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Sit In

NAACP Stages Sit-In To Protest Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions

The Huffington Post | Lilly Workneh | Posted 01.04.2017 | Black Voices

UPDATE: 1/3 ― Several NAACP leaders including president Cornell William Brooks were arrested Tuesday evening after one day of protest, according to ...

Unarmed Truth

Em Powers Hunter | Posted 07.11.2016 | Impact
Em Powers Hunter

Like thousands of other people, every mass shooting affected me and I wrote my share of posts related to the carnage, the tragedy, and the helplessness. I had made that promise to myself but political correctness and Facebook friendships be damned. How could anyone look at the pictures and read the heart-breaking stories and not want action?

Paul Ryan's Dream Crushed

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.06.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Ryan's dream now lies in tatters. It has become something of a nightmare, really. In fact, Ryan has had no more success in getting his caucus to agree on anything than John Boehner managed.

Time For 'Good Trouble' Inside And Outside Congress

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 07.01.2016 | Politics
Marian Wright Edelman

The time for silence and patience is long gone. Congressmen Lewis and his colleagues have vowed to keep going with their fight as soon as the House returns from its July 4th recess. We must stand with them as they continue to get into "good trouble."

Friday Talking Points -- Taking The Trump Exit

Chris Weigant | Posted 06.24.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Donald Trump's name lends itself to all sorts of mashed-up words, but we find it doesn't really work with the big story of the week. British voters decided to take the so-called "Brexit" (or "British exit") from the European Union.

The House Sit-In: Will 90 Percent Of Us Be Heard?!

Susie Sampson | Posted 06.24.2016 | Comedy
Susie Sampson

Gun control. The House sit-in. The Senate filibuster. The NRA, GOP, mass shootings. What's it all about? I wanted to find out some more information about the AR-15 since it seems to be the weapon of mass shooters.

American Growing Pains: Donald Trump, Congress, and the Plague of Hate

Joseph Amodeo | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics
Joseph Amodeo

Wading through this moment of political uncertainty and transition presents us with an opportunity to reflect on three issues that seem to be at the forefront of American politics: The threat of a single man and his bombastic rhetoric attempting to override the American system, the recognition that Congress is in need of a democratic revitalization, and the fact that hate serves only to undermine democracy.

No Bill, No Break

Gabrielle Giffords | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics
Gabrielle Giffords

It's been said that hope was forged of two powerful ingredients: anger at how things are, and the courage to change them. We will not be driven backwards to live in isolation from one another and in fear of violence.

Congresswoman Shows Bullet That Nearly Killed Her

The Huffington Post | Michael McAuliff | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- For Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), being a victim of a mass shooting is not a theoretical idea. She survived one, and on Thursday used h...

Occupy Congress!

Chris Weigant | Posted 06.22.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

As I write this, a protest is occurring on the floor of the House of Representatives. Democrats, led by John Lewis, Jim Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi (and many others), are staging a "sit-in" to protest Republicans' refusal to even hold a vote on any gun control legislation.

Why Every Member Of Congress Should Take An Acting Class

Anthony Meindl | Posted 06.22.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Anthony Meindl

As we continue to process the shootings in Orlando, and now as 60 members of the House of Representatives stage a sit-in to push for gun legislation, ...

Why C-SPAN Should Thank Paul Ryan

DC Vito | Posted 06.22.2016 | Politics
DC Vito

For most Americans, C-SPAN is like a smoke detector. We know it's there but we rarely watch it, taking for granted the fact that we have a (mostly) su...

Democrats Stage Sit-In On House Floor Over Gun Bills

The Huffington Post | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 06.23.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Democrats literally sat down on the floor of the House chamber on Wednesday -- and forced the House into a temporary recess -- as part o...

High Schoolers Stand With Black Lives Matter Activists In Minneapolis

The Huffington Post | Taryn Finley | Posted 11.24.2015 | Black Voices

Five people were shot on Monday night in Minneapolis during a protest for Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old who was fatally shot by a police officer while in...

Julian Bond, Race Man, Poet, Movement-Builder -- and Friend

Roger Hickey | Posted 08.16.2016 | Politics
Roger Hickey

America has lost a great leader, and many of us have lost a good friend. For those of us becoming active in the movement -- especially those of us in the South -- Julian Bond was an absolute hero.

Colleges and Universities Answer the Call on Climate Change

Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. | Posted 06.27.2015 | Green
Ellen Moyer, Ph.D.

Will universities rescue our climate? Not single-handedly. But students, educators, researchers, and administrators are leading the way, lending hope that we will successfully address our climate problem.

PHOTOS: 'Flood Wall Street' Protesters Assemble In New York

The Huffington Post | Katherine Boehrer | Posted 09.22.2014 | Green

A day after the People's Climate March filled the streets of New York, a smaller group of protesters are engaging in non-violent, direct action agains...

Pakistan's Politics: A Soap Opera?

Mariam Khan | Posted 11.17.2014 | World
Mariam Khan

The basic purpose of the government and its bureaucracy is to fulfill the needs of the people they govern. The champions of democracy who are carrying out sit-ins in Islamabad, are they really giving the people their right?

#UMDivest Movement at the University of Michigan

Bayan Founas | Posted 05.26.2014 | College
Bayan Founas

Time and again, Arab students are disappointed with the administration for not taking full accountability for their failed actions in not making campus an inclusive and safe space for all students from different backgrounds.

Photographer Sheila Pree Bright Puts Civil Rights Activists In Your Face In Downtown Atlanta

Sally Hansell | Posted 01.25.2014 | Arts
Sally Hansell

Moving her work out of museums and galleries to Atlanta's inner city streets, Bright plastered walls with monumental portraits of civil rights activists who are now in their 70s and 80s.

LISTEN: Where the Dream Defenders Came From

Ben Wikler | Posted 10.15.2013 | Impact
Ben Wikler

They're being recognized as the next generation of civil rights leaders. But rewind a month, and almost nobody had heard of them. So who are they, and where did they come from?

RISD Students Stage Nation's First Fossil Fuel Divestment Sit-In

Jamie Henn | Posted 06.29.2013 | Green
Jamie Henn

RISD students have been pushing for divestment since January, but after an initially positive response, the Board of Trustees has now refused to move any proposals forward despite large amounts of support from students and faculty.

Breaking: Daring Protesters Shut Down Obama Backed Strip Mine In West Virginia

Jeff Biggers | Posted 09.27.2012 | Green
Jeff Biggers

Ramping up renewed efforts to end mountaintop removal mining in central Appalachia, scores of protesters staged a daring action at the controversial Hobet strip mine today in Lincoln County, West Virginia.

College and University Campus Communities Can Come Together to Eliminate Sexual Violence

S. Daniel Carter | Posted 05.25.2011 | College
S. Daniel Carter

Between one-fifth and one-quarter of all female undergraduates will be the victim of a completed or attempted rape during their college careers.

One Love: The Nation Should Watch the Kentucky Rising Sit-in on Valentine's Day

Jeff Biggers | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Jeff Biggers

The 14 sit-in Kentucky Rising protesters inside the governor's office have electrified the clean energy movement across the nation with an inspiring valentine for the country: This is the year to end mountaintop removal mining.