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Semiautomatic Weapons

Crime Control or Gun Control?

J. Randall O'Brien | Posted 04.22.2013 | Politics
J. Randall O'Brien

If Americans are divided over gun control, we are not over crime control. In order to improve our chance of reaching consensus on one important avenue of diminishing a national problem, should we not accurately define what our problem is?

Unfettering the Second Amendment

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 04.16.2013 | Politics
David Katz, M.D.

I am now for a Second Amendment with no interpretation whatsoever. Let's completely and utterly unfetter the Second Amendment from the outlandish suggestions of the type I've made until just now. The Second Amendment, unfettered, makes no exclusion for incarcerated felons. And so, neither should we.

WHOA. Sacramento Lawmakers Actually Agree On This Controversial Issue

Ventura County Star | Timm Herdt | Posted 04.01.2013 | Los Angeles

SACRAMENTO -- During a three-hour hearing Tuesday that was designed to provide baseline information for difficult debates on gun violence-related legi...

No Silver Bullet

Chris Weigant | Posted 03.18.2013 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Gun laws are always going to change incrementally, at best, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth the effort of passing. "The problem is too big" should no longer been seen as an excuse. Marginal gains are better than no gains, magic bullets aside.

Dodging Bullets

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 03.16.2013 | Politics
David Katz, M.D.

Let's dispense with tortured logic and contorted arguments. Arguments get mangled when the truth sticks in your craw. One relevant truth is: A lot of people just like big guns. Big guns make people feel powerful. Lots of people like to be able to say: My gun's bigger than your gun!

The American Paradox

Robert Koehler | Posted 02.19.2013 | Politics
Robert Koehler

"Evil visited this community today," the governor of Connecticut said, though he might have been more accurate if he had quoted Pogo: "We have met the enemy and he is us." This may be the hardest truth of all to swallow.

Cars, Guns and Other Deadly Weapons

Jess Wilson | Posted 02.18.2013 | Politics
Jess Wilson

Why is regulating guns so unthinkable when regulating cars isn't? There's no good answer. It's time to end the hypocrisy and be honest with ourselves about this conversation.

Shore as Shooting

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 02.16.2013 | Politics
David Katz, M.D.

This really has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, and certainly doesn't infringe on it. The Second Amendment doesn't say anything about what kind of "arms" we can bear. We are left, as a modern society with weapons unimagined in the days of our Founding Fathers, to figure that out for ourselves.

Pete Bethune and His Holy Warriors, Part 2

Peter Jay Brown | Posted 07.15.2012 | Green
Peter Jay Brown

I certainly believe we come from apes, but I also would like to believe we have evolved beyond that. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Ghandi, and the Dalai Lama all know better. How might our human history be different if they had taken up arms?

Aftermath of the Arizona Tragedy: How Can America Dodge the Next Bullet?

David Henry Sterry | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
David Henry Sterry

To evolve as a nation, as a species, we need to change the basic way we think about guns and violence.

Kagan is No Lady Gaga of Law

Paul Helmke | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Paul Helmke

Maybe Kagan is no Lady Gaga when it comes to fashion. But for most Americans, the way Kagan outfits herself is just fine. What's in her mind and her heart are far more important than what's on her back, neck, or her ring finger.

Gun Show Loopholes Tracked By New York City; Dealers Allowed Purchase To Undercover Gun Buyers Who Admitted Spotty Records

The Associated Press | Sara Kugler | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York

NEW YORK (AP)-- New York City officials secretly videotaped dozens of firearm purchases they say were illegal at gun shows in states that have not clo...

Fallen Cops: A Moment of Silence, Please

Norm Stamper | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Norm Stamper

Four police officers are dead, their families, friends, colleagues, an entire city hurting. As we mourn their loss, let's not forget what their sacrifice ultimately accomplished.