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Why Smartphones Are Not Ruining Our Lives

Sharon Greenthal | Posted 11.24.2015 | Fifty
Sharon Greenthal

I feel a little badly for people who use their smartphones all the time. Not because they're missing out on 'real life' and have devolved into non-communicative, self-absorbed animatrons, but because I completely understand the need to be always distracted.

These Kylie Jenner Snapchats May Be A Message To Tyga

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 11.21.2015 | Entertainment

Tyga can't keep up with the Kardashians anymore. After the rapper's significant other, Kylie Jenner, failed to make an appearance at his birthday par...

Bernie Sanders Joins Snapchat: Here's a Hilarious Video About His Social Media Journey (NSFW)

Brian Hanley | Posted 11.16.2015 | Politics
Brian Hanley


Snapchat Users Don't Want To Start Paying For Lenses

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 11.13.2015 | Technology

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Snapchat Signs Another Publisher: The Wall Street Journal

Re/code | Judah Robinson | Posted 11.13.2015 | Media

The Wall Street Journal is going after a new audience. So, apparently, is Snapchat. The Journal will soon be joining Snapchat’s group of Discove...

How to Stay Relevant as a Parent in the Digital Age | Posted 11.10.2015 | Parents

Kids in the House and Yalda T. Uhls want to bring attention to the challenges of parenting in a digital age.  As parents, how do you stay relevant in the digital age and how do you deal with your kids’ constant consumption of digital media?

What Snapchat's Latest Privacy Update Actually Means For You

The Huffington Post | Alexander Howard | Posted 11.06.2015 | Technology

Every time a tech service poorly communicates changes to its Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, the users of its platform lose. Thi...

Science Says Snapchat Makes You Happy

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 10.30.2015 | Technology

Snapchat may seem like the place for the silliest moments in your life -- but a recent study from the University of Michigan suggests that those might...

Three Reasons Why You Will Hate Snapchat -- but Should Try it Anyway

Bruce Reyes-Chow | Posted 10.29.2015 | Technology
Bruce Reyes-Chow

In talking with folks, I have heard everything from the frustrated "I just don't get it" to some variation of the awkward, "Oh isn't that the one you send naked pictures to strangers?" Yes, yes it is. I am, in fact encouraging you to start sending nudies to random people on the street.

We Ate Our Way Through The Lower East Side's Latin Food Scene

The Huffington Post | Julia Bush | Posted 10.26.2015 | Latino Voices

Finding delicious Latin food can be difficult, especially in a place as big as New York City.  So two of my HuffPost co-workers and I selflessly ...

How a Gen Xer Came to Understand and Value Snapchat

Jeanette Cajide | Posted 10.22.2015 | Technology
Jeanette Cajide

Snapchat is strange but in an interesting way. It doesn't work like anything else I've seen out there. Sometimes, given my experience building my startup, I am at a loss as to how something like this could take off so quickly and be worth $19 billion. It's fascinating to me.

Beyond the Play Button: The Case For Vertical Video

Peter Corbett | Posted 10.21.2015 | Media
Peter Corbett

Is turning your phone sideways very difficult? The logical answer is -- no, obviously not. However, the actual answer for most today's mobile video content consumers is proving to be, absolutely, yes. (Or perhaps, "wait, what? I was looking at Instagram and wasn't listening...")

Here's How To Unlock All Of The New Snapchat Trophies

The Huffington Post | Lorenzo Ligato | Posted 10.20.2015 | Technology

Snapchat has found yet another way to get us addicted: trophies. Snapchat debuted a "Trophy Case" in its latest major upgrade in Septem...

Android Users Can Secretly Save Any Snapchat Video Forever

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 10.19.2015 | Technology

I'm not a bad guy -- honest. But yes, when I downloaded a screen-recording app on my personal smartphone last week, the first thing I thought was, "Hm...

How Snapchat Shed Its Sexting Reputation

Mona Kosar Abdi | Posted 10.12.2015 | Business
Mona Kosar Abdi

Snapchat is a prime example of how important it is for a company to clearly identify its message and then stay consistent. From the start, the founders positioned Snapchat as the antithesis of popular social media sites where users can leave behind a potentially haunting digital footprint.

Are You Ready for a World of Cats?

David Sable | Posted 10.05.2015 | Business
David Sable

The real issue is that with all of our talk of pinpoint targeting, with all of the: "I know everything about you," rhetoric, with all of our supposed personalization, customization and individualization, there is a plague of irrelevant and undifferentiated ads infecting our lives.

News for the Newsless: Snapchat Seeks to Become the Anti-Twitter for the Young and the Underinformed

Dan Kennedy | Posted 10.02.2015 | Media
Dan Kennedy

Two years ago, then-CNN reporter Peter Hamby lamented the negative effect he believed Twitter and other social media were having on presidential campaign coverage.

Justin Bieber Has Strict Rules For Fans Who Want Photos

The Huffington Post | Julia Brucculieri | Posted 09.28.2015 | Entertainment

A note for all the Beliebers of the world: If you want to take a photo with Justin Bieber, you better abide by his rules.  The 21-year-old perfo...

Use These Special Pope Emojis And Be #Blessed

The Huffington Post | Nadya Agrawal | Posted 10.05.2015 | Technology

To celebrate Pope Francis' historic visit to the United States, a handful of tech companies have released some new pontiff-themed emojis and features....

How our Culture of Connection is Changing Philanthropy

Trevor Neilson | Posted 09.18.2015 | Impact
Trevor Neilson

Connection fosters a culture of empathy that forces individuals to take action. It transforms what used to be distant, slow-travelling news into viral, powerful, personal moments that we cannot turn away from.

Kylie Jenner Posts Scandalous Snapchat Video With Tyga

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 09.18.2015 | Entertainment

Don't even try to keep up with this Kardashian. It can't be done. Ever since Kylie Jenner turned 18, she and Tyga have put their relationship in ...

Hillary Clinton's Media Team Debating How To Use The New Snapchat Filters

Brandt Hamilton | Posted 09.16.2015 | Comedy
Brandt Hamilton

"I don't know, maybe I could puke out a rainbow or something?" The room sat silent. Following her representatives stating that they will have a new dedication to make Hillary Clinton "more spontaneous," the presidential hopeful's media team saw the newest Snapchat update as an opportunity.

Snapchat Will Let You Replay Messages For 99 Cents

The Huffington Post | Alexander C. Kaufman | Posted 09.15.2015 | Technology

Snapchat just figured out a new way to make money. The ephemeral messaging service announced a new feature Tuesday that lets users pay 99 cents t...

What You Are Missing About SnapChat and the Future of Storytelling for Business

James Calder | Posted 09.15.2015 | Business
James Calder

I always advise businesses to do what is right for their brand and their audience when it comes to social marketing. Not every brand can thrive on the same social platforms.

The Social Significance Of Real-Time Marketing

Michael Pasco | Posted 09.09.2015 | Technology
Michael Pasco

For millennials, living in the moment isn't possible without an Instagram post. Smartphones have revolutionized how people share what happens in the now, and word-of-mouth isn't powered by the mouth anymore.