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Science Teaching

To Pluto and Beyond

Robert E. Slavin | Posted 07.16.2016 | Education
Robert E. Slavin

We are a hugely wealthy country, and we can afford to go to Pluto and to educate our children to a much higher standard than we do. In fact, the way we became a hugely wealthy country, and the only way we can maintain our wealth into the future, is by investing in education, science, technology and invention.

Where's the Science in Science Education?

Robert E. Slavin | Posted 12.09.2014 | Education
Robert E. Slavin

STEM is indeed critical for American economic competitiveness and progress. So naturally you'd expect that STEM subjects would be among the best researched of all, right?

Science and Math With an 'Edge' -- Learning Is Best When It's Messy and Unpredictable

Larry Bock | Posted 05.28.2012 | Books
Larry Bock

Science has suffered too long from a public-relations problem perpetuated by images of nerdy researchers in white coats spouting boring formulas and theories. If we are to excite and inspire kids in science we have to explore new and creative interactive approaches.

Imams For Evolution

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Posted 08.02.2011 | Religion
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Evolutionary biology teaches us just how closely related all people are and how insignificant racial and religious differences are.

Make Educating Future Scientists a Top Priority

James M. Gentile | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
James M. Gentile

The Nation's Report Card released information on the performance of students in science. The results should be a call to action for all who care about the economic preeminence of our nation.

Improving Science Teaching in America's Schools

James M. Gentile | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
James M. Gentile

With the emphasis that President Obama has rightly placed on science, it is now incumbent upon Americans to insist that science teaching be upgraded as well.