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If It Were Up To This GOP Candidate, Voters Wouldn't Get A Direct Say In Electing Senators

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Dem Candidate Who's Had Quite A Lousy Week

Environmental Groups Launch Ad Blitz Defending Vulnerable Lawmakers

GOP Senate Candidate Needs The Christian Right To Win Key Swing State Seat

DSCC Has Record Fundraising Month

Congress Just Undid The 1 Good Thing It's Done On Climate Change

Democrats' Toughest Battleground In Fight For Senate Control Emerges

Clueless Oil Man Accidentally Pitches Sierra Club On Drilling Scheme

Obama Aims To Stay Neutral In CIA-Senate Spat

As Scott Brown Explores Senate Bid, GOP Leaders Gather For Big Conference

Chamber Of Commerce Witness Dodges Questions On Whether Climate Change Is Real

Senate Approves Obama Nominee For U.S. Ambassador To Canada

Senators Skipping Climate Change All-Nighter Raised Far More Oil And Gas Money Than Participants

They're Up All Night To Get Wonky: 30 Senators Hold Overnight Climate Session

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