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Senator Bernie Sanders

Benghazi Is Political, But Clinton's Email Scandal Is Serious. That's Why Bernie Sanders Will Win

H. A. Goodman | Posted 10.07.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

With Bernie Sanders as nominee, Democrats won't have to endure endless scandals and defend against real or fabricated controversies. Benghazi might be politically motivated, but the FBI investigation and other scandals are serious. Although Bernie's success is bolstered primarily by his record and his bold message, Clinton's issues will help him become the Democratic nominee.

I'm Voting for Bernie Sanders Because He Answers Questions. Clinton 'Breaks Her Silence' Often

H. A. Goodman | Posted 10.05.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

I'm voting for Bernie in large part because he is able to communicate his thoughts without consulting a team of advisers and without apologizing for his value system. Most importantly, Sanders never had to contradict himself because of political pressure, especially since the Vermont Senator has been on the right side of history.

If Edward Snowden Is Right About Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Will Win a Landslide Victory

H. A. Goodman | Posted 10.02.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

What if Edward Snowden is correct to believe that it's "completely ridiculous" to think Clinton's emails were safe? It's logical to assume that national security was jeopardized if Snowden and others feel Clinton was reckless with her intelligence protocol. We're then looking at a Bernie Sanders landslide victory in the Democratic primaries.

10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Will Overtake Hillary Clinton in National Polls Before the Iowa Caucus

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.28.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

Back in late June, when I wrote Why Bernie Sanders Will Become the Democratic Nominee and Defeat Any Republican in 2016, Hillary Clinton had a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders. According to the Huffpost Pollster interactive chart, Clinton's support within the Democratic Party was at 58.3% to only 15.6% for Bernie Sanders. Fast forward a couple of months and Bernie Sanders is now only 7 points from Clinton.

Bernie Sanders Landslide Victory? Non-White Democrats And White Liberals Could Unite To Make This Happen

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.24.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

The only thing preventing Bernie Sanders from a landslide victory in the 2016 Democratic Primaries is the notion that non-white Democrats will automatically side with Hillary Clinton. If this seems like hyperbole or an unrealistic assessment of today's political landscape, then let's look at the big picture.

Bernie Sanders Will Surpass Clinton In South Carolina. Here's Why

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.21.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

An honest comparison between Clinton's actions in 2008 and the record of Bernie Sanders on racial and economic justice will lead to one conclusion: Bernie Sanders will win South Carolina and other Southern states, primarily because he's never utilized race as a means to win an election.

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is A Better Democratic Candidate Than Hillary Clinton

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.18.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

Bernie Sanders is the most electable and honest candidate Democrats have in 2016, which is why he will win the nomination and can easily beat any GOP candidate. After all, you can't win the presidency with the FBI as a running mate and money can't buy a voter's trust.

Bernie Sanders' Stand for Racial Justice Requires That He Stand for Palestine

Zahra Haider | Posted 09.23.2015 | Politics
Zahra Haider

Sanders at Houston town hall meeting in July With a surprising number of Americans now rallying behind the Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders i...

Yankee Doodle Sanders

Jerry Ashton | Posted 09.15.2015 | Politics
Jerry Ashton

Bernie Sanders Came to Town/A-riding on the Polls/Put himself right on the map/And scared those Wall Street Moles.

25 Reasons I'm Voting For Bernie Sanders

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.14.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

The 2016 presidential election will be studied for generations, primarily because it's a turning point in U.S. history. Will the Democratic Party shift even further to the right, or will Democrats nominate a true progressive? I trust Bernie Sanders. I do not trust Hillary Clinton or the GOP.

The British Bernie Sanders

John A. Tures | Posted 09.08.2015 | World
John A. Tures

America's not the only place where the party of the Left is swinging toward the progressive wing of the party. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland, the Labour Party is going through a similar leadership battle. And in both cases the parties are nominating the most unlikely of characters.

Polls Show Bernie Sanders Winning the Democratic Nomination. It's Time for America to Notice.

H. A. Goodman | Posted 09.08.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

Bernie Sanders will become the Democratic nominee, primarily because people trust him and polls are finally beginning to reflect the energy and momentum of his campaign.

High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans

Bernie Sanders | Posted 08.31.2015 | Politics
Bernie Sanders

Americans should not have to live in fear that they will go bankrupt if they get sick. People should not have to go without the medication they need just because their elected officials aren't willing to challenge the drug lobby. The public is fed up, and they have a right to be fed up.

