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Small Business

5 Lessons in Efficiency for Small Business Owners

Brian Honigman | Posted 09.02.2013 | Small Business
Brian Honigman

Running your small business as efficiently as possible is vital for its continued success in the ever-changing marketplace. Achieving maximum productivity in everything your business does is a difficult feat but it is entirely possible with the right strategy in place.

Long Weekend? 4 Ways to Make Sure You Are Refreshed for Next Week

Rebekah Epstein | Posted 09.02.2013 | Small Business
Rebekah Epstein

For this Fourth of July weekend, I challenge you to put the entrepreneurial guilt aside, and actually enjoy yourself! You eventually have to accept that your to-do list will never be completed.

Improving Customer Retention

William A. Beachy | Posted 10.22.2013 | Small Business
William A. Beachy

Nothing will replace good service. No amount of holiday cards, phone calls, discounts or anything else will make up for poor service. When a client brings you a project, you need to treat them like royalty.

Tired of Replacing Expensive Bras, This Mother of Three Came Up With An Uplifting Solution

Posted 07.03.2013 | MarloThomas

One of the reasons I started my website is that I wanted a place for women to come together and dream. We women need to know that we don't have to ha...

SAP's CMO: 10 Ways To Architect A Digital, Social Business

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.02.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most social CMOs in the world, Jonathan Becher, the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, arguably on...

From Idea to IPO: Getting Started

Daniel Newman | Posted 09.01.2013 | Small Business
Daniel Newman

To be a successful entrepreneur you are able to, either by force or through vision, change direction when you see an insurmountable challenge.

Five Tools Every Project Manager Needs

Greg Voakes | Posted 08.31.2013 | Small Business
Greg Voakes

Whether you're new to the project management space or you're simply looking for some updated, innovative ways to change things up for your team, there's a variety of quality project management services readily available and at your disposal.

Final Immigration Bill Should Balance Small Business Needs

John Arensmeyer | Posted 08.28.2013 | Small Business
John Arensmeyer

Running a small business is a constant balancing act. Entrepreneurs have to balance inventory with profits, employee hours with demand.

How to Take Control of a Failing Business

Deborah Sweeney | Posted 08.28.2013 | Small Business
Deborah Sweeney

The reality, unfortunately, is that businesses fail and learning how to handle a failing business is as important as knowing how to run a successful one. With that in mind, if you do find yourself at the helm of a sinking ship, there are a few things you should do.

5 Tips On Working With Your Adult Children In A Small Business

Melinda Emerson | Posted 08.27.2013 | Small Business
Melinda Emerson

Staffed solely by family, her husband, son and daughter, Linda could have easily retired when she sold the business for a healthy seven-figure number. Instead, she assisted her husband with his company for several years, and eventually was recruited by her son to join and economically back his business, Infusion Sciences. This move made her son, Budge Collinson, Linda's new boss.

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Tax Returns That May Lead to Missed Tax Benefits

Mark Steber | Posted 08.27.2013 | Small Business
Mark Steber

It is not a best practice to try to do everything yourself -- even in the short time of start-up or beginning a business. The chances are good that you need the expert services of a local small business in areas such as marketing, bookkeeping, law, and taxes.

Time Is Money: Are Your Work Habits Costing You Cash?

Brazen Life | Posted 08.27.2013 | Small Business
Brazen Life

We've all heard the phrase "time is money." How much are your work patterns costing you? With a bit of reflection and a few adjustments, you can keep the clock from cashing in.

Fashion With Common 'Cents': 5 Tips to Start a Business

Ryan Mack | Posted 08.26.2013 | Small Business
Ryan Mack

There are two types of people in this country. There are those who wait for their ship to come in, and there are those who learn how to swim out to the ship. In this volatile economy, we need many more of the latter.

10 Lessons Big Employers Can Learn From Startups

Heather Huhman | Posted 08.25.2013 | Business
Heather Huhman

Startups are leading the way in creating great work environments. By following a few lessons from startups, large employers will be able to meet the needs of their employees and provide a rewarding work experience.

An Ankle Bracelet for the Fourth of July

Robert Hoch | Posted 08.25.2013 | Religion
Robert Hoch

People who self-identify as disciples of Christ must once and for all break with any notion that capitalism is somehow a "benevolent" system or even a "neutral" one.

How to Spot Cyber Vulnerabilities in Your Business!

Ebong Eka | Posted 08.25.2013 | Small Business
Ebong Eka

According to a recent Reuters article, Facebook inadvertently exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of approximately 6 million people to unaut...

Veteran Takes Own Advice About Business Ownership

Heather Rosen | Posted 08.25.2013 | DC
Heather Rosen

The franchising industry sees veterans as an opportunity. They generally are excellent matches for franchise systems, which reward adaptable, detail-oriented, diligent professionals who excel at following prescribed systems.

6 Lessons I've Learned as an Entrepreneur

Joan Fallon | Posted 08.25.2013 | Small Business
Joan Fallon

Anyone who tells you that it's easy to build a new company from scratch has never done it. The journey is complex, challenging and life-changing. If your company is based on a disruptive idea or technology, it's even harder.

8 Cardinal Rules for Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Women & Co | Posted 08.24.2013 | Business
Women & Co

Over a year ago, I began my quest to find answers to my two most pressing entrepreneurial questions: What does it really take for an entrepreneur to be successful? And what does it take for a business owner to be the best of the best?

How to Develop an Editorial Calendar for Your Business

M. Shannon Hernandez | Posted 08.23.2013 | Small Business
M. Shannon Hernandez

I am going to share with you my top tips for developing an editorial calendar that will work wonders for your content marketing campaign and social media management.

Why I Hire English Majors

Steve Strauss | Posted 08.23.2013 | Small Business
Steve Strauss

Business majors are fine, but they are preoccupied with theory, proving themselves, and doing it "right." But the English majors are used to getting a tough assignment, figuring it out, and getting it done, (usually) on time.

National Small Business Week: A Great 50th Birthday

John Arensmeyer | Posted 08.21.2013 | Small Business
John Arensmeyer

As we celebrate small businesses this week, it's critical to reflect on their impact to our economy. Small firms account for half of private sector employment and have created two out of three net new jobs over the past couple decades.

Small Businesses: Uncle Sam's Calling on You

Dr. Jill Biden | Posted 08.21.2013 | Small Business
Dr. Jill Biden

Small businesses play a critical role in helping our economy, but to stay competitive they need access to a motivated, flexible and skilled workforce.

Drink What You've Dumped--Personal Responsibility In The Workplace

Tom Lowery | Posted 08.21.2013 | Small Business
Tom Lowery

It's crucial to the survival of large and small corporations to drop the ancient mentality of the past and step up to the needs of today's world. Managers and employees must work together for a mutually respectful environment to the benefit of all concerned--not just the company itself.

The Audacity of Audacity: Entrepreneurs Must Be Crazy

Morra Aarons-Mele | Posted 08.20.2013 | Small Business
Morra Aarons-Mele

If I had one request for leaders during this Small Business Week, it would be for successful businesspeople -- those with assets, experience and networks - to encourage a small business owner to embrace audacity and think big.