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Roz Warren

I'm Going to Keep Smiling

Roz Warren | Posted 01.31.2016 | Fifty
Roz Warren

There are countless small differences between where I grew up (Michigan) and where I now live (Philadelphia) that I had to learn in order to fit in. I no longer say "downtown." Instead, it's "Center City." I don't go "to the beach." I go "down the shore." And, of course, moving here meant that I had to stop rooting for my beloved Tigers. (Go Phillies!)

Librarians! Here's a Little Snark to Brighten Your Day

Roz Warren | Posted 01.05.2016 | Books
Roz Warren

Library work can be stressful. But laughter is a great way to relieve stress, which is why I follow @LousyLibrarian on Twitter.

Should You Publish Your Book With a Subsidy Press?

Roz Warren | Posted 07.10.2016 | Books
Roz Warren

I'm a humor writer. My work appears everywhere from The Funny Times to the New York Times. Because I work at a public library, I've published a number...

Adultery? For Me, It's a Big Yawn

Roz Warren | Posted 06.12.2016 | Books
Roz Warren

There's plenty of great literature about infidelity. But there's a whole lot of not-so-great literature as well. It's a basic fall-back plot device for just about everyone who wants to write a novel. And I say enough.

Review: 'Our Bodies, Our Shelves' by Roz Warren

Stacia Friedman | Posted 06.28.2015 | Fifty
Stacia Friedman

Libraries are the great American equalizer. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, atheist or devout, have a PhD or are a high school dropout, your public library welcomes you. They have no choice, as Roz Warren explains in her screamingly funny book, Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor.

A Pop Quiz On Pop Tunes For Boomers Only

Roz Warren | Posted 03.26.2014 | Fifty
Roz Warren

If you're a boomer, your brain is teaming with decades-old pop tunes that you just can't forget. The real reason you can never remember where you put your keys? Too many of your brain cells are clinging to every last lyric to 'Fire and Rain,' 'Free Bird' and 'Sweet Home Alabama.' Don't believe me? Just take this simple test:

The Day I Googled Myself And Learned I Was Dead

Roz Warren | Posted 01.23.2014 | Fifty
Roz Warren

The other day I Googled myself and came up with an obituary. On a site devoted to remembering recently deceased loved ones, I found an entry for Roz Warren which began: 'Roz, your leaving has created a void which can never be filled.'