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Sb 1070

Dear Governor Jan Brewer...

Ediberto Roman | Posted 08.26.2012 | Miami
Ediberto Roman

As I predicted several weeks ago, SB 1070 has been left essentially toothless. While it may require state law enforcement to make immigration status determinations, there isn't much that the state can do with the determinations once made.

Joe Arpaio: 'Nothing Changes' In Arizona After Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

The Huffington Post | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 06.26.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Monday night that the Supreme Court's decision to strike down most of Arizona's controversial im...

Chris Kirkham

Arizona Immigration Decision Could Mean Boon For Private Prison Business | Chris Kirkham | Posted 06.25.2012 | Business

As the Supreme Court upheld a central provision of Arizona's controversial immigration law on Monday -– a requirement for law enforcement to check t...

Supreme Court Deals a Major Blow to Arizona's Immigration Law

David Leopold | Posted 08.25.2012 | Politics
David Leopold

The Court's ruling makes it crystal clear that America stands for the greater principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination, and racial profiling is unconstitutional and won't be tolerated.

In a Police State, Everyone Loses: The Supreme Court's Ruling in Arizona v. United States Endangers Us All

John W. Whitehead | Posted 08.25.2012 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

If you're dark-haired, brown-skinned and have the misfortune of living in Arizona in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in State of Arizona v. United States of America, get ready to be stopped, searched and questioned.

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Three Provisions of AZ's Racial Profiling Law; "Show Me Your Papers" Provision Lives to See Another Day

Anthony D. Romero | Posted 08.25.2012 | Latino Voices
Anthony D. Romero

As law enforcement leaders across the country have recognized, it is impossible to enforce this kind of law without relying on discriminatory stereotypes based on skin color or accent.

Elise Foley

Mitt Romney Campaign Evasive On Arizona Immigration Law Decision | Elise Foley | Posted 06.26.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney expressed disappointment Monday with the Supreme Court's ruling on an Arizona im...

Obama Comments On Arizona Ruling

Posted 06.25.2012 | Politics

President Barack Obama issued the following statement Monday in response to Arizona v. United States: I am pleased that the Supreme Court has struc...

Brewer: Immigration Ruling A Victory For All Americans

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 06.25.2012 | Politics

By JACQUES BILLEAUD, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOENIX — Arizona officials claimed a partial victory Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the "s...

Howard Fineman

SCOTUS SB 1070 Opinion: Good For Obama, Bad For Romney -- And Latinos | Howard Fineman | Posted 06.26.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Clothing its ruling in the language of respect for federal power, the U.S. Supreme Court has just unleashed state and local police to ac...

Decoding the Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona's Immigration Law

Posted 06.25.2012 | Politics

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Here are the sections of Arizona's immigration law considered by the U.S. Supreme Court: UPHELD: _ A requirement that...

Controversial Immigration Opponent Barred From Restaurants

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 06.18.2012 | Politics

The sponsor of Arizona's controversial immigration law has found himself barred from Mexican restaurants as he attempts a political comeback. Forme...

Arizona's "Barrio Defense" Rises for SCOTUS Decision on SB 1070

Jeff Biggers | Posted 08.18.2012 | Politics
Jeff Biggers

With defiant Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer growing more emboldened as the Supreme Court readies to unveil its ruling on the state's SB 1070 "papers, please" immigration law, Arizona human rights group Puente are bolstering their Barrio Defense Committees.

Arizona Awaits Supreme Court Ruling: Interview with Alfredo Gutierrez on Next Phase of SB 1070

Jeff Biggers | Posted 08.14.2012 | Politics
Jeff Biggers

Over the past four decades, former Democratic leader and activist Alfredo Gutierrez has been on the front lines of Arizona's civil rights and immigration battles.

Brewer Makes Controversial Immigration Move

Posted 06.13.2012 | Politics

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona's governor on Tuesday ordered a state board to redistribute a training video on the state's controversial immigration law to a...

A Romney Administration Perilous For Latinos

Cesar Vargas | Posted 07.25.2012 | Latino Voices
Cesar Vargas

While Latinos are already familiar with Mitt Romney's own position on immigration, the make up of his administration is not yet evident. However, with Kris Kobach shaping Mitt Romney's immigration policy, the verdict is clear that he or others like him will be top candidates at the helm of Romney's immigration policy and enforcement.

Matt Sledge

Battleground Arizona: Can Latinos Turn It Into An Election 2012 Swing State For Obama? | Matt Sledge | Posted 05.23.2012 | Politics

Someone trying to draw up a list of election 2012 battleground states would not put Arizona at the top. It's best known in political circles for notor...

HB 87 Negatively Impacts Georgia Economy and Reputation

Azadeh Shahshahani | Posted 07.21.2012 | Politics
Azadeh Shahshahani

HB 87 effectively compels all people in the state of Georgia, citizens and noncitizens alike, to carry identification documents on them at all times.

Jan Brewer Gets Embarrassing Xenophobic Lady-Boner In Anticipation of Supreme Court SB 1070 Decision

El Guapo | Posted 07.14.2012 | Comedy
El Guapo

Ms. Brewer had to be escorted from the courtroom as she laughed maniacally and did nothing to conceal her excitement.

Department of Justice Lawsuit Against Arpaio Sends Strong Message

Marielena Hincapié | Posted 07.13.2012 | Latino Voices
Marielena Hincapié

By ensuring that complementary policies are working in concert, the federal government can help restore a sense of community among law enforcement and all those they're sworn to protect and serve.

Controversial Romney Supporter Attends Speech

The Huffington Post | Elise Foley | Posted 05.11.2012 | Politics

Immigration hawk and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach attended a fundraising appearance by Mitt Romney Thursday, according to a pool report of th...

John Celock

Lawmakers Pass Stricter Voter Reg Law For 2012 | John Celock | Posted 05.08.2012 | Politics

The Republican-controlled Kansas House of Representatives voted Tuesday to pass legislation requiring proof of citizenship for voter registration star...

I'm No Jimmy the Greek, But SB 1070 Likely to Be Left Toothless...

Ediberto Roman | Posted 05.04.2012 | Miami
Ediberto Roman

If section 2 of Arizona's immigration statute -- SB 1070 -- is upheld, which it very well may be if the justices vote along philosophical lines, then the racial profiling matter will have to be addressed in the political realm.

The Saga of Immigrant Youth

Gaby Pacheco | Posted 07.04.2012 | Latino Voices
Gaby Pacheco

As we mark the Supreme Court's decision on Plyler vs. Doe, it's fitting that the DREAM Act and access to higher education are again at the forefront of the contentious conversation on immigration reform.

Constitution Check: Can a State Close Its Borders Entirely to Undocumented Immigrants?

Lyle Denniston | Posted 07.01.2012 | Politics
Lyle Denniston

It may be that, when the Supreme Court rules on state power to monitor and restrict the activities of people who have entered the U.S. illegally and remain without permission, the Justices will give states additional authority. But it seems doubtful.