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Roomba Beer Pong Is Your Game Of The Summer

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 06.29.2016 | Weird News

Who knew that the solution to summer boredom could be found in vacuum cleaners? A version of beer pong played with cups on moving Roombas has hit the ...

From iRobot to HEXA: Are Robots the Next Home Appliance?

Brett Murphy Hunt | Posted 03.19.2017 | Technology
Brett Murphy Hunt

The other day, I was in one of my student's homes. Noticing the lack of dust--really, the house is always clean--I joked to her, "Is it you or your pa...

Woman Finds Her Funky Chicken Riding A Roomba

The Huffington Post | Elyse Wanshel | Posted 11.23.2015 | Weird News

One hen proved she was no chicken by riding a Roomba last week. Catherine Bremner was doing chores around her farm in Australia when she noticed a str...

Roomba's Lawn Mowing Robot Has Some Explaining To Do

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 04.21.2015 | HuffPost Home

A robot that completes basic household chores might sound like a great idea, but a recent innovation in automated lawn mowing has some people up in ar...

You Never Thought You'd Want A Vacuum So Badly

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 09.05.2014 | Technology

This is one vacuum you won't want to hide in the linen closet. In fact, we'd recommend displaying it in on your coffee table. It's that gorgeous... ...

The Crowdfunding Conundrum

Glen Martin | Posted 06.28.2014 | Home
Glen Martin

Crowdfunding isn't necessarily a panacea. In fact, observes Scott Miller, the CEO and co-founder of Dragon Innovation, Inc., has revealed an alarming Achilles heel: an inability to deliver hardware.

The Two Sides of Technology

Gil Laroya | Posted 05.12.2014 | Technology
Gil Laroya

There are two sides to every coin, and two versions of every story, so what's the deal with technology? There has always been a running assumption th...

Welcome To The Future

The Huffington Post | Oliver Noble | Posted 11.20.2013 | Comedy

For decades we have been promised new inventions that would “change transportation forever." Sadly, from high-speed rail to electric car, jet-pack t...

First-Ever 'Robot Suicide' Reported Overseas

The Huffington Post | Posted 01.23.2014 | Science

A rogue Roomba has made robot history. After hoovering up stray cereal on the kitchen counter one too many times, the fed-up bot committed suicide. ...

The Roomba Generation

Ann Reynolds | Posted 08.15.2013 | TED Weekends
Ann Reynolds

Theo Jansen thinks a lot, and designs stuff that walks, feels, and learns as it shuffles seashells on the seashell shore.

PHOTOS: Roomba Art's Dazzling Takeover

Posted 01.03.2012 | Arts

Everyone remembers Roombas, the little autonomous vacuum discs made by iRobot that for a moment seemed like they were going to take over the world. We...

7 Real, Functional Robots You Can Buy Right Now | Posted 02.13.2012 | Weird News

You don't need top military clearance or a degree from MIT to use some of today's most advanced robots. There are machines that clean your house to...

My iRobot: Can A Useful Gift Be A Romantic One?

Holly Robinson | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Holly Robinson

I watched as the Roomba returned from the hallway, apparently satisfied with its job there. It was pretty cool, I had to admit. But was a useful gift the same thing as a romantic one?

Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day: Kittens Riding On A Roomba! (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

You know what's been missing from today? A video of adorable kittens riding around on Roomba to Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring." Thankfully, we just fou...

CES 2010: Show Trends, Odds and Ends

Stephanie Vaughn Hapke | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology
Stephanie Vaughn Hapke

It has been described as the Mecca for Geeks. Thousands of press, industry analysts, buyers and enthusiasts attend the International Consumer Electronics Show each year in Las Vegas

Badass Cat On Roomba Slaps Pitbull (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

It's fair to assume that if a pit bull and a cat are engaged in battle, the pit bull's going to have the upper hand. But what if that cat is on a Room...

Hacked Roombas Play Pac-Man (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology

Pac-Man, the classic arcade game, has been reinvented and brought to life with Roomba vacuums. Watch these 5 hacked Roomba vacuum cleaners -- dressed...

Roombas Of Doom: How Vacuum Cleaners Will Kill Us All (VIDEO)

Huffington Post | Alex Leo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

For the latest installment of "Future Shock," Samantha Bee sat down with Colin Angle, the CEO of iRobot and creator of the Roomba, who received nearly...