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South Carolina Primary 2012

Mark Blumenthal

GOP Power Outsiders Resist Newt, Prefer Mitt | Mark Blumenthal | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Although he appears headed to victory in Saturday's South Carolina primary, Newt Gingrich faces skepticism from grassroots Republican ac...

Howard Fineman

Why Rick Santorum Is Stalling Out | Howard Fineman | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

TAMPA, Fla. -- Maybe Rick Santorum is too Pittsburgh to be president. Pittsburgh made Santorum a U.S. senator, but now it may be unmaking him as a ...

Romney Narrowly Avoids Run-In With Gingrich

AP/Huffington Post | KASIE HUNT AND SHANNON MCCAFFREY | Posted 03.22.2012 | Politics

GREENVILLE, S.C.-- Primary day at hand, fast-climbing Newt Gingrich told South Carolinians on Saturday that he was "the only practical conservative vo...

Santorum Makes Shocking Statement

The Huffington Post | Luke Johnson | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

Rick Santorum said during a campaign stop on Friday that the concept of equality comes from the "God of Abraham," not from other religions. "I get ...

GOP Race Serves Up Scattershot Of Angels, Demons

Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

By NANCY BENAC, ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — In the 11 days since Mitt Romney tried unsuccessfully to leave the rest of the GOP field behind in ...

Obama Campaign Juggles Tough Act

RealClearPolitics | Posted 03.22.2012 | Politics

As President Obama visited Orlando, Fla., on Thursday to describe an initiative to expand international tourism to the United States, Vice President B...

Mark Blumenthal

Two New S.C. Polls Point To Gingrich Blowout | Mark Blumenthal | Posted 07.29.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Two new telephone polls concluded on the eve of the South Carolina primary not only confirm continuing momentum toward Newt Gingrich; th...

Jason Linkins

South Carolina Primary: 5 Things To Watch For | Jason Linkins | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

Oh, hello there! It's Saturday, Jan. 21, the day of the South Carolina primary, commonly referred to as the "First in the South" primary (and less com...

Haley Slips Up: 'President Obama Wants To Strengthen Our Military | By Carolyn Farr Smith | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

Cheering before he even hit the stage, this crowd was fired up. "President Romney! President Romney!" "We want Mitt, We want Mitt!"...

South Carolina Primary: Live Election Day Updates

Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is looking to "make history" in South Carolina's primary election on Saturday. The latest polls show the Republi...

Ryan Grim

Mitt Romney Urges Pain Au Chocolat On Campaign Plane | Ryan Grim | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

With little left to do until polls open in South Carolina on Saturday, Mitt Romney decided to cap his campaign by handing out goodies from Panera Brea...

Ryan Grim

Newt Spies Victory in South Carolina, Bashing Elitist Thugs Once More | Ryan Grim | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Newt Gingrich is feeling it. Having slugged his way to the lead for the second time, the former House speaker spies victory ...

Howard Fineman

Race: Can Newt Gingrich Ride It To Southern Victory? | Howard Fineman | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Race here in South Carolina is like a current in a broad river: deep under the surface, powerful if unseen, capable of either speedi...

Elise Foley

Mitt's Sure Thing In South Carolina Suddenly 'Neck And Neck' With Newt | Elise Foley | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- South Carolinians say it's the state that picks presidents. Mitt Romney used to say so, too. On Friday, though, the floor bega...

Jon Ward

Gingrich's Bumpy Day Doesn't Dampen Giddy Mood On Eve Of South Carolina Vote | Jon Ward | Posted 01.21.2012 | Politics

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Newt Gingrich arrived 45 minutes late to his third event of the day Friday, as the political world buzzed with the growing realiza...

CRUCIAL: Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich

The Huffington Post | Mollie Reilly | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, action star and Internet phenomenon Chuck Norris endorsed Newt Gingrich for the presidential nomination. ...

Mark Blumenthal

Newt Surging? Yes, But Expect The Unexpected | Mark Blumenthal | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The polling trends of the last week, both nationally and in South Carolina, indicate that the race for the Republican presidential nomin...

'Things Go Better With Newt-- er, Coke'

David Boghossian | Posted 03.21.2012 | Politics
David Boghossian

Running for president need not be merely an opportunity to express your views in order to serve your country, or even to creatively hide your views in order to impose them after you win. Rather, the campaign can now be secondary to the real goal: the promotion of a business.

Paul Blumenthal

Gingrich's Surge Aided By Really Big Money | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich, a man of more acts than your average reality television star, has been slain and resurrected twice in the drama that is t...

Michael Calderone

Romney Press Corps Isn't Happy | Michael Calderone | Posted 01.20.2012 | Media

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The Mitt Romney campaign, renowned for its discipline and rigorous advance planning operation, has rankled some in the press corps...

Jon Ward

Romney Campaign Begins Preparing For Possible South Carolina Loss | Jon Ward | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- One of Mitt Romney's top surrogates, former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, began the process Friday morning of managing expectati...

Cain Comes To Gingrich's Defense

The Huffington Post | Paige Lavender | Posted 01.20.2012 | Politics

Herman Cain defended former Republican rival Newt Gingrich, saying CNN's question about recent claims made by Gingrich's ex-wife were "crap." Cain ...

Republican Candidates Debate Ahead Of South Carolina Primary

Posted 01.19.2012 | Politics

By DAVID ESPO, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. - The race for the Republican presidential nomination took a turn toward the South Carol...

Elise Foley

Paul Campaign: 'Our Problem With Newt Gingrich Is Not That He Lied To His Wife' | Elise Foley | Posted 01.19.2012 | Politics

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- The Ron Paul campaign put out a statement about an hour into the debate calling the first question, which was about Newt Gingrich'...

Final Fantasy: Gov. Perry and Turkey

Ahmet Yukleyen | Posted 03.20.2012 | Politics
Ahmet Yukleyen

Turkey is the only Muslim majority country that is a NATO member and a candidate for European Union membership, an ideal established by Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, since the 1920s. Any smart politician knowledgeable about US foreign policy would cherish this unique case of a Muslim majority country that is democratic, secular and a NATO member.