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Safe Haven

The War on Drugs is a War on Children

The Next Ten Challenge | Posted 06.15.2016 | Impact
The Next Ten Challenge

One of the more insidious issues surrounding America's War on Drugs has been the increasing criminalization of our children at a younger and younger age through the implementation of zero tolerance policies.

What Would Jesus Say?

Nuri Kino | Posted 10.04.2014 | World
Nuri Kino

I recently published an Op-Ed in Fox News about the Assyrians' struggle for protections and why I saw myself forced to start a worldwide Campaign call...

3 Things That Can Help Stressed-Out Parents

Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D. | Posted 09.14.2014 | Parents
Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D.

We will never know if these services would have helped the parents and babies that I referenced earlier, but they could help others.

Hollywood's Big Women Problem, In 1 Chart

The Huffington Post | Lauren Duca | Posted 12.13.2013 | Entertainment

In November, the New York Film Academy took a look at gender inequality in films from 2007 to 2012. The results were startling: there five men for eve...

All Nicholas Sparks Books Have This In Common

Posted 03.26.2013 | Comedy

Redditor brigitteteleu suggests an alternate title to the Nicholas Sparks collection: "White People Almost Kissing." Can't say we disagree....

Legalized Infant Abandonment: Alarm in Europe, Barely a Peep in the U.S.

Adam Pertman | Posted 04.29.2013 | Politics
Adam Pertman

The proponents of safe havens and Baby Boxes most effectively answer criticism by saying their approach is worthwhile even if it saves just one baby's life. I have an alternative suggestion: Let's aim higher.

52 Books, 52 Weeks, Week 8: The Comfort of Lies

Catherine McKenzie | Posted 04.27.2013 | Home
Catherine McKenzie

The Comfort of Lies is a complex tale that explores the potential results of infidelity and the choices we make in life.

52 books, 52 weeks, Week 7: The Ugly Cry

Catherine McKenzie | Posted 04.22.2013 | Home
Catherine McKenzie

After a #fail with James Patterson's Private Berlin last week, I was happy to turn to a book I knew I would like this week, John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.

The Craziest Ending Of 2013?

Mike Ryan | Posted 04.19.2013 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

Let me start by saying that I am not at all disappointed with my decision -- the ending was just as bizarre as advertized. Though, I'm fairly certain my fellow audience members who were there to see a well-constructed story do not share my sentiments. Walking out, I overheard a woman who looked to be in her late 60s ask her husband, "Can you believe it was that bad?" (In response, he shrugged.)

Safe Haven Heats Up

Regina Weinreich | Posted 04.17.2013 | Entertainment
Regina Weinreich

With a touch of the supernatural, a tear-jerking plot, a loathsome villain, some adorable kids, and a lot of suspense making music, the film is agreeable enough to be a hit.

24 Great Fake Nicholas Sparks Titles

Mike Ryan | Posted 04.15.2013 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

On Thursday, Safe Haven -- the eighth film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel -- arrives in theaters just in time for your Valentine's Day-themed romant...

Christopher Rosen

'Oh My Gosh, He's Got The Cutest Lips!' | Christopher Rosen | Posted 02.12.2013 | Entertainment

In 2007, Julianne Hough won her second "Dancing With the Stars" title. Just six years later, after roles in the 2012 films "Footloose" and "Rock of Ag...

Nicholas Sparks on Bringing Safe Haven to the Big Screen for Valentine's Day

Lois Alter Mark | Posted 04.13.2013 | Entertainment
Lois Alter Mark

Safe Haven is the eighth of his books to be turned into a movie, and it opens, appropriately, on Valentine's Day. Here's what he had to say about it.

52 books, 52 weeks -- Week 2: Safe Haven?

Catherine McKenzie | Posted 03.16.2013 | Home
Catherine McKenzie

In the end I found this book a pleasant surprise. I can see why Sparks fans have rated this book so highly. I only wonder how they're going to work the final twist into the movie.

52 Books, 52 Weeks, Week 1: Gone Girl

Catherine McKenzie | Posted 03.09.2013 | Home
Catherine McKenzie

Simple plot summary: a man's wife disappears on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary. All signs point to him being responsible for her disappearance. Or do they?

Turkish Village Flooded By Doomsday Believers

Agence France Presse | | Posted 02.10.2013 | World

Believers of the Mayan calendar prediction that the world will end on December 21 have flooded into a small village in western Turkey, near the ancien...

WATCH: First Trailer For 'Safe Haven'

Posted 10.24.2012 | Entertainment

Wonder no more about what film every couple will see together on Valentine's Day in 2013: It's "Safe Haven," the latest weepy from Nicholas Sparks. ...

PHOTOS: Josh Duhamel Goes Shirtless On ‘Safe Haven' Set | Posted 08.02.2013 | Celebrity

Josh Duhamel shows off his sexy shirtless bod while filming for his upcoming flick Safe Haven on Monday (July 30) in Southport, NC....

Somali War Criminal Liable for Crimes Against Humanity

Pamela Merchant | Posted 04.29.2012 | World
Pamela Merchant

Just days ago, Somali General Samantar appeared in a federal court and did something that no high-ranking person from the former military dictatorship of Siad Barre has ever done -- he accepted liability for human rights abuses.

Europe: Lacking a Long-Term Solution

Gemma Godfrey | Posted 10.14.2011 | Business
Gemma Godfrey

Over the last few days we have seen a tremendous amount of volatility in the markets, epitomizing the lack of clarity with which many investors have struggled.

What's worse: Steele's Afghanistan comments or the reaction?

Josh Mull | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Josh Mull

I am the Afghanistan Blogging Fellow for The Seminal and Brave New Foundation. You can read my work on The Seminal or at Rethink Afghanistan. The view...