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Small Business

If At First You Don't Succeed, Start A Wine Club

Posted 02.05.2015 | Small Business

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan once said, “Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing.” We believe this to be true. To highl...

How One Young Entrepreneur Is Revolutionizing the Bow Tie

Carol J. Carter | Posted 02.04.2015 | Small Business
Carol J. Carter

As a high school student, Brandon Etheridge liked wearing bow ties but couldn't afford to buy new ones and keep his look "fresh." He had an idea: Invent an interchangeable bow tie that you can mix and match and get more use out of. Now, at 18 years old, Brandon is a full-time student with a bow tie company, Deck Head. Here's Brandon's story.

Women in Business Q&A: Dawn Fotopulos, Founder of Best Small Biz Help

Laura Dunn | Posted 02.01.2015 | Business
Laura Dunn

Dawn Fotopulos is the associate professor of business at The King's College, the founder of and author of Accounting for the Numberphobic: A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners (AMACOM, Sept. 3, 2014).

How Social SMBs Can Land a Super Bowl Two-Point Conversion

Andre Bourque | Posted 01.31.2015 | Small Business
Andre Bourque

According to the State of Small Business Report, 57 percent of small businesses anticipate revenue growth in 2015 and the Super Bowl may be the first big opportunity for that growth. There are many ways local, small businesses and those around the nation can benefit from the big game.

More "New" Rules of Networking

Michael Goldberg | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
Michael Goldberg

As I mentioned in my last article, The "New" Rule of Networking, there are absolutely rules when it comes to networking. They're just not written, enforced by a governing body, or mentioned at the beginning of a networking event before you "touch gloves" and come out networking.

7 Ways to Score with Content Marketing

La Tanya Williams | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
La Tanya Williams

7. Don't simply blast content. Engage and converse. You'll be surprised at how a few happy customers can build rapport with a large audience.

8 Sales and Marketing Questions to Help Your Business Systematically Scale

David Finkel | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
David Finkel

One place that Klayton got bogged down was that he, personally, was involved in roughly half of his company's sales. Here are eight questions to help you map out some simple first steps to start to remedy this situation so that your company is primed to grow -- systematically.

A New National Norm to Restore Small Businesses

John Hope Bryant | Posted 01.30.2015 | Small Business
John Hope Bryant

Reversing the trend of small business failures in our country means sparking a new generation to innovate, to collaborate, to turn a buck into a billion as so many young entrepreneurs have done in generations before them. Frankly, this simply must become a new national norm.

Five Tips to Help Improve your PR Strategy

Ariel Kramer | Posted 01.30.2015 | Small Business
Ariel Kramer

Instant gratification is far from reality in the world of seeking media attention. Getting publicity is all about persistence and remembering that the media wants to supply information that will keep their audience tuned in-not out.

Transform Your Performance Reviews from Painful to Successful

Alex and Cadey Charfen | Posted 01.30.2015 | Small Business
Alex and Cadey Charfen

The performance review has become more about the process and the obligation of completing one than actually providing value to employees, which makes the whole endeavor a bit ridiculous.

Small Businesses Can Reap Benefits From Contracted Working Mothers

Manon DeFelice | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
Manon DeFelice

While larger companies are able to avoid such pitfalls by hiring experts and professionals to address knowledge gaps, small businesses rarely have the budget to add full-time salaried employees.

Roadmap to Leaving Your Corporate Job & Starting a Creative Business: 6 months after launch (Part 6)

Sumeera Rasul | Posted 01.30.2015 | Small Business
Sumeera Rasul

I see so many designers launching their product on pure faith and often without any real feedback from their potential customers beyond their friends and family. The tendency is to think that the product will sell itself and somehow the business will reach continuous growth.

32 Effective Formats to Package Your Systems

David Finkel | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
David Finkel

Have you ever been frustrated that your staff has ignored the step-by-step systems you created to lead them through a defined process? Well maybe the problem isn't with your staff, but instead it lies with how you packaged the process you created.

8 Out of 10 Statistics Are Completely Made Up

Paul Jarvis | Posted 01.30.2015 | Business
Paul Jarvis

The next time anyone quotes a random statistic at me, I'm answering with, "Eight of 10 statistics are completely made up  - - and sorry, I can't remember the source on this one."

7 Business Tools That Will Save You Time

Miranda Marquit | Posted 01.29.2015 | Small Business
Miranda Marquit

If you are looking for business tools that will help you handle some of the more mundane tasks, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what's really important, try these.

Trade Deals Would Open New Channels for Small Business Growth

Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet | Posted 01.29.2015 | Politics
Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet

Passing new trade agreements would be critical to our smaller exporters, which don't have offshore affiliates to help them overcome trade barriers and gain market access. Trade promotion opens doors for small businesses that would otherwise remain closed. Chief Strategy Officer: Companies Must Innovate Around The Customer

Vala Afshar | Posted 01.30.2015 | Technology
Vala Afshar

Coming out of the marketing industry, Lazerow offers marketers advice on how to connect with customers in a whole new way by rethinking what marketing really means based on data, analytics and the evolutions of expectations on the part of brands and their customers.

5 Areas of Focus Your 2015 SEO Strategy Must Include

Jonathan Long | Posted 01.28.2015 | Small Business
Jonathan Long

A search engine optimization strategy that isn't constantly adjusting is destined for failure. While there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to SEO, here are five areas of focus that can help improve your overall search visibility campaign.

Say I Can't and I'll Prove You Wrong

Chelsea Berler | Posted 01.28.2015 | Healthy Living
Chelsea Berler

Living with a "can't" mindset can be debilitating and prevent us from reaching something truly great in our lives. But how do we shake it? How do we use the word "no" as fuel for our creativity and power for overcoming our obstacles? I'm going to tell you how I did it.

The Multimodal CIO for the Digital Business Era

Vala Afshar | Posted 01.28.2015 | Business
Vala Afshar

Today, in the data-driven era of digitalization with outsourcing, the cloud, and consumerized IT, the CIO can potentially influence the organization more than ever.

Product-Based Businesses Expect Increase in Revenue in 2015

Andre Bourque | Posted 01.28.2015 | Business
Andre Bourque

This report highlights the optimism many small businesses have as 2015 begins. With the economy gradually improving, SMBs have a prime opportunity to reach out to new consumers and convert them into return customers who will continue to buy from them for many years.

Business Continuity: 4 Core Principles to Be Successful

Patrick Duroseau | Posted 01.27.2015 | Small Business
Patrick Duroseau

Business continuity is a plan put in place to keep a business running in the event of a disaster, and is most important to organizations that are transaction-based. Transaction-based organizations rely on user input to produce user data in a timely manner.

3 Savvy Business Strategies From a Broadway Star

John Bowen | Posted 01.27.2015 | Small Business
John Bowen

As entrepreneurs, we may not technically be actors. But we are always on stage -- communicating, presenting ourselves and our ideas, and trying to connect with our customers, partners and teams.

The United States' First CTO: 6 Business Innovation Lessons

Vala Afshar | Posted 01.27.2015 | Technology
Vala Afshar

Most people do not associate innovation and the notion of a lean startup with government, but former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States Aneesh Chopra shares his insights about data and how government data can be a force of positive change to enable the private sector for the benefit of everyone.

5 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About 'Facebook At Work'

Deborah Sweeney | Posted 01.26.2015 | Business
Deborah Sweeney

After a small bit of fanfare and conjecture, Facebook rolled out a limited beta for its 'Facebook At Work' service. And while not much has leaked out of the limited testing, people have wondered just what Facebook is offering with this new app.