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Spoken Word

Eat Me: Spoken Word Video

Bo Kitty | Posted 08.27.2015 | Taste
Bo Kitty

I would rather have an amazing meal over mediocre sex, who's with me? EAT ME Sumptuous, spicy wanderings through hills and alleys, Cooking up a...

A Look At Bernie Sanders' Spoken Word Album And Full Discography

The Huffington Post | John Trowbridge | Posted 08.26.2015 | Comedy

We all know that Bernie Sanders recorded a spoken word album. But not a lot of people know that Bernie has a robust catolog of musical work. So I thou...

A Compelling Plea to End All the Racism

Rhoda Jordan | Posted 08.11.2015 | Black Voices
Rhoda Jordan

"We must keep pushing toward tomorrow so that the world we leave in our children's hands is one of joy, not one of sorrow."

Woman In A Wheelchair Gives Powerful Response To A Rude Question About Her Sex Life

The Huffington Post | Alanna Vagianos | Posted 07.09.2015 | Women

    “I get a lot of questions from strangers who think that because my wheelchair puts me at a lower height, the walls surro...

Latina Poet Has A Powerful Answer To 'Are You Fluent In Spanish?'

The Huffington Post | Carolina Moreno | Posted 07.22.2015 | Latino Voices

  “If you ask me if I am fluent in Spanish, I will tell you that my Spanish is an itchy phantom limb; it is reaching for words an...

Curiously Strong

Terry Blackhawk | Posted 06.16.2015 | Detroit
Terry Blackhawk

With my retirement on June 30 barely a heartbeat away, it is, as the hash-tag says, getting real. Each day has the tinge of poignancy, of last times...

Grandmother to Child

Quassan Castro | Posted 05.12.2015 | Black Voices
Quassan Castro

Grandmother You sit Wrapped in your Persian melon colored blanket Rock back and forth On that old rusty country porch Whom the neighbors across the st...

Last Poet Umar Bin Hassan Is Rappin' Again

Havelock Nelson | Posted 06.14.2015 | Black Voices
Havelock Nelson

New York City, which nurtured Bin Hassan for decades, and where he connected with intellectuals, musicians and others interested in art, radical politics and history, also nearly killed him.

You Can't Measure This

Michael Elliot | Posted 06.07.2015 | Education
Michael Elliot

What matters is that the best teachers care. They inspire. They forge relationships that acknowledge that children are complex beings; they see and address students' needs and possibilities.

On the "A" w/Souleo: Derrick Adams Merges Radio And Art With A Focus On Community

Peter 'Souleo' Wright | Posted 05.25.2015 | Black Voices
Peter 'Souleo' Wright

Before the Internet, there was the oral tradition of sharing knowledge, wisdom and history through the spoken word. It remains. Acclaimed visual artist Derrick Adams' new solo project THE HOLDOUT taps into that tradition.

14 Slam Poems That Pack A Serious Feminist Punch

The Huffington Post | Alanna Vagianos | Posted 03.05.2015 | Women

These slam poets are spittin' some fierce feminism. Fighting the good feminist fight can become frustrating. Sometimes we need a pick-me-up to fig...

Spoken-Word Artist Captures Pain and Fear of Child Abuse

Kelsey Timmerman | Posted 04.05.2015 | Impact
Kelsey Timmerman

Taking a story someone has lived and translating it into a story you write -- as if you were them -- is not for the faint of heart, especially when that story is about child abuse, prostitution, and sex trafficking.

How to Get Your News From Poems

Josh Stearns | Posted 12.24.2014 | Media
Josh Stearns

"It is difficult / to get the news from poems," wrote American poet William Carlos Williams, "yet men die miserably every day / for lack / of what is found there." And yet, we are seeing more and more efforts to combine poetry and reporting.

If This Video Doesn't Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Will

The Huffington Post | Posted 10.07.2014 | Technology


I Contain Multitudes: Maia Mayor

Diane Luby Lane | Posted 11.22.2014 | Arts
Diane Luby Lane

I remember the day she brought it into the room. We were sitting in a circle, and Maia was seated to my right. We started at my left, which means she went last.

Finding My Voice and Creating Poetry From Tragedy

Global Kids | Posted 11.11.2014 | Impact
Global Kids

Before Global Kids, I had a fear about what would happen if I opened my mouth. Would I get myself in trouble? Would I get my family in trouble? Global Kids taught us that what we have to say is important and that it can contribute to the discussions at hand.

Preparing Our Seeds for a New Year

Daniel Raphael Silverstein | Posted 10.25.2014 | Religion
Daniel Raphael Silverstein

This week we will enter the Hebrew month of Ellul, a time traditionally dedicated to preparation for the re-birthing that waits us in one month - Rosh Hashana, the New Year.

Daily Meditation: Take A Chance On Love

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 08.20.2014 | Religion

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be par...

No More Silent Statistics: Walter Finnie

Diane Luby Lane | Posted 10.14.2014 | Black Voices
Diane Luby Lane

Walter, our tall, dark, and handsome, Get Lit Player teen poet from Watts, is leaving for college in Pennsylvania in a few weeks, and I wanted to make sure that he had a coat.

The Lyrics To Lil Wayne's 'P**** Monster,' Rearranged By Frequency (NSFW)

The Huffington Post | Cate Matthews | Posted 08.12.2014 | Arts

Note: Quite obviously, this article contains explicit language that some readers may find objectionable. "I hope she make me eat my words / 'Cause ...

How Do You Find Joy After a Positive HIV Diagnosis? This Poet Has an Answer! (VIDEO)

J Mase III | Posted 09.30.2014 | Gay Voices
J Mase III

What messages do we send people about being HIV-positive? One of my favorite poets, Timothy DuWhite, explores the concept of finding joy while dealing...

You Can Thank Susan B. Anthony For Your Fulfilling Sex Life

The Huffington Post | William Goodman | Posted 06.17.2014 | Women

In her spoken word poem "Suffragette 69" posted by Button Poetry and performed at Macalester College during the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invita...

This Woman Could Completely Change How We Talk About Fat Bodies

The Huffington Post | Cate Matthews | Posted 06.03.2014 | Women

"I like a big girl in bed, baby. More room to paint on." When recent Lewis & Clark graduate Samantha Peterson was catcalled by a man, his limbs dan...

Here to Change the World: Emerging Artists Turn Downtown Dreams Real at University Settlement and The Door

Jaime Lubin | Posted 07.30.2014 | New York
Jaime Lubin

The emerging artists from US and The Door have certainly made an indelible impression on how I think about the world -- here's hoping they continue to do so for a lifetime.

This Spoken Word Poem Exposes A Dark Truth About Body Image

The Huffington Post | William Goodman | Posted 04.08.2014 | Women

Even those of us that love -- or at least accept -- our bodies tend to wish we were a little skinnier or toned or smooth or flat. YouTube user Dodie ...