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I Hear America Singing (Sometimes It's the Blues)

Paula Gordon | Posted 08.25.2016 | Good News
Paula Gordon

I heard America singing on Sunday night. Bluesman extraordinaire* Buddy Guy's music rang like the flip-side of Walt Whitman's famous poem. Whitman i...

2016 Guide to Coast-to-Coast Gay Pride

Jim Werner | Posted 05.28.2016 | Queer Voices
Jim Werner

Chicago Gay Pride Parade photo by C. Robertson Break out the white shoes and rainbow flags. This weekend isn't just the unofficial start...

Want to Stand Against Hate in Your Town? Meet Your Neighbors

Skyler Oberst | Posted 12.18.2016 | Religion
Skyler Oberst

It's been inspiring sharing the stories of our diverse communities, highlighting their contributions to Spokane. Sikhs have farmed in the area for a hundred years. Jewish pioneers helped start the founding of Spokane. Muslims have been integral professors and teachers at local universities.

An Interfaith Defense of Donald Trump

Skyler Oberst | Posted 12.11.2016 | Religion
Skyler Oberst

As much as I hate to admit it, however, I can't shake the notion that there may be value in Trump's words: they were proof that we all actually can agree on something.

City In Washington To Vacate Misdemeanor Marijuana Convictions

The Huffington Post | Andy Campbell | Posted 11.10.2015 | Politics

The Washington state legislature can't seem to pass a law that would vacate past misdemeanor marijuana convictions -- so one city decided to take matt...

Teen Allegedly Masterminded Family Prostitution Ring From Behind Bars

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 10.23.2015 | Crime

EmbedContent(562a4a2fe4b0443bb563a5ea,Spokane, North Idaho News ,Embed,html,Some({})) Authorities in Washington say a 17-year-old boy masterminded a f...

Interfaith Work Needed in Spokane & Congress

Skyler Oberst | Posted 10.08.2016 | Religion
Skyler Oberst

We cannot limit compassion to only our own faith groups and people who share our worldviews. We must accept that what makes us American is not the color of our skin or creed we hold, but our commitment to each other.

You're Pronouncing These 10 Places Completely Wrong

Thrillist | Posted 08.26.2016 | Travel

While Bruges can at least thank Colin Farrell for teaching the world that it rhymes with "rouge," countless other cities continue to suffer as people awkwardly botch their names.

The Transparency of a "Incog-Negro"

Irene Monroe | Posted 06.22.2016 | Black Voices
Irene Monroe

Dolezal's white-to-black "passing" is the complication of both white guilt and white rage in an era of Affirmative Action.

A Few Things I'd Like to #AskRachel

Tyree Rush | Posted 06.17.2016 | Black Voices
Tyree Rush

I do believe that transracial identity is a legitimate issue and one worth further investigation and acceptance by mainstream society, however, there is something unsettling in the way that Rachel Dolezal attempted to infiltrate black culture.

Rachel Dolezal On 'Today': 'I Identify As Black'

The Huffington Post | Lilly Workneh | Posted 06.17.2015 | Black Voices

Rachel Dolezal, the embattled former NAACP leader whose white parents say she misrepresented her identity by masquerading as a black woman for years, ...

I Am Black. Rachel Dolezal Is Not.

Rebecca Carroll | Posted 06.15.2016 | Black Voices
Rebecca Carroll

I'm a black adoptee who grew up in a rural, predominantly white town, with a white family. And what strikes me as the most perverse and pathological aspect of this story is Dolezal's relationship to -- and ultimate identity theft of -- her black adoptive siblings.

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down As President Of Spokane NAACP Chapter

The Huffington Post | Lilly Workneh | Posted 06.16.2015 | Black Voices

Rachel Dolezal has stepped down from her position as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington. Dolezal, a white woman who identified a...

I Am Confuzzled by Ms. Rachel Dolezal's Identity Crisis So I Asked My Kids for Help

Tanya Young Williams | Posted 06.13.2016 | Entertainment
Tanya Young Williams

What does it mean to be Black versus African-American? I grappled with this question years ago; for no particular reason other than to have clarity within myself.

Spokane NAACP President Proves Actions, Not Race, Is What Counts In Civil Rights Battle

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted 06.14.2016 | Black Voices
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Rachel Dolezal's taken a small NAACP chapter in a neck of the woods that in times past has been near an area well-known as a hotbed of white supremacist and armed militia organizing, and made it a true fighting organization. She should ignore the criticism and keep doing the great job she's done.

David Lohr

Former Cop Arrested In Cold Case Slaying, Eyed In Similar Cases | David Lohr | Posted 08.18.2015 | Crime

Police suggest that Richard Aguirre, a former Washington state cop who has been arrested in the cold case slaying of a woman some 30 years ago and is ...

Your 2015 Guide to Coast-to-Coast Gay Pride

Jim Werner | Posted 05.29.2016 | Queer Voices
Jim Werner

This past weekend wasn't just the unofficial start of summer; it's the official start of Pride season. In the coming month the sunlight will not only stay out longer but cities will start flying the rainbow flag to celebrate their LGBT communities.

Bing Crosby's Enduring Appeal

Carl Pettit | Posted 04.14.2016 | Entertainment
Carl Pettit

Bing Crosby conquered radio, film and the recording industry -- and made it all look easy. The celebrated crooner not only transformed the American music scene, he also played a pivotal role in the creation of the American buddy road movie.

Psychologist Who Helped Build CIA Interrogation Program Quit Role As Mormon Bishop

Reuters | Posted 02.11.2015 | Religion

SPOKANE, Wa. - One of the chief architects of the CIA's harsh interrogation program said on Thursday he had to quit as leader of his Mormon church i...

When a Public Hearing Isn't for the Public; Oil Train Hearing in Spokane, WA Leaves Public Frustrated

Bart Mihailovich | Posted 08.18.2014 | Green
Bart Mihailovich

If this truly was a hearing for Spokane, by Spokane, we most certainly would have seen, and would have been right to expect to see presentations or statements from various response or regulatory agencies in the area who would be responsible if something were to happen in Spokane.

The 18 Most Underrated Cities In The U.S.

Global Yodel | Posted 03.06.2015 | Travel
Global Yodel

Along the way we've discovered some incredible places that rarely make the top destination lists compiled by traditional travel media. So we decided to start a series dedicated to promoting the world's most underrated cities.

The Inland Northwest Fight to Avoid Becoming the Next Bomb Train Story

Bart Mihailovich | Posted 07.16.2014 | Green
Bart Mihailovich

You'd be hard-pressed to find another scenario so ripe with risk, uncertainty and horrific examples of failure, while simultaneously unimpeded by regulators or even common sense safety measures.

Police: Murder Suspect Accidentally Shot Himself

David Lohr | Posted 01.23.2014 | Crime

Authorities in Washington State say they have arrested a murder suspect who accidentally shot himself when he mistakenly thought he was getting pulled...

Moving Crude Oil-by-Rail: Impacts to Spokane and Beyond

Bart Mihailovich | Posted 02.09.2014 | Green
Bart Mihailovich

When it's all risk and no reward, it's all of our responsibility to stand up and protect not just Spokane but the rest of Washington from bad deals on wheels.

Concerned Citizens Want Congress to Flush the TPP

Kyle McCarthy | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics
Kyle McCarthy

The TPP is being referred to as "NAFTA on steroids," and concerned citizens all over the nation are organizing to stop this from being fast-tracked.