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Love is All Around: A 360º Horror Story

Michael Morgenstern | Posted 11.01.2016 | Entertainment
Michael Morgenstern

Happy Halloween! I'm incredibly proud to release our newest 360º video: "Love is All Around: A 360º Horror Story". What is your worst fear? Ours is...

Honest Photos Of The 'Leather Community' Show A Softer Side Of Queer S&M

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | Posted 09.07.2016 | Arts

Some happenings are easier to remember than others. These same instances can be simpler to photograph, too. Traveling, for example, can be recalled an...

Pornosophy: The Joys of Nagging

Francis Levy | Posted 05.25.2016 | Arts
Francis Levy

Jung famously said the "craving for alcohol was the equivalent, on a low level, of the spiritual thirst of our our being for wholeness...." The same c...

Church Probes Priest Accused Of Embezzling $1 Million In Gay Sex Exploits

The Huffington Post | Nina Golgowski | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

A New York City priest has stepped down amid allegations that he embezzled more than $1 million from two churches to fund gay, drug-fueled sexcapades....

Why I'm Both Sexually Submissive AND A Feminist

Pamela Madsen | Posted 04.22.2015 | Fifty
Pamela Madsen

Being held in just the way you need to be by someone stronger than you are in that moment, being told what to do in the safe context of a mutually agreed upon power exchange, is pretty damn intoxicating. That is what Christian was trying to offer Ana.

Stephanie Marcus

'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Isn't A Movie About BDSM, And That's A Problem | Stephanie Marcus | Posted 02.16.2015 | Entertainment

Like its source material, the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie is a phenomenon. Sam Taylor-Johnson's much-derided adaptation of E.L. James' more-derided n...

Bettie Page 'Revealed All' to Mark Mori, Director of Sexy, New Biopic

Joshua Kors | Posted 07.13.2014 | Entertainment
Joshua Kors

Few swimsuit models have set the culture on fire quite like Bettie Page.

Can Kinky Sex Be Good For You?

LiveScience | Stephanie Pappas | Posted 02.26.2014 | Science

Sadomasochism, or sexual enjoyment from giving or receiving pain, may be a meditative experience and in some cases may lead to an altered state of con...

Catherine Pearson

The Diagnosis That Finally Explained This Little Girl's Struggle | Catherine Pearson | Posted 12.20.2013 | Parents

For weeks after she started preschool, Alvin Asencio, 27, and his wife Krystal, 28, thought their daughter, Kailee, was just battling typical shyness ...

REVEALED: Why Pain Can Be Pleasurable

Posted 03.01.2013 | Science

By: Tia Ghose, LiveScience Staff Writer Published: 02/26/2013 03:08 PM EST on LiveScience Pain isn't always a pain. Sometimes it can actually feel...

WATCH: '50 Shapes Of Grey' Exercise Program Works Out The Kinks

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 01.10.2013 | Weird News

It's no stretch to say that '50 Shades Of Grey' has permeated all parts of pop culture, but now a fitness expert is muscling in with a workout based o...

Harvard S&M Club In Session!

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 11.30.2012 | College

Harvard University, home to the best and the brightest, now has an official club for the kinkiest. Harvard College Munch for the BDSM set will be a...

Andrew Christian's S&M Fantasy

Michael Kleinmann | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Michael Kleinmann

"People are becoming more open about their sexuality; gay men especially like to see the envelope pushed," Andrew Christian, the brand's designer and owner, told The Underwear Expert. "Lights Out," an S&M fantasy brought to life, is the newest video from the Los Angeles brand.

Swedish Woman's Secret Sex Chamber Mistaken For Crime Scene

Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 06.12.2012 | Weird News

A Swedish mom has a face that is 50 shades of red ever since police came across a secret sex chamber she set up at an abandoned military bunker near t...

Fifty Shades of Frustration: My Grievances With E.L. James' Provocative New Novel

Natalie Thomas | Posted 07.30.2012 | Home
Natalie Thomas

What Sex and the City did for women's sexuality, Fifty Shades takes to another level. Christian Grey might even make Samantha Jones blush.

PAIN EQUALS PLEASURE: LA Bondage Convention A Big Hit (NSFW)

Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 05.21.2012 | Weird News

Bondage buffs from as far away as Europe and Japan beat a path to Los Angeles this past weekend just for the chance to get beaten. It's all part of...

Is BDSM Normal Or Brand-spanking New? | Posted 04.24.2012 | Weird News

The popular book Fifty Shades Of Grey, about a nice-looking young man who is into sexualized corporal punishment (BDSM, I suppose) and the woman who l...

'Fifty Shades Of Grey': Is The Hottest-Selling Book In America Really Just 'S&M For Dummies?'

Jesse Kornbluth | Posted 05.12.2012 | Home
Jesse Kornbluth

As a reading experience, Fifty Shades or Grey is a sad joke, puny of plot, padded with conversations that are repeated five or six times and email exchanges that are neither romantic nor witty.

David LaChapelle on the Downfalls of Modern Art (VIDEO) | Posted 04.30.2012 | Arts

The photographer David LaChapelle needs little introduction. Since Andy Warhol offered him his first job at Interview magazine back in 1984 he has bec...

WATCH: Rihanna's New Video Rips Off Famous Photographer... Again?

Posted 12.23.2011 | Arts

While most of us watched Rihanna's new music video for 'You Da One' in an entranced fugue state, mouse hovering over the 'replay' button, amazingly s...

Rihanna And David LaChapelle Settle 'S&M' Lawsuit

Posted 12.20.2011 | Arts

Although Rihanna has crooned "it feels so good being bad," it looks like she got a small taste of punishment for her 'S&M' music video this week, and ...

The Dumbest Things About Being A Dominatrix (NSFW)

Dumb As A Blog | David Moye | Posted 11.26.2011 | Weird News

Bettie is a dominatrix. Based in Dallas, Texas, the 23-year-old philosophy student has spent the last three years making a living beating the crap out...

The Irrationality of Love and Art

George Heymont | Posted 05.25.2011 | Arts
George Heymont

In 1964, when the United States Supreme Court ruled on Jacobellis v. Ohio, Associate Justice Potter Stewart gained fame for his description of obscen...

The F Word: The RNC Stripper Stimulus

Laura Flanders | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Laura Flanders

Maybe they're not so against stimulus after all. In fact, the Republican National Committee has been giving a little stimulus of their own to an overlooked demographic group: strippers.

The Kink In The Corner: Get That "Chauvinist" Some Handcuffs!

E. A. Hanks | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
E. A. Hanks

I wish I had a video of my reaction to something I saw on the internet yesterday. It was something partly foul, partly insulting, and it was so ridicu...