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Josh McNary, Colts Linebacker, Charged With Rape

AP | Posted 01.16.2015 | Sports

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Prosecutors filed charges of rape, criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury against Indian...

Women's Sporting Rights: The Battle is in Philadelphia... and Riyadh

James Dorsey | Posted 01.14.2015 | Sports
James Dorsey

A pre-teen female player has attracted widespread attention with her fight to overturn a clerical ban on her right to play football alongside boys in a co-ed league.

Hockey Players With Disabilities Own NHL Stars, Prove Sports Can Be The Great Equalizer

The Huffington Post | Robbie Couch | Posted 01.13.2015 | Good News

These athletes on ice prove hockey is hockey -- no matter how it's played. Gatorade Canada surprised members of the Cruisers Sledge Hockey team in ...

Portis of Arkansas And Gonzaga's Karnowski Named NetScouts Basketball Players of The Week

Carl Berman | Posted 01.12.2015 | Sports
Carl Berman

Arkansas opened SEC play this week with a pair of victories behind two outstanding performances from Bobby Portis. The Little Rock, Ark. native has been named NetScouts Basketball's National Player of the Week for games from January 5th to January 11th.

Asian Cup Politics: More Than Just a Game

James Dorsey | Posted 01.10.2015 | Sports
James Dorsey

Kuwait may have scored the first goal against Australia in the opening match of the Asian Cup but when the match ended 4:1 in favor of the Australian hosts the message was not simply a defeat on the pitch. It highlighted the importance/impact of Middle Eastern politics on the region's game.

Kobe Right About Ego-and-Greed-Driven AAU Basketball

Ken Reed | Posted 01.09.2015 | Sports
Ken Reed

The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant recently came out ripping AAU basketball while saying young players in Europe are much better prepared than their United States counterparts. 'AAU basketball,' answered Bryant when asked what's wrong with basketball in the United States.

Top 5 Winter Fakes

Findery | Posted 01.08.2015 | Travel

It's January. Winter is about to hit hard in the wintry regions. But snow in the Caribbean? Nope. For those of us who don't live in a snowy region, we...

In Tragedy, Putting Sports in Perspective

Dr. Jim Taylor | Posted 01.08.2015 | Sports
Dr. Jim Taylor

When young people lose their lives in sports, it is a bracing slap in the face about why we are involved in sports and a reminder about what is really important (and it's not the results!).

What Happened When My Track Coach Told Me I Wasn't Good Enough

Ashley Massis | Posted 01.07.2015 | Women
Ashley Massis

Under the thought process that "sports gave you structure" embedded into me by my father, I decided to join the Modified Track team. Not being the star athlete like my brother, I decided to pick a sport where I didn't feel the pressures of not being in the sport since I was in diapers. Track seemed like a simple sport... or so I had thought.

A Vote for Prince Ali Is a Likely Vote for Change -- and for Challenge

James Dorsey | Posted 01.06.2015 | Sports
James Dorsey

FIFA vice president Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein's announcement that he will challenge the world soccer body's four-time president Sepp Blatter in elections later this year has definitively turned the poll into a battle for the group's future.

Seton Hall's Gibbs, Oklahoma's Hield Honored by NetScouts Basketball

Carl Berman | Posted 01.06.2015 | Sports
Carl Berman

Junior Sterling Gibbs helped Seton Hall start Big East play with back-to-back victories over ranked opponents. After playing a crucial role in wins over St. John's and Villanova, Gibbs has been named NetScouts Basketball's National Player of the Week.

GCC Abandonment of Unified Labour Contract Puts Onus on Qatar

James Dorsey | Posted 01.06.2015 | World
James Dorsey

A decision by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to abandon plans to adopt a unified contract for domestic workers increases pressure on Qatar to significantly revamp its controversial labour regime in a bid to fend off efforts to deprive it of its right to host the 2022 World Cup.

Does the University of Michigan's New Football Coach Need Food Stamps?

