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Senate Races The Huffington Post

Lindsey Graham Challenger Calls The Senator 'Ambiguously Gay'

Mitch McConnell Puts Muscle Behind The Exact Type Of Bill He Claims To Stay Out Of

Sarah Palin Ups Her 2014 Game, Endorses In Competitive GOP Senate Primary

Broun Has Double-Digit Lead In Latest GOP Senate Primary Poll

South Dakota Democrat Barnstorms 300th Town In U.S. Senate Campaign

Tea Party Activists Appear To Tell GOP Senate Candidate To 'Go To Hell'

GOP Senate Candidate Makes Assault Weapon Giveaways A Hallmark Of His Campaign

Mitt Romney Dives Into Competitive 2014 Senate Race

Latest Rand Paul Move Stokes More 2016 Speculation

GOP Senate Candidate: Minimum Wage Is An 'Artificial Threshold,' Raising It 'A Dangerous Idea'

Udall's Path To Reelection Gets More Challenging As GOP Candidates Swap Races

Dems Go Birther On GOP Senate Candidate

McConnell Challenger: Marriage Equality Slippery Slope, Could Lead To Parent-Child Marriage

Tea Party Candidate Compares Primary To War: 'This Is Going To Be Bloody'

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