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Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke

Defending Limbaugh's Right to His Despicable Speech

Lanny Davis | Posted 05.08.2012 | Media
Lanny Davis

When I hear liberal commentators calling for boycotting any business that advertises on the Limbaugh show, or calling on radio stations carrying the show to cancel it, I start to get nervous -- as a First Amendment liberal, that is.

I'm Pro-Choice Because I Love My Kids

Shannon Bradley-Colleary | Posted 05.08.2012 | Politics
Shannon Bradley-Colleary

Every child deserves to be wanted, safe and loved. I don't deny there are damaged women out there who use abortion as a means of birth control. A former friend had five abortions. Those pregnancies were her cry for help. But I can't help thinking those babies were better off not being in her care.

How to Honor Rush Limbaugh on International Women's Day (VIDEO)

Robert Greenwald | Posted 05.08.2012 | Politics
Robert Greenwald

Co-Authored by Jesse Lava As of this writing, 49 sponsors have pulled out of The Rush Limbaugh Show after his repeated demeaning remarks about George...

LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Attacks Female Washington Post Reporter

Posted 03.08.2012 | Media

Rush Limbaugh dedicated some time on his Thursday show to "set the record straight" about advertisers fleeing his show and rail against Washington Pos...

Priorities USA Chairman: Maher Comments Have 'No Similarity' To Limbaugh's

The Huffington Post | Max J. Rosenthal | Posted 03.08.2012 | Politics

In the wake of the controversy over Rush Limbaugh's derogatory remarks about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, conservatives have accused the left ...

Adam Goldberg

Former Dem Gov: 'Plenty Of Reasons' Obama Could Be 'One-Term President' | Adam Goldberg | Posted 04.12.2012 | Politics

540 Park at The Loews Regency Hotel in New York City is the stuff of legend. For years, powerful figures have frequented the self-described "home of t...

Sarah O'Leary | Posted 03.12.2012 | Media
Sarah O'Leary

Editor's Note: This post contained inaccuracies and has been removed from The Huffington Post....

Rush Limbaugh's Attack Met With Hypocrisy on All Sides

Peter Scheer | Posted 05.08.2012 | Media
Peter Scheer

The flight of advertisers from Limbaugh will be defended by many as the market mechanism through which the public's views are expressed. To me, it's just cowardice.

Rachel Maddow Celebrates Silver Linings Of Rush Limbaugh Scandal

Posted 03.08.2012 | Media

Rachel Maddow discussed some of the silver linings associated with what she called Rush Limbaugh's latest and "disgusting" scandal surrounding Georget...

The Mormons and the Dead

Christopher Brauchli | Posted 05.06.2012 | Politics
Christopher Brauchli

"As for that," said Waldershare, "sensible men are all of the same religion." "And pray, what is that?" inquired the prince. "Sensible men never tel...

Mandated Contraceptives: The Tragedy of the Sexless Law Student

Doug Bandow | Posted 05.08.2012 | Politics
Doug Bandow

Leave it to radio personality Rush Limbaugh to turn a serious policy issue into a personal attack. But the moral character of Sandra Fluke doesn't matter. What should worry the rest of us is her apparent belief that we all are obligated to make sure that she can have sex for free.

Feminist Inspiration Meets Rush Limbaugh

Posted 03.08.2012 | Comedy

Happy International Women's Day! In honor of this day celebrating female empowerment, we realized that there's one poor guy out there who hasn't learn...

Limbaugh Smackdown and Women Unite

Nancy Cronk | Posted 05.07.2012 | Denver
Nancy Cronk

Let's show the world Americans will not tolerate women being treated as second-class citizens. Do it for your mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters and granddaughters. And do it for mine.

Pat Robertson: 'Rush Limbaugh Got A Little Bit Over The Top'

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 03.07.2012 | Politics

Televangelist Pat Robertson addressed Sandra Fluke's "fornication" and said that "Rush Limbaugh got a little bit over the top" when he referred to Flu...

Rep. Gutierrez Attacks Romney On Limbaugh's 'Slut' Comments

Posted 03.07.2012 | Latino Voices

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is at it again, and this time he's taking aim at Mitt Romney for his response to Rush Limbaugh's offensive remarks about la...

Amanda Terkel

Sculptor Of Bust Honoring Rush Limbaugh Speaks Out | Amanda Terkel | Posted 03.07.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The uproar over Rush Limbaugh's controversial comments about contraception coverage moved to Missouri this week, when it was announced t...

Rush Limbaugh Dismisses Advertiser Exodus: 'Everything Is Cool'

The Huffington Post | Jack Mirkinson | Posted 03.07.2012 | Media

Rush Limbaugh dismissed the growing advertiser exodus from his show on Wednesday, saying that it was not having any impact at all on him or his financ...

Axelrod: If Romney Can't Condemn Limbaugh, 'How Can He Stand Up To Ahmadinejad?'

The Huffington Post | Sam Stein | Posted 03.07.2012 | Politics

Top Obama re-election adviser David Axelrod took a page from the neocon playbook on Wednesday, arguing that Mitt Romney's unwillingness to call out Ru...

What Rush Limbaugh Can Teach Us About Discrimination Against Women

Dr. Judith Rich | Posted 05.07.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Judith Rich

This controversy leaves me with the heightened awareness of how much waking up humanity still has to do. As long as there are those who are steeped in the culturally-conditioned beliefs that power resides in gender, and that half the population of the world is fundamentally flawed because of it, humanity has not turned the corner toward a more enlightened consciousness.

Ron Dicker

Rush Gets Smacked | Ron Dicker | Posted 03.07.2012 | Business

Hell hath no fury like a woman wired. Women's protests on social media are packing a bigger punch than ever. Rush Limbaugh and his sponsors felt it. S...

Rush to Judgment

Zaki Hasan | Posted 05.07.2012 | Media
Zaki Hasan

Rush is simply too entrenched in too many radio lineups across the country to ever disappear completely, but if nothing else, this whole kerfuffle signals the first substantial chink in his once-impenetrable armor.

Anger, Fear and the GOP Implosion

Christian Piatt | Posted 05.06.2012 | Politics
Christian Piatt

Though a more synthetic, positive message may not stoke the embers the way a fiery diatribe might, it is what any successful candidate requires today to appeal to enough of the electorate to command a consensus.

Rush (The Band) Yanks Music From Limbaugh Show

Bob Cesca | Posted 05.06.2012 | Media
Bob Cesca

Yesterday, I contacted Rush (the band) about Rush Limbaugh's airing of their music on his show, and today I was exclusively informed that the legendary Canadian rock group has officially demanded that the Rush Limbaugh Program stop using its music on the air.

Bachmann Grilled On Sandra Fluke Controversy

The Huffington Post | Anna Staver | Posted 03.06.2012 | Politics

Republican reaction to Rush Limbaugh calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" has ranged from describing his comments a...

Every Woman Who Has Ever Used Contraceptives Needs to Fight Rush Limbaugh's War on Women!

Bonnie Fuller | Posted 05.06.2012 | Media
Bonnie Fuller

Is Rush disgusting or what? He publicly called a brave young law student a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she stood up for something that most American women use -- contraceptives.