Fascist Trump, Neoliberal Hillary, and Progressive Bernie: Three Contrasting Performance Styles

Anis Shivani | Posted 08.28.2015 | Entertainment
Anis Shivani

I was curious about the big show of humanity Donald Trump assembled in the old Dixie stronghold of Mobile, Alabama, supported by nativist Senator Jeff...

George W. Bush -- Not Bernie Sanders -- Is The Real 'Socialist'

H. A. Goodman | Posted 08.27.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

George W. Bush, not Bernie Sanders, is the real "socialist" of our generation, primarily because the economy collapsed under his tenure and as a result, the conservative president began an ongoing program of government stimulus into various industries.

The Clinton Campaign Didn't Learn from History: Underestimating Barack, Underestimating Bernie

Michael Shammas | Posted 08.14.2015 | Politics
Michael Shammas

Bernie seems to be an alternative to the politics of Clinton. That makes him a threat to the "billionaire" class he is wont to criticize, to Super PACs fueled by Citizens United, and to establishment politicians like Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton ignores Bernie Sanders at her own peril.

Bernie Sanders Continues To Electrify Crowds. The Justice Department Has Clinton's Email Server. See The Difference?

H. A. Goodman | Posted 08.14.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

The words "FBI" and "Justice Department" should never be associated with a presidential campaign. Record crowds of enthusiastic supporters, totaling around 100,000 people in various states, should be associated with a presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton Still Has a Big Lead: Here's How She Could Lose It

John A. Tures | Posted 08.19.2015 | Politics
John A. Tures

Despite what you read in the headlines, Hillary Clinton still has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders nationwide, and beats Republicans in head-to-head match-ups nationwide. But here's how Hillary could lose the election, or even the nomination, if she doesn't watch out.

Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Sabotaging Itself By Disrupting Bernie Sanders Rallies?

Marvin Meadors | Posted 08.11.2015 | Politics
Marvin Meadors

Perhaps this emphasis on real world events instead of abstractions about economic justice will help Sanders with the activists in the Black Lives Matter movement and people of color in general. However, it would be remiss for such activists to let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

Senator Sanders Sends a Message. Who Gets It? Immigrant's Insight

Fiona Citkin, Ph.D. | Posted 08.04.2015 | Politics
Fiona Citkin, Ph.D.

Branding Senator Sanders as "socialist" scares many people. But in his case there's nothing to be afraid of because his definition of socialism means preserving free market and civil liberties and adding a higher level of social justice.

When Republicans Nominate a Billionaire, Only Bernie Sanders Will Save Democrats

H. A. Goodman | Posted 08.03.2015 | Entertainment
H. A. Goodman

All the GOP or their billionaire candidate have to do is tell voters that Clinton was against gay marriage. All they need to say is that she voted for Iraq and was inclined to accept Keystone. With Bernie Sanders, there are no questions about honesty. There's no scandal. There's only a GOP frightened of facing it's polar opposite.

Bernie Sanders for President

Erich Pica | Posted 08.01.2015 | Politics
Erich Pica

Sen. Bernie Sanders has spent a lifetime fighting against this exploitation and motivating people to take action. This is why the Friends of the Earth Action PAC enthusiastically endorses Sen. Sanders for President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton Has A 'White Liberal' Problem That Will Help Bernie Sanders Become Democratic Nominee

H. A. Goodman | Posted 08.01.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

It's tough to represent the hopes of Americans hurt by entrenched political interests when you've taken money from Donald Trump, or you've already run a campaign ad in 2008 that utilizes a "racist sub-message." For these reasons, Clinton's problem with white liberals, and Sanders's eventual appeal to minority voters, will enable Vermont's Senator to win the Democratic nomination.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Never Says, 'When I Become President, I Will Answer Your Question'

H. A. Goodman | Posted 07.29.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

The word "cop-out" has been used by several publications to explain Clinton's viewpoint on both the TPP and Keystone XL.

Reason #1 to Vote Bernie: Sanders Does 'Better Than Clinton' Against GOP in Swing States

H. A. Goodman | Posted 07.24.2015 | Politics
H. A. Goodman

A precedent exists of Clinton's name recognition and political prowess giving way to a relative unknown who electrifies the masses; Sanders is filling arenas for a reason, and it's a similar reason to what made Obama so unique in 2008.