Romney's Hiding: 'It's the Amnesty, Stupid'

Paul Abrams | Posted 11.23.2012 | Politics
Paul Abrams

Why does the press feign puzzlement about what Romney is hiding by not revealing his 2009 tax returns?

The Right's Eyebrow-Raising Defense of Romney's Foreign Tax Havens

Paul Abrams | Posted 11.22.2012 | Politics
Paul Abrams

Finding this all a bit mind-boggling -- imagine what "anti-American" screams would be belching forth from the right if President Obama had even one dime of his money in the Caymans -- I wanted to find out how the right-wing justified these alien havens.

Ryan Grim

Harry Reid: 'That's Not Going To Do It' | Ryan Grim | Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney on Friday released a letter from his tax accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, promising that Romney paid an "average annual e...

Ryan Grim

Mitt Romney's Fake Gift To The Treasury | Ryan Grim | Posted 09.22.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Friday announced that he will not take all the charitable deductions to which he was enti...