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Small Business

From Athens To The U.S., This Greek Startup Wants to Make Hiring Easier

The Huffington Post Greece | Despina Trivoli | Posted 05.11.2015 | World

Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis established Workable in October 2012. Their aim was to create a software that would relieve the burden small...

Infographic: You're a Horrific Employee, But These 3 Questions Can Make You Amazing

Ramon Nuez | Posted 05.08.2015 | Small Business
Ramon Nuez

Yes, you are a bad employee. Worse you are a disengaged employee. Ultimately you hate your job, but you're terrified of leaving because...

The State of U.S. Small Business: Progress Made, Work to Be Done

Frank Islam | Posted 05.18.2015 | Small Business
Frank Islam

This is National Small Business Week. It has been so designated by the SBA. Our question is whether this week should be a time to celebrate accomplishments or to reflect on the work that remains to be done to continue to level the playing field for small businesses.

5 Ways to Ensure You Are Writing Intelligent Content

M. Shannon Hernandez | Posted 05.07.2015 | Small Business
M. Shannon Hernandez

It's one thing to write content for your content marketing efforts, and it's another to write intelligent content.

Is a Startup Right for You?

Scott MacFarland | Posted 05.07.2015 | Business
Scott MacFarland

There seems to be a lot of buzz right now that talks about why today's college graduates should start their own business or work for a startup when they graduate.

For Cash-Strapped Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, These Digital Solutions Provide Funds

Shindy Chen | Posted 05.15.2015 | Small Business
Shindy Chen

To round off National Small Business Week, we're looking at ways small business owners and entrepreneurs can get a leg up on short-term funding and beginning capital. All online, and fast.

Our Conversation on the Challenges and Possibilities of the Next 10 Years

Arianna Huffington | Posted 05.07.2015 | Business
Arianna Huffington

On Monday night we celebrated HuffPost's 10-year anniversary with a party at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. And since HuffPost and Goldman Sachs have partnered for nearly three years to spotlight solutions around the world, we had a conversation about what we've learned and what's in store for the next 10 years. Here is a lightly edited transcription of our conversation.

8 Steps to Mastermind More Effectively Inside Your Company to Solve Your Toughest Challenges

David Finkel | Posted 05.07.2015 | Business
David Finkel

Imagine you have a key challenge to solve in your business, one that affects your company in a big way. You gather your key players in a room to brainstorm ideas and figure out the best path forward.

4 Cloud Computing Security Myths Debunked

Jonha Revesencio | Posted 05.07.2015 | Small Business
Jonha Revesencio

Just because it's hard to understand how cloud computing works, many managers feel paranoid about cloud safety. Ease their minds by debunking three of the most pervasive cloud security myths.

In Celebration of Mother's Day: We Celebrate the Entrepreneur in Every Mom

Nellie Akalp | Posted 05.07.2015 | Small Business
Nellie Akalp

Sleepless nights, early mornings, weekdays that blur into weekends and back into weekdays. If this sounds familiar, you're either a small business owner, or maybe a mom.

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Email Marketing

Erik Harbison | Posted 05.06.2015 | Technology
Erik Harbison

Remember the days when you needed to drive a quick increase in signups, sales or downloads and you could simply send an email to your 'list'? While you still may be able to do this in some respects, all future trends lead to more and more control being snatched from marketers and placed in the hands (literally) of the customer.

When Intellectual Capacity Exceeds Emotional Intelligence

TJ Trent | Posted 05.06.2015 | Business
TJ Trent

Entrepreneurs are some of the smartest and most talented individuals I have ever met. They're members of an elite group that have incubated ideas into billion dollar corporations, created the modern micro-computer, and made quitting the day job all the rage.

Case Study: How Former Army Major Scaled His Company

David Finkel | Posted 05.06.2015 | Small Business
David Finkel

Blake Schwank owns a successful I.T. services business in Colorado. He started Colorado Computer Support after 11 years of active duty in the U.S. Ar...

