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San Bernardino

We Are Not Safer

Larry Strauss | Posted 01.30.2017 | Politics
Larry Strauss

“You are cultured and intelligent, Ivan, and you surely understand that the world is not destroyed by villains and conflagrations, but by hate and m...

New York Bombing Suspect Could Face Hearing In Hospital Bed

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 09.21.2016 | Politics

NEW YORK, Sept 21 (Reuters) - A lawyer for an Afghan-born U.S. citizen charged with bombings in New York and New Jersey over the weekend asked a feder...

Why the Sustainable Development Agenda Matters to the USA

Jenny Darroch | Posted 09.13.2016 | Business
Jenny Darroch

In my last post, I discussed the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why they matter. In this post, I want to focus more on how the agenda applies to the USA.

It's Not the Jokes, It's the Thumbs

Tom Alderman | Posted 09.07.2016 | Comedy
Tom Alderman

"After doing a show, normally you'd go back to your hotel, watch the news, have a glass of wine, unwind. You can can't do that anymore.You have to go ...

Occupy Congress!

Chris Weigant | Posted 06.22.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

As I write this, a protest is occurring on the floor of the House of Representatives. Democrats, led by John Lewis, Jim Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi (and many others), are staging a "sit-in" to protest Republicans' refusal to even hold a vote on any gun control legislation.

The Right to Bear Harm

Samuel C. Spitale | Posted 06.21.2016 | Crime
Samuel C. Spitale

In 1999 sociologist Barry Glassner published his national bestseller, The Culture of Fear, about the hidden forces that manipulate us in the name of p...

We Should Treat Jo Cox's Murderer and The Orlando Shooter As Lone Wolves

Anhvinh Doanvo | Posted 06.20.2016 | World
Anhvinh Doanvo

Jo Cox's assassination demonstrates the illogic of our conflation between lone wolves and larger, potentially violent, national groups. Although ISIS is a heinous organization threatening Western interests in Syria and Iraq, it is dangerous to conflate the actions of lone wolves pledging to ISIS with ISIS just as it is absurd to perceive Mair's actions as a threat coming from Britain First.

Inaction Cannot Be An Option

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 06.17.2016 | Politics
Marian Wright Edelman

Since 1963 more than 176,000 children have died from gun violence in America — over three times more than all the soldiers killed in action in the Vietnam War and every external conflict since. Our children have a right to grow up in a caring and decent society that protects their right to live and learn in safety.

Guns, Terrorists, And The Constitution

Chris Weigant | Posted 06.15.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

If America does have a consensus that we're all basically OK with the concept of governmental blacklists, and that we further approve of curtailing constitutional rights for people on such lists, then it should be relatively easy to get the necessary votes in Congress and the statehouses.

How ISIS Used The Orlando Shooting To Feed Its Propaganda Machine

The Huffington Post | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 06.14.2016 | World

Before killing at least 49 people in a homophobic terror attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, shooter Omar Mateen called 911 to p...

Before It's Too Late: An Open Letter to the Next Mass Shooter

Mark Olmsted | Posted 06.14.2016 | Politics
Mark Olmsted

I'm not going to ask you to change your ideology to my own, or ask you to understand my lifestyle or experience. You are contemplating treating your personal resentment and anger in a way that is so foreign to me that the gap between our thinking is unbridgeable.

At This Point, The Orlando Massacre Is Our Fault

Jaye Watson | Posted 06.13.2016 | Media
Jaye Watson

At this point, it's our fault. It's our fault for listening to hollow promises made by people who have no intention of doing anything. It's our fault for believing the spin from this side or that side. It's our fault for becoming desensitized to mass shootings.

Trump: Americans Who Don't Report Their Suspicious Neighbors Should Be 'Brought To Justice'

The Huffington Post | Christina Wilkie | Posted 06.15.2016 | Politics

Donald Trump on Monday proposed punishing Americans if they don't turn in their friends and neighbors for behaving suspiciously. "In San Bernardino, ...

San Bernardino Nurses, Medical Staff Send Love To Orlando Hospital After Shooting

The Huffington Post | Kimberly Yam | Posted 06.15.2016 | Good News

Medical staff in Orlando, who are caring for victims of Sunday's deadly shooting at a gay nightclub, received a thoughtful show of support from some c...

Orlando Shows That ISIS is Today’s Cold War Moscow

Anhvinh Doanvo | Posted 06.14.2016 | World
Anhvinh Doanvo

The National Review’s headlines might lead one to believe that we are at war. In the common struggle against the single enemy of ISIS they say, we h...

Tancredo Trashes Diversity after Orlando Shooting

Jason Salzman | Posted 06.13.2016 | Denver
Jason Salzman

After the Paris shooting last year, former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo posted a Facebook image with the words "Celebrating massacre a...

6 Months After Attack, San Bernardino Is More Worried About Everyday Gun Violence Than Terrorism

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 06.01.2016 | Politics

In November 2005, Linda Miers’ 16-year-old daughter, Melanie, was killed in a drive-by shooting outside a party in her hometown of San Bernardino, C...

Are Your iPhones Safe? FBI and Apple Wage War Over Encryption

Adam Banner | Posted 05.09.2016 | Crime
Adam Banner

As time passes following the FBI's announcement that it accessed the iPhone without Apple's help, I'm glad to see some of the answers are starting to take shape -- but the answers are not particularly good for Apple, or for the general public's right to privacy.

Royally Awesome School Elects Muslim Prom Queen In San Bernardino County

The Huffington Post | Elyse Wanshel | Posted 05.05.2016 | Good News

Inclusivity reigns supreme in one school in San Bernardino County. Zarifeh Shalabi, a devout Muslim, was crowned Summit High School’s prom queen on ...

Brother Of San Bernardino Shooter Among 3 Arrested By FBI

Reuters | Annum Masroor | Posted 04.28.2016 | Crime

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Three people linked to the couple responsible for December's mass shooting in San Bernardino, California were arrested on Thur...

FBI Arrests Brother Of San Bernardino Gunman, 2 Others On Marriage Fraud Charges

The Los Angeles Times | Adam Goldberg | Posted 04.28.2016 | Crime

Federal agents arrested three people, including the older brother of San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook, on charges of marriage fraud, conspirac...

WATCH: Fareed Zakaria, Reza Aslan Discuss Saudi's Terrorism Influence

The WorldPost | Farah_Mohamed | Posted 04.25.2016 | World

On April 25, Fareed Zakaria will present a special CNN program titled “Why They Hate Us," a follow-up to his post-9/11 Newsweek story that explored ...

It Cost The FBI A Staggering Amount To Break Into The San Bernardino iPhone

Reuters | Paul Vale | Posted 04.21.2016 | Technology

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey said on Thursday the agency paid more to get into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooter...

Gun Deaths In San Bernardino Reach Unwelcome Milestone

The Trace | Paul Vale | Posted 04.19.2016 | Crime

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, a 20-year-old Marine was gunned down in San Bernardino, California....

Bill Gates Calls For Tougher Limits On Government Snooping

Reuters | Casey Williams | Posted 04.19.2016 | Technology

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bill Gates said on Monday that no one was an “absolutist” on either side of the digital privacy debate, but the co-founder ...