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How To Counter Criticism Of Your Million Dollar Idea

Marty Zwilling | Posted 09.29.2016 | Business
Marty Zwilling

In business, and in your personal life, the ability to anticipate and overcome criticism is one of the biggest differentiators between leaders, who ma...

America, the Capital of Entrepreneurship

David Glickman | Posted 09.29.2016 | Business
David Glickman

America loves an entrepreneur! If you've got a good idea and a solid business model, I would say that the United States is the easiest place in the wo...

Intrinsic Motivation Models Lead To Business Success

Marty Zwilling | Posted 09.27.2016 | Business
Marty Zwilling

In my experience mentoring new entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders, I see far too many who seem to be driven by all the wrong reasons. Everyon...

5 Signs Your Startup Is Going Somewhere

John Rampton | Posted 09.26.2016 | Business
John Rampton

Instead of focusing on the signs that your startup is doomed to fail, I thought it would be an uplifting change of pace to look at the signs that you're startup is going somewhere.

Omnichannel is Driving the Future of Marketing

Molly Reynolds | Posted 09.20.2016 | Business
Molly Reynolds

"Omnichannel" has been a buzzword in marketing circles for the past few years. As consumers are increasingly connected to multiple screens, seamlessly engaging with retailers across online and physical channels has been progressively challenging. Yet, amidst these challenges for brands, consumers' expectations are heightening.

Getting Your Startup Funded: 5 Ways to Nail Your Investor Pitch

Molly Reynolds | Posted 09.13.2016 | Business
Molly Reynolds

Back in the day, investors were willing to take far more risks when deciding what to put their money towards. A great idea, a compelling case, and / o...

Adam Brody Has A New Show You Can Watch For Free

The Huffington Post | Todd Van Luling | Posted 09.07.2016 | Entertainment

Adam Brody’s new show, “StartUp,” premieres Tuesday on Crackle, making it one of the first original big-budget dramas for the streaming service....

Edi Gathegi From The Blacklist Returns to Flash-Freeze Your Blood Again in Crackle's StartUp

David Hinckley | Posted 09.05.2016 | Entertainment
David Hinckley

In person, Edi Gathegi seems easy-going and charming. That wouldn't describe him in NBC's The Blacklist, where he played Cabal enforcer Matias Solomo...

The 7 Best Things to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

BusinessCollective | Posted 09.01.2016 | Business

It happens to the best of us. You work tirelessly to achieve a certain goal, yet it seems like all you're actually achieving is failure. But before yo...

4 Tips for Funding A New Business

Nadya Khoja | Posted 08.23.2016 | Business
Nadya Khoja

In this booming era of the startup, it can be equal parts inspiring and intimidating for anyone who wants to start their own business. Not everyone has a mentor in their back pocket who can help guide their process or even get them on the road to entrepreneurship. If you are considering starting your own business but don't have a clue about how, this article is for you!

The Business of Extinction And How To Stop It

Scott MacFarland | Posted 08.22.2016 | Business
Scott MacFarland

We see businesses closing their doors all the time and this unfortunate circumstance even hits the businesses that appear to be healthy. How does this happen and how can business leaders stop the inertia that's driving their business into the ground?

Debt Is Danger - Why You Need To Protect Your Startup When Taking Out A Loan

David Wither | Posted 08.19.2016 | Business
David Wither

Debt is a facet of the 21st century. The average US household will hold up to $9,600 of credit card debt alone. Businesses are not completely safe from this, either. They're constantly getting into needless debt because they assume they'll take off and be able to pay it back later.

How To Keep Your Fledgling Startup On Track

David Wither | Posted 08.19.2016 | Business
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David Wither

More and more young people are starting companies. Crucially, they're starting them when they're younger. The average age of first-time entrepreneurs is 27, which is much lower than the 35 for the Baby Boomer generation. Younger people have their own set of challenges to deal with. And no challenge is bigger than keeping your startup on track.

5 Ways To Launch Your Startup With A Bang

Catriona Pollard | Posted 08.18.2016 | Business
Catriona Pollard

After many months of hard work, living and breathing your tech baby, frantically trying to get your new startup ready for its first customers, there's no doubt you want as many people as possible to love your new concept just as passionately as you do.

Meet Perseus: The World's First Smart Mirror

Harold Stark | Posted 08.17.2016 | Technology
Harold Stark

With the exception of the voters of our country, everything seems to be getting smarter these days. Phones, televisions, security systems, music players, gaming consoles and even entire houses. All that was really left was staring at a smart mirror that gave you weather updates as you watched yourself shaving.

Brazil: Gold Medal in Entrepreneurship

Victoria Silchenko | Posted 08.15.2016 | Business
Victoria Silchenko

In July, I've received an invitation to be the speaker as part of State-sponsored U.S. Speaker Program on Entrepreneurship -TechHubs which quickly put me in the "Ambassador of Entrepreneurship" mindset

Wizdy Shapes Healthier Behavior With New Mobile Games

Jason Choi | Posted 08.15.2016 | Technology
Jason Choi

Solving "real world" problems is one of the many possibilities that AOL founder Steve Case sees in the future of technology.

Entrepreneurs Going South Of the Border for Their Next Startup Venture - 5 Damn Good Reasons

Allan Smith | Posted 08.05.2016 | Business
Allan Smith

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting off with their startup venture should look south of the border. Lucrative and profitable startup culture is no longer restrained to places like New York City, Silicon Valley, Texas and Austin.

Want to run a large business like a start-up? Get closer to your customer.

Alex Atzberger | Posted 08.05.2016 | Business
Alex Atzberger

Here's a challenge: find a company mission statement or vision that doesn't contain the word "customer." While I'm not a betting man, my money says yo...

Honest Advice on Funding your Startup

John Rampton | Posted 07.28.2016 | Business
John Rampton

If you're an entrepreneur it's hard not have fallen in love with HBO's Silicon Valley. It's arguably the most authentic look at the trials and tribulations that we startup founders have to face on a daily basis - despite being satire.

7 Common Characteristics of Unicorn Executives

Vala Afshar | Posted 07.27.2016 | Technology
Vala Afshar

The total number of unicorn companies is at 168, according to a list compiled by CBInsights. The total value of these unicorns (private companies valu...

5 Tips For Setting Up A Pivot Strategy For Your Startup

AJ Agrawal | Posted 07.25.2016 | Business
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AJ Agrawal

Startup founders often believe they have a great idea. They put the stat that 50% of startups fail within five years aside because they believe it wil...

Is the Future of Manufacturing Local?

Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr. | Posted 07.22.2016 | Business
Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr.

American manufacturing is seeing a growing resurgence. While some retail companies like American Apparel have long produced products on U.S. soil, a new breed of companies are seeking to take advantage of American ingenuity and manufacturing prowess to produce high quality products locally.

How To Differentiate Your Startup Using The 3 P's Of Branding

Smita Singh | Posted 07.20.2016 | Business
Smita Singh

Navigating the world of startups can be challenging especially if this is your first time and you are unsure of the process. There is a big difference between knowing your idea and being able to communicate it to the world in a coherent way.

Hackathons are about beginnings

Chiara Condi | Posted 07.18.2016 | Business
Chiara Condi

A few weeks ago I threw my first Hackathon. It was not what you would have ordinarily expected. It was about 70% female and most of the projects were...