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Star Ledger

Why Facebook Is Killing YouTube in Video

Michael Rosenblum | Posted 06.08.2016 | Media
Michael Rosenblum

In the digital world, there is no difference between video and print, between images and text. They are all digital content, simply presented in a different way. Any reporter who carries and iPhone can learn to acquire video while they are reporting in print.

Can Newspapers Survive? Here's a Plan

Michael Rosenblum | Posted 05.10.2016 | Media
Michael Rosenblum

Suppose we were to aggregate all those newspaper videos into a daily news feed -- license it to networks around the world -- and then split the license feeds amongst the newspapers that contributed? A kind of video syndication. Would that work?

Michael Calderone

Chris Christie Dodges Press In UK, Raising Questions About Handling 2016 Media Spotlight | Michael Calderone | Posted 02.04.2015 | Media

NEW YORK -- One of the easiest ways to get bad press is to ignore the press. That's especially true on a foreign trip where news organizations have sp...

What Shrinking Newsrooms Mean in the Age of the Koch Brothers and Billionaire Donors

Eric Boehlert | Posted 06.10.2014 | Media
Eric Boehlert

The news regarding the Star-Ledger isn't just about the challenges New Jersey's largest newspaper faces with a newsroom one-third its previous size. The larger question is what happens to newsgathering, and what happens to a democracy, when the cutbacks show no signs of abating while super-donor forces in politics exert unprecedented influence?

New Jersey's Star-Ledger Cutting A Quarter Of Its Newsroom

The Huffington Post | Katherine Fung | Posted 04.03.2014 | Media

The Star-Ledger announced brutal cuts to its staff on Thursday. The newspaper said it will eliminate 167 jobs, including "40 reporters, editors, p...

More Newspaper Layoffs Coming | Star | Posted 01.16.2013 | Media

NEWARK -- The jobs of 34 Star-Ledger employees -- including nearly 10 percent of the newsroom -- are being eliminated in the first large-scale layoffs...

Do School 'Reformers' Need to Keep Two or Three Sets of Books?

John Thompson | Posted 02.19.2013 | Education
John Thompson

If we really want to help kids, we should craft a fair and private system of performance evaluations and build a fire wall between that rubric and other statistical systems. We should then concentrate on public data systems to help schools improve.

Michael Calderone

NYC Newspapers Defend Spying On Muslims | Michael Calderone | Posted 02.28.2012 | Media

NEW YORK -- Bob McManus, editorial page editor of the New York Post, blasted the Associated Press on Tuesday, suggesting that the news organization ca...

Interview: Pulitzer Prize Winner Reflects on U.S. Media

Joop Koopman | Posted 08.27.2011 | Media
Joop Koopman

At least 18 newspapers have shuttered all their foreign bureaus in the past decade. Many news outlets simply don't have the money and manpower to populate foreign bureaus these days, but that does not mean that foreign stories can't be told.

Star-Ledger Endorses Third Party Candidate Chris Daggett In NJ Governor Race

Editor & Publisher | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

Independent candidate Chris Daggett has picked up a key endorsement in New Jersey's gubernatorial race. The Star-Ledger of Newark, the state's larg...

How The Star Ledger Gave Jon Corzine A Lifeline

Politico | JOHN BOHRER | | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

If New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine wins a second term Tuesday, it will come in spite of a struggling economy and rising unemployment. And, also, becaus...

Change at the Helm of New Jersey's Largest Newspaper

Joe Territo | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Joe Territo

Jim Willse, editor of The Star-Ledger for the past 15 years, today announced that he will retire next month.

New Jersey Columnist Returns To Paper After Being "Miserable" In Real Job

New York Times | DAVID CARR | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

Mr. Moran, who made his decision to leave journalism partly as a way of looking after his kids -- Patrick, 15, Gracie, 12 -- realized he was setting a...

Jason Linkins

Star-Ledger Re-Assigns Reporters...To The Mailroom | Jason Linkins | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

Yowch! Over at Editor and Publisher, Joe Strupp reports on the latest developments at the financially troubled Star-Ledger of Newark, NJ, where two j...

Star Ledger Publisher Threatens Paper May Fold By January

Editor & Publisher | Joe Strupp | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

Publisher George Arwady of The Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., has told employees that the paper will close on Jan. 5, 2009, if 200 buyouts and several u...

Jared Kushner Eyes New Jersey Paper

Wall Street Journal | Shira Ovide and Russell Adams | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

The Newhouse family said Thursday that it may have to sell one of its biggest newspapers, the Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., unless workers accept wide ...

Study: Newspapers' Op-Eds Dominated By Men Who Agree With Editorial Page

New York Times | Richard Perez Pena | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

In the great marketplace of ideas, the opinion pages of major newspapers offer nonjournalists -- mainly academics -- a rare chance to reach a big audi...