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Sefirat Haomer

Let's Talk About Mental Health Stigma in the Orthodox Community

Bin Goldman, PsyD | Posted 05.26.2016 | Religion
Bin Goldman, PsyD

It's great to be part of a community. In a community, such as the various Jewish communities, you have people to turn to, who will mobilize for you and share your joys and your challenges. Except when you don't.

Count ON...The Yom Hashoah Message

Chava Tombosky | Posted 05.05.2016 | Religion
Chava Tombosky

As the second night of Passover comes to a close, the Jewish people have an odd tradition of counting the day every day from that night forward for 49...

Uniting 'Round the Mountain

Naphtali Hoff | Posted 08.01.2014 | Religion
Naphtali Hoff

The importance of each individual is certainly something that we are all aware of. We saw at the outset of the book of Numbers that God loves each individual and views our very existence as an opportunity to demonstrate that love.

Managing Life's Transitions With The Omer

Aviva A. Perlo | Posted 07.14.2013 | Religion
Aviva A. Perlo

When tragedy, illness and accidents occur, our worldview morphs immediately. Stability is shaken as reality turns upside down. The Omer says we must go slowly.

The Core Of Yesod

Reb Ezra Weinberg | Posted 06.30.2013 | Religion
Reb Ezra Weinberg

The week of yesod in the Counting of the Omer is an invitation to consider pulling down the veil. It's about penetrating to the core of who we are.

It Won't Rain On The Parade

Tzipah Wertheimer | Posted 06.23.2013 | Religion
Tzipah Wertheimer

The human experience is not always pretty. Sometimes it's very tragic and difficult. Lag BaOmer is a day of joy that stands out in a time of sadness. It is a day that six years ago we forced ourselves to leave our broken hearts behind and participate in The Great Parade.

Tend The Pin: Sefirat HaOmer

Harry Rothenberg | Posted 06.16.2013 | Religion
Harry Rothenberg

There are golf courses in Israel. And lessons to be learned while playing them.

Wilderness As Transition: Omer, Anxiety And The Neutral Zone

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg | Posted 06.15.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

This is the time to sit with the anxiety, the ambiguity and the unknowability of our lives. This is the time to go down deep in to the deepest recesses of who we are, to find resources and riches we didn't know were there.

Unicycle Yourself To A Better You

Tzipah Wertheimer | Posted 06.12.2013 | Religion
Tzipah Wertheimer

As we count each of the days of the sefira, we are meant to realign ourselves. The goal is to hold back what needs to be held back and push ourselves into those awkward uncomfortable places that ultimately make us into better people.

Simultaneous Joy And Pain: The Wisdom Of The Counting Of The Omer

Rabbi Wendi Geffen | Posted 06.08.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Wendi Geffen

Will we view life as some sort of diminishing, increasingly limiting count down to the end, or will we see life as opening to an unending fount of opportunity, hope and joy? The Omer tradition, linking Passover to Shavuot, gives us the answer.

Count The Omer With Hope

Rabbi Joshua Stanton | Posted 06.02.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Joshua Stanton

The Omer need not be a time of sadness. The time between Passover and Shavuout can itself be transformational and full of hope.

Counting The Omer: 49 Days Of Jewish Spiritual Reflection

Posted 03.28.2013 | Religion

Why is this liveblog different from all other liveblogs? On Passover, perhaps Judaism's most widely observed holiday, secular and religious Jews a...

The Omer: Counting Our Days

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson | Posted 06.23.2012 | Religion
Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

The tension of being physical creatures reflecting a Divine image, of living in the present while aspiring toward the future, provides Jewish living with its energy and its hope.

Marching Toward Freedom With The Omer

Rabbi Ben Greenberg | Posted 04.19.2012 | Religion
Rabbi Ben Greenberg

We often flow unaware from one moment on the calendar to the next. There are too many times where we fail to remember what we did last month, last week or even yesterday.

Count The Omer With HuffPost: 49 Days Of Spiritual Reflection And Growth

Posted 04.17.2012 | Religion

Out of the depths of slavery in Egypt, the Jewish people rose to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai. Beginning on the second night of Passover, when the...