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Sam Slovick | Posted 09.16.2016 | Politics
Sam Slovick

Occupy Los Angeles, the largely dismissed, mostly misinterpreted orphan child of the Occupy movement became the largest and one of the longest standing major US Occupations. Radicalized is the untold story of the movement from the inside.

Houseless in Paradise

Sam Slovick | Posted 06.17.2013 | Los Angeles
Sam Slovick

Tourists who spend 250 bucks a pop for a pair of Prada sunglasses in the high-end retail sector of State Street, find themselves stepping over indigent elderly on their way to Starbucks.

PAVEMENT Occupies LA: 11.05/06.2011 (VIDEO w/ Bill Maher)

Sam Slovick | Posted 07.10.2012 | Los Angeles
Sam Slovick

The occupation at City Hall in Los Angeles can best be described in terms of digestion; the People have coughed up a big hairball on the Mayor's front...

Pavement Occupies LA -- Michael O'Keefe (VIDEO)

Sam Slovick | Posted 01.01.2012 | Los Angeles
Sam Slovick

The Occupy L.A. camp at City Hall in Los Angeles is in its 30th consecutive peaceful day. I moved my tent to City Hall where I'll be blogging, uploadi...