Coupling a Passion for Food and a Desire to Make a Difference for Cancer Patients in Arizona

Jennifer Caraway | Posted 05.21.2015 | Impact
Jennifer Caraway

Today The Joy Bus is an all-volunteer organization that delivers healthy, homemade meals to cancer patients and their families each week. As much as possible, we use fresh, organic, locally-sourced ingredients and we prepare meals to order to meet the dietary needs of each person.

How to Change Your Beliefs and Stick to Your Goals for Good

James Clear | Posted 05.06.2015 | Healthy Living
James Clear

Your goal isn't to be perfect. Your goal is simply to win the majority of the time. And if you cast enough votes for the right identity, eventually the good behaviors will win out.

How to Magically Transform Your Average Life Into a Calling

Ramon Nuez | Posted 05.06.2015 | Small Business
Ramon Nuez

Finding your life's purpose is a painful journey and one where failure becomes an intimate friend. So it's not surprising that the average person never finds his or her calling. Instead, the average person is satisfied with existing

Avoid the Bermuda Triangle of Marketing Leads

Vala Afshar | Posted 05.06.2015 | Business
Vala Afshar

When it comes to marketing, understanding the buyer's journey is critical for success, but guiding the lead journey can be just as important. Often leads get stuck in the sales funnel or completely lost. This is an important consideration where big marketing data can help.

5 Lies Employers Use to Not Give You a Raise

Brian de Haaff | Posted 05.06.2015 | Business
Brian de Haaff

Smart employers recognize the value of their employees, and they find a way to give them a raise. Even a company that is genuinely struggling should continue to invest in employees. Employees are their most important asset.

Dean Krstevski: The Three Key Elements of Successful Startup

Jonha Revesencio | Posted 06.24.2015 | Small Business
Jonha Revesencio

This is part of the Startup Mentor series -- featuring startup experts who share their advice in building successful businesses. He was one of the ...

4 Stupid Mistakes That Get Your Emails Deleted

Sajeel Qureshi | Posted 05.05.2015 | Small Business
Sajeel Qureshi

Chances are you've read bad unsolicited emails and probably sent a few yourself. Don't you get frustrated when people don't respond to you? If you're ready to stop ticking recipients off then stop doing these four stupid things when you send them emails.

Mompreneur Spotlight: Founder of Hint Water, Kara Goldin

Anjali Varma | Posted 05.05.2015 | Small Business
Anjali Varma

When Kara Goldin started putting fruit in her water 10 years ago, she had no idea that she had stumbled upon a business idea that would eventually lead to the creation of a new category in the beverage industry, grow to a 40 million dollar company, and help her lose over 25 pounds in the process.

Creating Winning North Carolina Startups

John Austin | Posted 05.06.2015 | Impact
John Austin

We measure our success by the revenue and employment achieved by the startups we fund, and other funding milestones along the way. Since 2006, NC IDEA has provided over $3.7 million dollars to 93 startups in North Carolina.

Go Local

Josh Gershonowicz | Posted 05.05.2015 | Small Business
Josh Gershonowicz

One of the most efficient and cost-effective decisions a small business can make is to invest in their community by joining their local chamber of ...

Passion: The Leading Motivation for Women Business Owners

David L. Brown | Posted 05.04.2015 | Small Business
David L. Brown

When addressing the reasons that drive people to open a small business, it seems that we've always assumed women, specifically, leave corporate America to achieve a better work-life balance. A new survey of 300 women business owners (WBOs) suggests differently.

National Small Business Week: A Reminder to Keep Entrepreneurs Top of Mind Year-Round

John Arensmeyer | Posted 05.05.2015 | Small Business
John Arensmeyer

In 1963, President Kennedy proclaimed the first National Small Business Week to honor our nation's entrepreneurs whose innovative spirit and hard work helped make our country great. For more than 50 years, we've carried on the tradition of celebrating small businesses, and for good reason.