Dean Baker | Posted 01.05.2015 | Business
Dean Baker

It turns out that the taxpayer subsidy to Jim Harbaugh is equal to an awful lot of food stamps, which are a useful reference point here, since Republicans have tried to vilify the program. If we assume that Harbuagh's salary is made up by $7 million in tax-deductible contributions by rich people, then taxpayers will effectively be paying $2.8 million to subsidize his coaching job. This is equivalent to 20,000 months of food stamps. People who get upset over someone getting food stamps from the government should be very upset about a football coach getting a taxpayer subsidy equal to 20,000 months of food stamps. To be clear, I have nothing against Harbaugh or the University of Michigan, but it is certainly reasonable to ask about the size of the salaries at nonprofits that are being subsidized with our tax dollars.

League Unhappy Penalty Reversed In Lions' Playoff Loss

Reuters | Larry Fine | Posted 01.05.2015 | Sports

(Reuters) - The NFL would have preferred officials stuck with an initial pass interference penalty instead of reversing the call in a controversial de...

Setting Benchmark in Battle for Statehood: Palestine Plays in Asian Cup

James Dorsey | Posted 03.04.2015 | World
James Dorsey

Palestine has set a new benchmark for nations like the Kurds and the Kosovars who see soccer as a key part of their toolbox to achieve statehood with its qualification for this month's Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup even if the Palestinian road to statehood is increasingly pockmarked by seemingly insurmountable barriers.

5 Steps to Hire a New Bears Coach

Roger Wright | Posted 03.01.2015 | Chicago
Roger Wright

Hire like the big companies. GUARANTEED to get ownership EXACTLY what they want most.

Buenos Aires: Learn to Play Polo in Just One Day (PHOTOS)

Kevin Richberg | Posted 03.01.2015 | Travel
Kevin Richberg

Buenos Aires stands out as one of the world's educational tourism capitals, because quite frankly, it has a lot to teach us! While vacationing in the Argentine capital it's possible to take classes in Spanish, art, wine, cooking, photography, tango and even polo.

Harbaugh Gets $50 Million; Players Get Pizza Stipend

Ken Reed | Posted 03.01.2015 | Sports
Ken Reed

Big-time college sports is a classic case of economic and social injustice bred of a plantation mentality disguised by the term "student-athlete." It's past time for the amateur myth to be blown up in college athletics, just as it was for Olympic athletes.

You Can No Longer Run

ARVD/C Youth Society | Posted 03.01.2015 | Healthy Living
ARVD/C Youth Society

Since I picked up long distance running in 2006 I declared that I was going to live healthy and run until I reached 100. Nothing was going to stop me -- or so I thought. Instead my heart was quietly betraying me.

What Sony and the NFL Have in Common

Judith Samuelson | Posted 03.01.2015 | Business
Judith Samuelson

When money and judgment collide today, it seems we pretty much always go with the money.

The 5 Best Fictional Sports Teams

Uloop | Posted 03.01.2015 | College

The Patriots, Giants, and Spurs have won many championships this century. However, those teams would be no match against the best fictional sports squads produced in recent years.

Wood, Pangos Named NetScouts Basketball Players of the Week

Carl Berman | Posted 02.28.2015 | Sports
Carl Berman

UNLV handed Arizona its first loss of the season and followed it with a blowout win over Southern Utah. Christian Wood recorded a pair of 20-10 performances and has been named NetScouts Basketball's National Player of the Week for games from December 22nd to December 28th.

Same Old Dolphins

Cameron Fegers | Posted 02.28.2015 | Sports
Cameron Fegers

For the Dolphins, Sunday was a chilling reminder of a talented and promising team's inability to finish down the stretch, by 1) losing their season-finale, 2) in front of its home crowd, 3) to another pitiful New York Jets team and 4) for the second December in a row.

Qatar gambles that labour reforms will satisfy critics

James Dorsey | Posted 02.26.2015 | World
James Dorsey

2022 World Cup host Qatar has announced a series of reforms to improve working and living conditions of its majority migrant labour population that address material concerns but fall short of recommendations made in a government-sponsored study and demands of trade union and human rights activists.

Gulf-Iranian Proxy War Spills Onto the Soccer Pitch

James Dorsey | Posted 02.25.2015 | World
James Dorsey

A Saudi-led proxy war against Iran playing out in Syria and Iraq has expanded onto the soccer pitch with a last minute decision by the Palestinian national team to cancel a friendly against Iran.