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Senior Voters

4 Helpful Things Every Voter Over 50 Should Know

Anthony Cirillo | Posted 10.29.2016 | Fifty
Anthony Cirillo

Traditionally older Americans vote in larger percentages than the rest of the population. In fact, in the last 38 years, the 65-plus demographic averages a voting percentage of nearly 60 percent. In between the jabs and juvenile antics of the debates, we have not heard much about issues that impact seniors.

Will America's Seniors Vote Against Their Own Self-Interests...Again?

Max Richtman | Posted 08.05.2016 | Politics
Max Richtman

Senior turnout will play a huge role in November's elections which means Democrats must continue to say what they mean, and mean what they say in a full-throated defense against attacks to America's most effective health and retirement security programs.

Will America’s Seniors Vote Against Their Own Self-Interests... Again?

Max Richtman | Posted 08.04.2016 | Fifty
Max Richtman

As a seniors’ advocate who’s worked on aging policy issues for decades, one of the most common questions I hear during campaign season is, “Why ...

Why Every Senior Citizen Should Be an Independent Voter

Bill Hillsman | Posted 08.06.2012 | Politics
Bill Hillsman

Senior citizens need to be independent voters. They have an accumulated wisdom about our politics that the rest of us don't. They should make the two parties come to them and earn their vote, with better ideas and better results.

Midterm Election Postmortem: Mike Bloomberg, Sarah Palin and Alvin Greene

Howard Steven Friedman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Howard Steven Friedman

Bloomberg is a lot more viable than people in the Northeast would like to think. If he is running because he thinks he can pull the Republicans back or make a viable third party movement, he poses a major threat to the Democrats.

McCain's Problem: Not Age, but Condition

Alec Baldwin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Alec Baldwin

One of the first things that supporters of Obama ought to realize is that attacking, belittling or characterizing John McCain by emphasizing his age is a mistake.

Why McCain Fails My Mom's Test

Robert L. Borosage | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Robert L. Borosage

My feisty 94-year-old mother's opposition to McCain isn't really based on his politics. She just thinks his candidacy is an open insult to her intelligence and the intelligence of every American voter.

Wisconsin Diary: My Grandparents Think McCain's Too Old

Dan Treul | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Dan Treul

In a northern Midwestern town, at my cousin's graduation, I got a glimpse of something remarkable, something that may signal yet more troublesome news to the already troubled regiment of McCain campaign strategists.