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Self Awareness

The 'How' of Selling

Nate Holzapfel | Posted 08.18.2014 | Business
Nate Holzapfel

Congratulations, you have just had a great sale, the customer loved the product, the price and most importantly they loved you. So the real question is: How did we get here?

Who Are You?

Ellen Langer | Posted 08.16.2014 | Healthy Living
Ellen Langer

Who am I? I'm a person who cares about people, who enjoys a sense of humor, who values generosity and consciousness. When we define ourselves in this way, we're less vulnerable to negative circumstances, able to grow, and less defined by labels than by our more meaningful personal characteristics.

Hope for USA Auties and Aspies From UK

David Adrian Thomas, Esq., M.C.I.H.T. | Posted 08.10.2014 | Education
David Adrian Thomas, Esq., M.C.I.H.T.

As a joint blog answered commenter Russell's first question last week I'll just address his second question, which was, what do I mean by solve the au...

25 Signs That You're on the Right Track in Life

Mo Seetubtim | Posted 08.10.2014 | Healthy Living
Mo Seetubtim

14. You know what you want and you go for it. You're never afraid to ask for what you want and go to where/whom you can get it from.

Do You Often Find Yourself at the Train Station When Your Ship Comes In?

Allan Hunkin | Posted 08.10.2014 | Healthy Living
Allan Hunkin

Once you understand your personal worthiness dynamic you will be able to catch yourself earlier, when you're tempted to resist (sub-consciously) what you know will bring you deep personal happiness and fulfillment.

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Another City in Your 20s

Mo Seetubtim | Posted 08.10.2014 | Travel
Mo Seetubtim

Nothing can bring you closer to building an intimate relationship with yourself and getting to know yourself better than moving away from home and living in another city.

4 Feelings You Have When You Are Outside Your Comfort Zone

Cassandra Ruggiero | Posted 08.09.2014 | Business
Cassandra Ruggiero

Do you book a trip to a country you have never been to? Do you finally move out of your parents' house and get a place on your own? Do you order a different meal at your favourite restaurant?

How A Big 'But' Is Getting In The Way Of Your Life

Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP | Posted 08.07.2014 | Healthy Living
Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP

I'm not talking about an approach where you sugar coat your life experiences so that everything is "really amazing" and every day is "super fantastic." That's a bit nauseating. I'm talking about simply seeing the truthful beauty in life for what it is and trying to show a bit less but.

Mean Mommy

Michelle Gale | Posted 08.04.2014 | Parents
Michelle Gale

"My mom is so mean. She yells at me everyday." I assume my son's friend had a rough morning at home... something I have a bit of experience with myself. Before I knew it, Brody was chiming in, "My mom is so mean too!"

To the Superhero Who Saved Me From a Fire

Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark | Posted 07.29.2014 | Impact
Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark

In 1978, we lost our home to a fire, which I started with matches. I was home alone for a brief, yet obviously tragic time. Although I have resolv...

Two Good Parents, One Lost Child

Michael Jascz | Posted 08.02.2014 | Divorce
Michael Jascz

Here is your lesson, parents. If you fight, if you denigrate each other, if you have conflicting sets of rules and, in the worst case scenario, you plot and plan to turn your child against the other parent, you may wind up driving your child to a place where they believe they will have more stability and certainty.

Telecommuting: How to Be a Shooting (Not Falling) Star

Beverly Troxtell | Posted 07.28.2014 | Healthy Living
Beverly Troxtell

The conscious change was critical to my survival. It made me a more effective, happy, and high-performing employee. It required me to work more efficiently. It accelerated and enhanced my job performance. And it enabled me to finally and happily live, reigniting my light and sending me on an upward trajectory.

To Solve or to Dissolve

Rob White | Posted 07.28.2014 | Healthy Living
Rob White

After 70 years of trying to solve problems, it has become apparent to me that there's a better way to go: Rather than solve, learn to dissolve them. That is the key to taking yourself out of a world of frustration and placing yourself in a world of satisfaction.

On the Journey Towards Sincerity

Umar Zulqarnain | Posted 07.27.2014 | Religion
Umar Zulqarnain

While working on our own sincerity, we have to realize that the reality is, we will rarely meet sincere people. We will rarely meet people who will genuinely step out of themselves to attempt to see things from our perspective and act accordingly.

A Wake-up Call: Making My Career Happen

Beverly Troxtell | Posted 07.22.2014 | Business
Beverly Troxtell

Why was I letting my career just happen, and letting others repeatedly take the helm? Why wasn't I awesomely driving my career ship with intent? Why wasn't I making it happen?

An Emotional Look Inside the Transition from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Robin Hoffman | Posted 07.21.2014 | Parents
Robin Hoffman

This date, this "July 10th" is now something that I see printed on food cartons as expiration dates, warning and taunting me that it is not as far away as I believe it to be.

Healing Vigilante: 7 Real Lessons We Can All Learn from the Jay Z and Solange Elevator Video

Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark | Posted 07.19.2014 | Celebrity
Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark

With so much of the news covering what these celebrities eat, drive, and sleep with -- it is important to acknowledge the bigger picture when stories like this monopolize our media.

The 30-Day Challenge to a Petty-Free Life

Rea Nolan Martin | Posted 07.14.2014 | Healthy Living
Rea Nolan Martin

Pettiness isn't exclusive to words or actions. It has the same corrosive effect on our thoughts before we ever speak or act. Pettiness is a fungus that germinates in the mind and spreads to the heart until it becomes a way of life.

Why I Am No Longer Bound To A 'Barbie' Body Standard

Sue Shanahan | Posted 07.14.2014 | Fifty
Sue Shanahan

Perhaps being ample sized isn't optimal, but I've come to the conclusion that it just may be who I am. I'm in the process of doing an, 'I love myself' experiment.

Perhaps Your Obnoxious Roommate Needs a Hug?

Jennifer Walker Gates | Posted 07.13.2014 | Healthy Living
Jennifer Walker Gates

Ah, the "obnoxious roommate." This is the term Arianna Huffington uses in Thrive to identify her internal critic, but she's known by plenty of other n...

The Mind Of God

Maria Portas | Posted 07.11.2014 | GPS for the Soul
Maria Portas

It's time to be blown away by the Greatness that surrounds us. It is time to tap into that Mind that lives in and through us, and listen to what it is telling us. Our potential is here!

Pace and Productivity: When Faster and More Isn't Always Better

Sara Canaday | Posted 07.07.2014 | Business
Sara Canaday

What's your personal workday pace? Maybe it's slow and steady or blazingly fast. For you, it's normal. Perhaps the bigger question is: what's normal for your team?

The Whole Thing Matters

Jessica Halepis | Posted 07.05.2014 | Women
Jessica Halepis

In order to understand who I am now, I must first understand who I have been. Move forward. Make the whole beautiful. Can one ever really move forward without first accepting what has been?

My Ego vs. Kanye's Ego

Christine Hoh | Posted 07.01.2014 | Healthy Living
Christine Hoh

e·go [ee-goh, eg-oh] noun, plural e·gos. 1. The "I" or self in any person. The way I see it, it is the fear of faith. As human being...

How I Thrive: Redefining Success in My Life

Michele Botwin Raphael | Posted 06.30.2014 | Women
Michele Botwin Raphael

I am redefining success in my life in the measurement of my kids' giggles and my own. I am redefining success in my life by redefining myself.