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Sister Simone Campbell

We Need Congress to Take Action to Protect Working Families This Year

Sr. Simone Campbell | Posted 12.10.2016 | Politics
Sr. Simone Campbell

Disagreements are a valuable part of the process, but Congressional leaders must make it a priority to bridge divides and work together for the benefit of all, with specific care for the most vulnerable.

Sister Simone: Part Joy, Part Stomach Acid

Pat LaMarche | Posted 10.21.2016 | Religion
Pat LaMarche

When Sister Simone Campbell hopped in the van at O'Hare airport, she admitted she'd never been to Joliet, Illinois and knew nothing about the place.

5 Questions With The Director Of 'Radical Grace'

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 05.04.2015 | Religion

A new feature-length documentary follows the social justice activism of three American nuns deemed "radical" by the Vatican. Drawing on the brave ...

Carol Kuruvilla

This Nun Wants You To Have #TaxPayerPride | Carol Kuruvilla | Posted 04.15.2015 | Religion

Tax Day is usually associated with anger, stress and last-minute paperwork, but these faith leaders want to change that. The nuns behind NETWORK, ...

'The First Feminists In America'

HuffPost Live | Ryan Buxton | Posted 03.03.2015 | Women

Author Jo Piazza explores the spirit of activism within the Catholic sisterhood in her new book If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission. Hav...

No One 'Does Catholic' Like the Nuns on the Bus

Charles J. Reid, Jr. | Posted 08.27.2014 | Religion
Charles J. Reid, Jr.

Pope Francis is summoning Catholics -- and all persons of good will -- to heed this message and to take action. And in the United States, no one has taken this call more to heart than the Nuns on the Bus.

What It Means to Be 'A Nun on the Bus'

Sr. Simone Campbell | Posted 08.05.2014 | Religion
Sr. Simone Campbell

We come with our faith and welcome all who want to join us in the quest for justice. You don't have to be a Catholic or a Sister. All are welcome to join us to create community in our hungry world.

Radical Grace: U.S. Nuns Honor Vow by Challenging the Vatican

Gina Messina-Dysert | Posted 07.06.2014 | Religion
Gina Messina-Dysert

Although the Vatican attempted to rein in American nuns for pushing "radical feminist themes," its efforts have been less than successful. Recognizi...

Meet Three Radical Feminist Nuns Who Are Changing The Future Of The Catholic Church

Posted 04.11.2014 | Religion

You don't often encounter the words "radical feminist" and "nuns" in the same sentence, but it is a pretty apt description of Sister Simone Campbell, ...

WATCH: Faith Leaders Who Made A Difference This Year

Posted 12.30.2013 | Religion

As the year draws to a close, we look back on the people who worked to make the world a better place by speaking out for justice. Here is Odyssey ...

WATCH: Religious Leaders Pray For End To Shut Down

The Huffington Post | Paul Brandeis Raushenbush | Posted 10.15.2013 | Religion

Like most Americans, Sister Simone Campbell is feeling desperate about the current stand-off and shut down of the government. So Sister Simone along ...

WATCH: Nuns Hit the Road for Immigration Reform

Bill Moyers | Posted 08.24.2013 | Impact
Bill Moyers

This time they're spreading the good word on immigration reform. We caught up with the group's founder, Sister Simone Campbell, as this year's tour kicked off in Newark, New Jersey, just a short distance from Ellis Island, where so many immigrants first entered the United States.

Recharging Activist Batteries

Kat Katsanis-Semel | Posted 07.10.2013 | GPS for the Soul
Kat Katsanis-Semel

Absorb daily news headlines, and one can conclude that "the common good," must be defended with great courage, wisdom and love. What is the solution? What is the remedy that can both prevent "activist burnout," and alleviate it when it occurs?

Sister Simone Campbell: What Makes This Nun On The Bus Roll?

Paul Brandeis Raushenbush | Posted 07.03.2013 | Religion
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

Many of the governors that are turning down Medicaid claim that they are pro-life and what I say is that they are only pro-birth. If you are pro-life in the richest nation on earth then folks who should have access to health care.

'Nuns On The Bus' Will Hit The Road For Immigration Reform

Posted 05.01.2013 | Religion

By David Gibson Religion News Service NEW YORK (RNS) The “Nuns on the Bus” are revving up their engines for another national campaign, only th...

The Ultimate Women's Gift List

Barbara Lee | Posted 02.17.2013 | Women
Barbara Lee

Forget two turtle doves or five golden rings. This holiday season, women have a lot to celebrate. Here are my 12 standout moments for women in 2012, tied up with a bow.

Sister Simone: The Pro-Life Movement's Best Witness

Morgan Guyton | Posted 12.16.2012 | Religion
Morgan Guyton

In the midst of a situation in which perpetuating the quagmire is in the best interests of both political parties, it's time for the pro-life movement to abandon its partisan approach to this issue. This is where Sister Simone Campbell emerges as a hero in this struggle.

Timothy Dolan And Simone Campbell: The DNC's Dueling Religious

Michele Somerville | Posted 11.12.2012 | Religion
Michele Somerville

I'd sure hate to be the anti-LGBT, anti-woman tantrum-prone cardinal following the sage, rabbinic and serenely exuberant Sister Simone Campbell at the Democratic National Convention. But Timothy Dolan did just that.

Contrasting the Two Conventions

Joan E. Dowlin | Posted 11.10.2012 | Politics
Joan E. Dowlin

As an innocent bystander who watched from home and tried to follow the most important prime-time speeches and then channel surfed for different pundit reactions of both conventions, here is my assessment of the two presidential conventions of 2012.

Sister Simone Campbell Shares Her Political Views At Democratic Convention

The Huffington Post | Jahnabi Barooah | Posted 09.07.2012 | Religion

"I'm one of the Nuns on the Bus. So we have Nuns on the Bus and a nun on the podium." That is how Sister Simone Campbell introduced herself at the Dem...

WATCH: Nuns Speak Out on Faith, Politics and the Ryan Budget

Bill Moyers | Posted 10.22.2012 | Politics
Bill Moyers

2012-08-22-nunsonthebus.JPG Weeks before Republican Paul Ryan was selected to run for vice president, Sister Simone Campbell hit the road to protest the so-called "Ryan budget."

WATCH: Riding with the 'Nuns on the Bus'

Bill Moyers | Posted 08.21.2012 | Religion
Bill Moyers

2012-06-21-simone.JPG To see America through the eyes of these Catholic Sisters is to see an America seldom noticed by either politicians or the press.

You Go, Sisters! Nuns Speak Truth to Power

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm | Posted 08.14.2012 | Politics
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

2012-06-14-nuns.JPG Today I'm not worrying. I'm not fretting. Today I'm joyous -- because the nuns are here. Nuns to the rescue!

Leader Of Embattled Catholic Group Fires Back At Vatican

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 04.21.2012 | Religion

The head of a Catholic lobbying group is fighting back against criticism from the Vatican. "I've no idea what they're talking about," said Sister ...

Dave Jamieson

Jobless Turn Out On Capitol Hill To Press Senators | Dave Jamieson | Posted 12.11.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- A throng of the out-of-work and underemployed gathered in the atrium of a Senate office building Tuesday afternoon to urge lawmakers to ...