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Snap Benefits

Scott Walker Sues Feds Over Food Stamp Drug Testing

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 07.15.2015 | Politics

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of many Republicans seeking their party's presidential nomination, is suing the federal government over his plan to m...

Arthur Delaney

Food Stamp Enrollment Falls | Arthur Delaney | Posted 05.12.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Food stamp enrollment has dipped beneath 46 million for the first time since 2011, according to the latest numbers from the federal gove...

Arthur Delaney

Food Stamp Recipients More Likely To Be Obese, Study Finds | Arthur Delaney | Posted 05.05.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Food stamp recipients are more likely to be obese than the general population, according to new research from the federal government. ...

Some Question Whether States Should Tell Welfare Recipients How To Spend Their Benefits

Pew's Stateline | Teresa Wiltz | Posted 04.24.2015 | Politics

This piece comes to us courtesy of Stateline. Stateline is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts that provides daily repo...

These 10 States Are Launching An Ambitious New Effort To Help The Jobless Find Work

Pew's Stateline | Jake Grovum | Posted 04.14.2015 | Politics

This piece comes to us courtesy of Stateline. Stateline is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts that provides daily repo...

Why Our Food = Our Politics

Ozy | Tom Colicchio | Posted 11.26.2014 | Politics

This story was originally published on Ozy. Tom Colicchio is an award-winning chef, restaurateur and Top Chef host who learned how to cook from Ma ...

Government Nutrition Program's Problems Driving Some Low-Income Women Away

Reuters | Posted 11.19.2014 | Politics

By Annika McGinnis WASHINGTON, Sept 19 (Reuters) - A government nutrition program for pregnant mothers and small children has not kept...

Why The Numbers 1 and 5 Are Near And Dear To My Heart

Roman Coley Davis | Posted 09.10.2014 | Impact
Roman Coley Davis

Even though I sat at their same table, I just couldn't give up on them. Those kids needed someone, and I refused to allow myself to be discouraged. I refused to allow my advocacy to waiver. I refused to stop and lick my wounds. I tried my damnedest to give a voice to those voiceless children. I kept fighting, kept moving, and was never out of the fight -- just as the Army trained me.

What I Realized When I Finally Decided To Sign Up For Food Stamps

Dennis Powers | Posted 07.14.2014 | Politics
Dennis Powers

These were not the dregs of society looking for a handout. These were working people, just like me, who just needed some help. This was a shocking reminder of what has become of the middle class.

To the Woman Behind Me in Line at the Grocery Store

Andrea Gardner | Posted 04.22.2016 | Good News
Andrea Gardner

You don't know me. You have no clue that my family has gone through the wringer. You have no clue that we have faced unbelievable hardship. You know none of this but you didn't let that stop you from being compassionate and generous to someone you have never met.

I'm a Single Working Mom -- Stop Calling Me a 'Taker'

Janice Benson | Posted 04.14.2014 | Politics
Janice Benson

Some days I am so weary I could sit and cry, if I didn't have so much to do. Entire networks and politicians make careers out of demonizing women like me as takers. Meanwhile, I just pray and work.

Report: Nearly Half Of NYC Food Banks Ran Out Of Supplies After SNAP Benefits Were Cut

The Huffington Post | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 01.24.2014 | Impact

The $5 billion cut to food stamps that went into effect in November has forced struggling New Yorkers to turn to pantries for help, but many of the or...

Study: Cutting Food Stamps Would Cost, Not Save

The Huffington Post | Lydia O'Connor | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living

Proposed slashes to monthly food stamp programs could cost more than they save, suggests a University of California, San Francisco study linking limit...

Guideposts on the Road Back to Factville, 2013 Edition

Jared Bernstein | Posted 02.26.2014 | Business
Jared Bernstein

We at CBPP make a lot of revealing graphs. But I've chosen the ones that I think shine the brightest light on the path back to smart fiscal and economic policy.

SNAP: A Critical Safety Net for Millions in Need

Colleen Callahan | Posted 02.18.2014 | Impact
Colleen Callahan

Recently, I traveled to San Antonio, Texas to interview Virginia, whose story illustrates the important role SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) plays in the lives of 48 million Americans. This program, formerly known as the food stamps program, is the federal government's first line of defense against food insecurity in the United States.

Bagels and de Blasio: Can New York's Next Mayor Advance City Food Beyond Bloomberg?

Alison Rose Levy | Posted 01.25.2014 | New York
Alison Rose Levy

By seeking input and obtaining buy-in from the populace, de Blasio may have better luck than his predecessor even in the latter's chosen food arena.

Bullies With Buggies -- How Register Rage Blinds Otherwise Reasonable People to the Facts

Sue Kerr | Posted 10.19.2013 | Business
Sue Kerr

There's a persistent group of bullies in our society who use grocery shopping to exert moral pressure on poor people to prove they "earned" the right to choose their own groceries.

Revisiting SNAP Rolls and the Economy

Jared Bernstein | Posted 08.18.2013 | Business
Jared Bernstein

Contrary to conservative claims that the food stamp, or SNAP, program has run amok, participation is high for a reason: there are still a lot of folks struggling to provide their families with adequate nutrition.

If You Don't Work, You Should Not Eat: The Hypocrisy of Congressional Public Theologians

Andre E. Johnson | Posted 08.06.2013 | Politics
Andre E. Johnson

In our season of continued austerity, (despite evidence that it is not working), the House Agriculture Committee met to discuss cutting 4.1 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps) or SNAP program.

Congress: Do No Harm to SNAP

James S. Marks | Posted 07.21.2013 | Politics
James S. Marks

Cutting SNAP is precisely the wrong prescription for our children and the nation's economic recovery. The notion that SNAP benefits are an overly generous handout could not be further from the truth.

The War on Poverty Is a War on Silence: Local Communities Must Raise Their Voices to SNAP the Silence

Valerie Ervin | Posted 04.07.2013 | Impact
Valerie Ervin

While living on a SNAP budget for just a week will not come close to the struggles encountered by low-income working families, it will provide a new perspective and greater understanding for those who take part.

Working Hard to Get Back on Track

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 07.11.2012 | Politics
Marian Wright Edelman

Programs like Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, food stamps, and transitional housing are lifelines that work when people fall on hard times. We need to preserve them. But that's not what the Ryan "reconciliation budget" just passed by the House of Representatives would do.

Food Stamps Soda Ban: The Wrong Way to Fight Obesity

Joel Berg | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Joel Berg

Well-heeled conservatives and progressives always seem to unite on one issue: dictating that poor people should behave more virtuously than they themselves do.

To Prove Bi-Partisanship, End U.S. Hunger

Joel Berg | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Joel Berg

Both sides are convinced that poverty-related discussion will scare away middle-class voters, ignoring the reality that tens of millions of Americans, formerly solidly middle-class, teeter on the edge of poverty and hunger themselves.